The Many Colors of Katy Perry

Katy Perry may be best known for her singing and crazy outfits on stage but this year it was all about her hair color. We have seen her go blue, when the movie “The Smurfs” came out, pink at several music award shows, and most recently she has gone blonde. From her ever changing hair color, many of her fans have multi-colored hair as they try to keep up with the singer/songwriter.



2011 Top 25 Hits

This has been the year of new artists such as Adele, Nicki Minaj, and Jason Aldean. In the beginning of 2011 not many people knew who Adele was and now as we move closer to 2012 she had the number one hit of 2011 with, “Rolling In The Deep.” Country artists have notoriously been towards the bottom of most popular song charts due to its small fan base, however country is starting to take over. Jason Aldean came in at number 23 with “Dirt Road Anthem” and this years best selling country song.


Russell Brand In the TV Idustry

Popular Movie Talent Russell Brand is now taking his talents to the small screen. FX announced on Thursday that Russell will host six half-hour installments of an unscripted as-yet-untitled show in front of a live audience. This will be Brand’s first dive into the Television industry, however with as much success as he has found on the big-screen it is hard to envision him having a troubled time on TV. He is loved for his personality and his ability to draw attention to himself. This could turn out to be a great career move for Brand, and it is not uncommon to see Movie stars making the jump to television and having great success.

Rogen nominated for a Golden Globe

Seth Rogen is known by many as that “funny guy” from a lot of the movies he has starred in. However, his latest film 50/50 has reached a plateau he never saw coming. The movie has been nominated for a Golden Globe in the best picture category. On hearing the news, Rogan responded with “I make movies for people to see them,” he says. “I don’t talk about them getting nominated for awards, nor do I expect it. … If I tied my happiness with getting nominated for awards, I would have been pretty miserable up until now.” Although optimistic, Rogen is excited about the nomination and feels that it is a great step in his career.


It’s not the content – It’s how you present it!

Public relations is defined as the actions of a corporation, store, government, individual, etc., in promoting goodwill between itself and the public, the community, employees, customers, etc.

I think this is a good definition of public relations because it’s what I think public relations is all about.  Public relations to me is knowing how to communicate with the public. Whether it be for a corporation, a celebrity, or yourself you need to be able to communicate the beliefs and “news” of whatever you are representing.  I believe publicity is a type of public relations because with publicity whether it’s good or bad it’s out there, and you need to be able to communicate the good and resolve the bad before it takes a toll on whatever you are representing.

Also another aspect of public relations is social media.  Social media has grown tremendously because of the internet and it is now the quickest way for word to spread about a corporation or celebrity.

Top Earning Woman in Music: GAGA

Forbes just posted their list of the top-earning women in music.  Lady Gaga came in first making $90 million in 2011! Taylor Swift ranked second with $45 million grossed.  Also on the list was Katy Perry, Beyonce, and Rihanna.  It’s surprising that Rihanna isn’t higher on the list.

Kim Kardashian buying Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry

Sites speculate that Kim Kardashian dropped 65 thousand dollars on 3 bracelets that used to belong to Elizabeth Taylor.  Elizabeth passed away earlier this year on March 29, 2011 at the age of 79.  The auction of her jewelry received a total cost of $115 million!   Sources say Kim idolized Elizabeth so it is not very surprising that she spent so much money on just three bracelets.

Trump VS O’Donnell

Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell have been silent the past few months when it comes their opinions on each other, until now. On Wednesday afternoon Trump decided it was time to take another jab at O’Donnell by Tweeting, “same last name, same bad ratings-@lawrence and @rosie” and then linked to a clip of himself ranting about how Rosie’s show is “a complete and total disaster.” Rosie quickly responded with a long tweet on how billionaires sell tells and have “crappy” reality shows. Trump made the ultimate jab by tweeting that Rosie’s fiances parents are devastated their daughter is engaged to Rosie, “…a true loser.” In response Rosie called Donald and a** and linked to a Times article on Trumps top 10 failures. Apparently class and respect can’t be bought, no matter how much money you have.

The Digital World: It’s Only the Beginning

The world is changing and so are the people living in it. This means public relations is changing at a fast pace as well. In the future, I see public relations taking on more of a technological role by using social media as well as heading in a mobile and virtual direction.

Social media has taken the world by storm, ad if you haven’t hopped on the band wagon yet . . . well, you’re behind. Because nearly everyone uses some sort of social media, whether it be twitter or Facebook, it is important that PR professionals use it to their advantage now and in the future. Not only can social media be used to keep in touch and network with important people, but PR professionals can use it to tap into breaking news and to pitch stories. If the PR worker has many followers on twitter for the business or person that he works for and wants to get a story out about them, twitter and Facebook both pose very fast, easy, and free ways to pitch a story. Social media has also been creating new jobs in the public relations world. For every business or organization that has a twitter, Facebook, etc., there is a person behind the scenes managing it.

Smart phones are another aspect of technology that are coming on strong, which
means PR professionals should and will start using them to their advantage in the future. With a smart phone having almost everything a computer does, people are able to get information in a new way. Having the internet on your phone allows you to access information faster and wherever you want. This means that PR professionals will have to constantly update their information since people are constantly looking for it. This also means that PR work will have to direct the majority of its presence online. However, the PR worker’s job has also become easier because of smart phones since they can update information from wherever they are.

Technology is also changing PR in the sense that the print side of public relations is dying. Although there are people who still read the hardcopy of the newspaper, people are making a shift to getting their news online. It is much easier to go to google to find the topic or news story that you are looking for. Rather than flipping through pages, people are becoming more adept at clicking a mouse.

As the world of PR is currently changing to keep up with the fast pace of the digital world, I expect that it will continue to make adjustments. It may seem like the world has already changed so much because of the evolving technology, but it’s only the beginning.

how technology has created PR 3.0

It has been said that the paper boy doing his morning run and the printed word has become obsolete in our technologically advanced society. Is there any information that you can’t get on the internet or on an iPhone? Moreover, as technology advances, public relations tactics must advance as well. It is safe to say that technology is the new outlet for PR professionals.

 Social media is a new trend that has shaped the way our generation communicates. The “Over the Fence” conversation with your neighbor has become obsolete because of social media. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter have shaken the world of PR. For example, breaking news is now communicated through a status update almost instantly. Sharing information on a website has never been easier than it is in this day and age. Social networking sites help promote businesses, organizations, and even help enhance and individual’s personal brand. In addition, social networking helps foster a two way conversation environment. Therefore, I think PR and Social Media are forever tied because of the social networking trend.


The technology will be a part of PR has to with accessibly. The internet, mobile phones, and various other devises make it possible for us to stay connected all the time. This gives PR professionals a very big job to do. PR people must stay on top of all media outlets. One of these major media outlets is the search engine GOOGLE. “Google-ling” information has become to easiest, quickest and most effective way to find information online. For PR professionals it now becomes easier to gather information, or look up news stories about a client or organization thanks to the search engine Google. Check out number four on the list of things that will change PR forever!

Technology will be a part of PR in the office as well. With the advancement of online pressrooms and virtual chat arena, such as Skype, it becomes easier for PR people from different countries to connect and share ideas. For example, press releases, news stories, client meetings, and story pitches can now be done face-to-face thousands of miles apart because of online press rooms, and sites like Skype.

Will Khloe survive in Dallas?

Kardashian’s hubby Lamar Odom was traded by the Lakers this weekend to the Dallas Mavericks for $8.9 million. Many have criticized Odom for mixing Sport and Entertainment as he starred in the couples E! show “Khloe and Lamar” this past year. Kobe Bryant had many positive things to say about him: “You’re talking about the sixth man of the year last year,” Bryant said of Odom. “He played lights-out. I don’t understand the criticism of reality shows and this. I don’t get that. He had his best season last year, clearly wasn’t a distraction, played his (rear) off. I don’t get where that comes from.” Many were joking on social networks that the Kardashians were the reason the deal was on hold when it was first revealed Thursday. Khloe tells a Twitter follower, “”We are all sad but positive energy gets you farther then negative”.  Can a Kardashian thrive anywhere other than LA or NYC!? Looks like we will find out!

No Matter the Behavior Cash is Flowing

A Celebrities success often times can be determined by the Public Relation Agency that represents them. Throughout 2011, names that have remained in the headlines are Charlie Sheen, Kim Kardashian and Oprah Winfrey for various reasons. These household names are often time topics of dinner conversations across the US, and even internationally. These celebrities have their PR Rep’s to thank for the immediate income boost, and success. Several “PR Tactics” have allowed for the extended success.

Charlie Sheen is no rookie to Hollywood Scandal. Since the early 90’s, when Sheen accidentally shot Kelly Preston to his most recent “wining spree,” all eyes are watching and waiting for the snow ball effect to continue growing.

The series of roller coaster events have created Charlie to become known as “Hollywood’s Bad Ass.” The creation of this reputation draws audiences and a group of followers that Sheen has been able to virally market his merchandise to off of his most recent scandal.


Sheen’s public breakdown was made very public and allowed for audiences to tune in whether it was through his Twitter account or YouTube channel. These tactics allowed for easy access to watching Sheen’s trip to rock bottom. This may seem like a tragic downfall of one of Hollywood’s elite, but Charlie has been able to make have a net worth of $35 million dollars.

The Kardashian family initially won the hearts of viewers through their reality television show “Keeping up The Kardashian’s.” The family’s fame grew from there and slowly attention was directed to Kimberly Kardashian our homegrown American Socialite.

Kim has also done several controversial things for instance PETA criticized Kardashian for repeatedly wearing fur coats, and named her one of the five worst people or organizations in 2010 when it came to animal welfare. In addition, she has been able to receive payment of $10,000 per tweet from sponsors for each tweet. Although, I would have to say to most recent and debatable controversial event was her marriage to Kris Humphries. The marriage didn’t even last six months and appeared to be a ploy to get more viewers, as well as endorsement deals. After the “unexpected” divorce Kimberly appeared responded with a podcast explaining to fans that the divorce was just as expected to her as it was to viewers. This PR move allowed for viewers to feel connected with viewers and once again was a very smart PR tactic.

Oprah Winfrey took advantage of her intimate talk show from the mid 90’s and built up her brand turning herself into billionaire through the use of Media. This year, Oprah started her own Television Network the Oprah Winfrey Network. This was not only a brilliant PR move to gain more viewers, but this network allows for recognition of her global outreach, as well as continues to support her Billionaire status. Winfrey reaches out to audiences through social networks such as Twitter, her personal Blog, as well as her Website that keeps audiences informed. Winfrey’s PR Agency set the structure for continuous success, and a strong reputable platform that other people trust and believe in. Unlike Charlie Sheen and Kim Kardashian she is looked up to for her drive and ability to reach out to audiences and in PR that is the goal: To get audience’s attention and never lose it.


Dr. Oz: Celebrity Doctor

In C. Wright Mill’s book The Power Elite, he breaks down the types of celebrities and the percentage they make of total celebrities (pg77). 

The Professional Celebrity = 30%
Metropolitan 400 = 12%
The New 400 = 58%
Scientists, Doctors, Educators = 7%

One example of the 7% including scientists and doctors is Dr. Drew.  He is a real life doctor who focuses on addictions.  He is mostly recognizeable from his show “Celebrity Rehab.”

Kim Kardashian: Professional Celebrity

Kim Kardashian can be thought of as a “professional celebrity”.  C. Wright Mills explains “one type of celebrity, is a professional of it, earning sizeable income not only from working in, but virtually living on, the mass media of communication and distraction” (p74).  On her show Keeping up with the Kardasians, Kim is always ranting about certain things the media says and trying to prove them wrong.  For example, on one episode, Kim was determined to prove to the public that her butt was real so she got an x-ray.  She is completely consumed in this “celebrity” life full of gossip. 

Top 3 Celebrity Fails of 2011

Kim Kardashian’s Wedding/Divorce
In my opinion, one of the biggest celebrity disaster stories is Kim Kardashian’s divorce to Kris Humphries.  They were only married 72 days and it is estimated that they spent a total of about $10 million.  The press has been having a field day with this event for various reasons.  One being that every single gossip magazine has a new story about it every issue.  For example, I have seen articles discussing how they were not even married because they both applying for annulment. Another big issue is that it has been rumored that they didn’t even spend any money one the wedding because of how much the couple made off the E! special premiere of the wedding, as well as clubs and spaces paying Kim to host her bachelorette party in specific venues.  People are speculating that they wedding was just a big hoax.  Honestly, I believe it would have helped if the two had never even gotten married.  Also, Kim never took control or has communicated efficiently why exactly they split. She fell silent as soon as word got out about the divorce.  This is definitely a downfall for Kris who is a professional player in the NBA as well as for Kim because the media will never let them forget it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Love Child
In May of 2011 it was revealed that Arnold Schwarzenegger has a “love child” with a former maid who worked at his house.  The mother’s name is Mildred Baena and gave birth to their son days after Arnold’s wife (now ex-wife), Maria Shriver gave birth to their youngest son Christopher in 1997.   Arnold and Mildred kept this a secret for 14 years before he came clean about the child.  However, it was only after Arnold left the California office that he confessed his secret.  It is interesting that he was the governor of California and loved by many, yet as soon as he leaves the office, this dark secret appears.  What’s even more interesting is that Arnold allowed Mildred to continue working in their home even after she and Maria were both pregnant at the same time with his children.  After 25 years of marriage, Arnold and Maria split.  This could have been managed better if Arnold had come clean when the issue had occurred over a decade ago.  It would have cost him his career in the California office but now he has lost his wife as well as part of his respect and reputation. 

Casey Anthony: Not Guilty
On July 5th 2011, Casey Anthony was found not guilty of first degree murder of her 2 year old daughter Caylee.  This verdict sent the public into an outrage.  There was over 33 days of testimony spent on this case, 400 pieces of evidence and over 90 witnesses set to prove Casey Anthony should be sent to death row, yet she walked free and is only facing charges of misleading law enforcement.  Public Relations tactics could have helped Casey’s situation come out better if they had handled it right.  One example could include a publicist working for Casey Anthony and her family suggesting there was a possibility she could walk free.  So many people were convinced she would be convicted, therefore making her one of the most disliked people in America when she was pronounced not guilty.


–Kate Anderson

Celebrity News Can be Good Too

The Royal Wedding
One of the most hyped up positive celebrity stories of 2011 was the Royal Wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William.  On Friday April 29th 2011, the couple wed at Westminster Abbey, in London.  It is impossible to find a source displaying the actual amount of viewers which tuned in to the event, but some estimates say close to 3 billion.  One way public relations tactics were used to make this happen was the idea of showing respect to the couple.  William is the son of Princess Diana who was killed, meaning a lot of the publicity did not want to offend him.  It is also stated that the palace has learned how to run tighter PR operations.  Releasing information to the media slowly kept the public hanging on for every detail.  These bits of information include the cost of the wedding, who designed Kate’s dress, what the royal carriage will look like, etc.  This discouraged the idea of the wedding being “too hyped up.”

Jennifer Aniston named “Sexiest Woman of All Time”
Men’s Health magazine has just named 42-year-old Jennifer Aniston as “Sexiest Woman of All Time.” This is definitely a positive statement for her considering she has dealt with such negative press for a while including her breakup with Brad Pitt and never ending pregnancy rumors.  In her defense, she has effective public relations tactics.  Never does one see her involved in any negative drama. It seems she lets the press say what they want but does not start an issue with them and the story eventually dies and is forgotten about. Jennifer is respected and admired by many, some claiming she is “America’s sweetheart.”  She is still one of the top ten people searched for on popular search engines such as Bing and Google.

JR Martinez wins Dancing with the Stars
JR Martinez won Dancing with the Stars this season with partner Karina Smirnoff. JR is an Iraq war veteran who was serving at age 19 as a Humvee driver when his left tire hit a landmine in April of 2003.  He has undergone 33 different surgeries and spent 34 months in the hospital for recovery while suffering severe burns to 40% of his body.  Since then he has gone on to do inspirational speaking including appearances on Oprah, 60 Minutes, CNN, etc. He has also acted on All My Children as a war veteran.  A successful public relations tactic JR has used is just being himself.  Although he experienced a life changing tragedy, he does not try to be something he is not.  In my opinion, that is a big reason why America fell in love with him on Dancing with the Stars.  Even though much of the public knows who he is, JR isn’t selfish and wants to help other who have experienced similar situations as he has. 

–Kate Anderson

The Future of PR

5) Offer three ways you think technology will be part of public relations work in the future. Is it going mobile? Virtual? In this response, account for the troubled state of newspapers and offer a few prediction about the PR jobs of the future

Today’s public relations is already much different than it was even a year ago. These days, almost everyone has a smart phone. With these devices, users can access the internet almost anywhere, whenever they want. It is of much more greater importance for organizations or individuals to maintain an online reputation, as this is how most individuals obtain information.

In the future, one way I believe technology will be a part of public relations is through mobile devices such as smart phones. Public Relations professionals will have to dedicate a lot more of their efforts to the online community rather than print or other traditional methods of communication.

Another method of communication that public relations representatives have to pay attention to his social networking. I can see social media platforms extending outside of the realm of Facebook or Twitter, and becoming a major part of the online community and public relations. Many online users look to social networking sites for more than just networking. They use them to find information about their favorite celebrities, get updates on news events, or find information. One article writes that, “PR professionals use social media every single day to get the word out about clients, to communicate with customers and to respond to questions or problems”. I can only see this trend continuing in the future.

Because public relations is trending to focus on an online community, it is likely that print newspapers and magazine will become obsolete. Already, magazine and newspapers have begun to provide their content in an online medium. Many household are actually stopping their newspaper subscriptions and get their information from the television or online news sources.

The More Famous You Are, The More Power You Have

“I guess the nicest thing about being, I won’t say famous but being popular is a more proper word for me to use would be that if you’ve got a recognizable name, a lot of times you can get people to do things for you ordinarily that you wouldn’t get done. ” – Mickey Gilley

Wherever you look, celebrities are constantly in your face. Whether they’re in the show or movie you’re watching, in the magazine you’re flipping through, or on billboards, the public is constantly exposed to their image and personas. Because celebrities are continually in the public eye, they have a sort of power over the people who are not. In my opinion, there are two types of power that fame gives a person: the power to help and they power to persuade.

With the power to help, celebrities are able to bring awareness to a good cause or are able to even contribute to the good cause themselves. A celebrity has a large following, hence their celebrity status. Therefore, the amount of people they can reach when speaking out for a charity is substantial, meaning that there will be more donators or activists. Not only does their image help with this, but their money does as well. The celebrity often donates their money themselves rather than just raising awareness.

An example of a celebrity using his power to help is George Clooney. During the Hope For Haiti Telethon that he hosted on MTV, he asked viewers for their donations.

As for having the power to persuade, celebrities are often used by companies to sell products. In other words, there are many celebrity endorsements. These are used because it’s believed that if a celebrity likes a product, the rest of the public will too. According to AdAge, “Recent studies of hundreds of endorsements have indicated that sales for some brands increased up to 20% upon commencing an endorsement deal.” Some examples of celebrity endorsements are Taylor Swift and Drew Barrymore with Covergirl and Tiger Woods with Nike.

The more the public is exposed to these people, the more power these people have. For example, Lady GaGa and Oprah top Forbe’s Top 100 Celebrity List, dependant on how much power they have. The fact that Forbe’s even has a powerful celebrity list shows that fame is associated with power

Smooth Celeb Moves of 2011

1)     The Royal Wedding:  In late Spring of 2011 there was one event that created quite the buzz, especially in the entire year leading up to it: the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton.  It was all anyone was talking about, especially women.  Everyone was so excited to see who would be at the event, what would take place, and how everyone looked- especially the beautiful bride and her sexy sister, Pippa.  Just about every realm of PR was used to hype up this event; Prince Will and Kate graced just about every magazine and even newspaper cover across America and many other countries, as well as trending on Twitter.  Many restaurants opened at wee hours of the morning to gather people together to watch the wedding on TV and have a British-styled breakfast of tea and crumpets.  Bravo, Royals, bravo.

2)     Lady Gaga:  Always transforming herself and staying fresh in the spotlight, Lady Gaga has shone as bright as every this past year.  Yes she does weird things and dresses like a transvestite, but Gaga still remains a positive role model in the celebrity world.  She is an avid activist who believes in fighting for your rights, and is an icon for gays and lesbians across the world.  One particular PR move that made people love and appreciate her even more was this past fall when a 14-year old boy from Buffalo, New York, Jamey Rodemeyer, committed suicide due to peers bullying him for being gay.  Lady Gaga was his number one role model, and when he took his life she took matters into her own hands.  Gaga spoke at the iHeartRadio Festival saying that “bullying must become illegal.  It is a hate crime.”  She also tweeted about it and created a lot of buzz.

3)     Justin Bieber:  This young, 17-year-old pop singing sensation has acted quite mature for his age this past 2011.  When disaster struck Japan, Bieber didn’t hesitate at all to help out however he could.  He was committed to touring Japan, “even if his crew refuses to travel for fear of radiation and the singer has to scale down his act.”  This was a good public relations move on his part, showing maturity and sincerity.

Celebrity equals…. Power?

           Does celebrity equal power? If you would have asked me this at the beginning of the semester, I would have answered with a simple no. I mean just because someone is a celebrity doesn’t give them power right? Well in a lot of ways, this actually is the case. I did not realize how many celebrities in the world have the power to do a lot of things just because of their celebrity status. Some of these can be good, but others just don’t add up. For instance, Donald Trump is a billionaire entrepreneur that made his own fortune in the real estate business. He has had continued success over the decades and he is a man that gas rightfully earned his power. This is what led to him considering running for president of the United States. Now some people blew this decision out of proportion, however although he had no military background, or government for that matter, he was someone who clearly had a feel for what people wanted and if there is anything we need right now in this country, it is change. This in my opinion, was a form of celebrity power that was going to be used for a good cause.

Now on the downside of celebrity power, there are some classic celebrity train wrecks out there such as Lindsay Lohan or Charlie Sheen, who clearly let their celebrity stature get the best of them and clearly thought they had too much power. Although each had numerous run-is with the law, they seem to keep falling into trouble because they must feel they are above those who abide by the law.

So I would have to saw to some degree, being a celebrity does equal power. However, there are different kinds of power and that is why even in celebrity world, there are different classes of celebrity.

Celebrity = Money, Money = Power

In my point of view I would say that yes celebrity does equal power.  The reason I would say this is because celebrities are (typically) rich, well known people.  This people are paid to advertise for companies.  I say they equal power because in today’s society money equals power.  The people and corporations tend to be the most powerful and the most respected (in a way), especially when it comes to the law.  When a powerful company is found doing something unlawful they are fined but how much does that affect a multibillion corporation.  Also, if they are being sued, the more money they throw into the case the more likely the person suing will have to settle or drop the case because they don’t have the money.

So for celebrities the more popular you are the more power you have.  Forbes actually has an article titled, List of 100 most powerful and best paid celebrities, this shows the top 100 celebrities with the highest pay and the most influence and power, number one being Oprah Winfrey.  However, 2011s’ list shows Lady Gaga passing Oprah Winfrey for the number one most powerful celebrity.  Even the list shows how much money these celebrities are making.  Which proves even Forbes agrees that money = power.

PR in My Mind


In my opinion Public Relations is a way for one individual to keep the public supportive or an organization or business of any kind. I feel that it is important that to work in PR you understand that there is a difference between lying and embellishment. I think that PR is a lot about embellishing in a positive way, and leaving out anything negative. It is not that you cannot say something has gone wrong but keep it coming from appositive view point. In the world of celebrity something like the disastrous divorce between Kim K and Kris Humphries I think that Kris Jenner did a great job of saying “Kim has to follow her heart” instead of saying things just didn’t work out. Or another example, if a company is losing a ton of money don’t say that, say we are looking for new ways to grow. I find it so important to STAY POSITIVE!!!


PR: In it for the long haul

Technology has shown that it is going nowhere and it is only going to keep evolving and showing continued progress. How can we deny that it will affect everything we do? This includes public relations. The public relations world will be just like the rest of the world and will continue to adapt to technology as it continues to change the way we live.

Some ways that I feel this is going to happen is through the continued use of social media’s. Social media’s have impacted the way we use public relations forever. We no longer have to wait for the paper in the morning or the evening news. When something happens and there is information to be shared, it can be found almost instantly on Facebook or Twitter.

Another direction that public relations is headed is also the continued use of search engines. Google is obviously leading the world in that department. However, is it that far off to say that individual businesses and companies may not have their own search engines to making finding information even easier for consumers and employees?

Finally I feel that public relations is going to excel in the coming years through decreasing newspapers and relying more on the web and mobile usage. From an economic stand point, by cutting down on newspaper printing and relying online, it is more efficient and it will save costs. From the outlook of someone who will be searching for news and information, technology has made the decision for us. With smart phones, Ipads, and laptops it’s almost impossible to assume that in the future these are only going to become more normally and soon everyone will have some version of one of these.

Public Relations will always have a place in the world because people are always going to want the latest news and information about everything. It is our choice as a society to steer it in the direction that will allow for everyone to be on the same page.

The Almighty Celebs in America

Does celebrity always equal power?  Everyone will have a difference answer and opinion to this, but I think yes.  I think that celebrities, whether they are A-list stars or B-list stars, hold a power over our country that no one else possesses.  For example, let’s take a look at athletes.  They don’t have to be smart, or have gone to college, or have a great background, but I would argue that some people believe that certain celebrities hold a greater power over America than even our president.  Some iconic figures that are popular in the sports world right now include Tim Tebow, Lebron James, and Carmelo Anthony just to name a few.  Americans consume so much merchandise related to sports whether it is jerseys or bumper stickers.

Another way that I think celebrities hold power over this country is in relation to public service announcements.  Many actors, actresses and singers partake in public service announcements to reach out to audiences, trying to make a difference.  One example of a singer who is in a PSA right now is Sarah McLachlan with ASPCA for animal cruelty.  It is such a sad video that touches audiences and encourages them to do something about animal cruelty, and being paired with a decently famous singer helps out tremendously.

Another thing that comes to mind when thinking of celebrities and power in our country is voting.  Every year when Election Day begins to creep up on us, celebrities make sure they “Rock the Vote” and encourage everyone to voice their opinion.  I think that it really does encourage many people, especially young adults, to go vote.

Celebrity: Crisis Managment 101

#1: Kim Kardashian and the Celebrity Marriage Disaster…. Kim’s short lived marriage way one of the biggest highlights in celebrity gossip in 2011. Still a relatively recent disaster after they split from their 72 day marriage many said that if Kim “married for love” she would have tried to make it work. Honestly I think that because of Kims rise in fame over the past few years, her wedding was over dramatized and the divorce even more so. She is caught in the public eye and she has no way out. Imagine the gossip that would happen if your average person divorced after 72 days…. There would be none. I am not saying that marriage can be taken lightly but really it’s no one’s business what Kim does and does not do.  The biggest PR tactic in this case would have been no broadcasted multimillion dollar wedding and no marriage falling apart on the latest episodes of KKTNY. But that’s what makes the Kardashians who they are, they share everything with the world, the gossip is the price you pay..

#2: Amy Winehouse 1983-2011…. Amy Winehouse passed away at a very young age of a drug over dose. It was incredibly unfortunate, such a beautiful and talented women. Although she was dead by the time gossip began the way she died cause much discrepancy. A suicide will always hit the news differently than an accidental or natural death. With that being said her family handled the situation with class and grace. The PR tactic for this one is perhaps you don’t commit suicide and in the case that it does happen, do all you can to COVER IT UP! On a more positive note, the recent release of Winehouse’s newest music has been a huge hit. It is awesome!

#3: Casey Anthony… after her two-year-old child Caylee who was reported missing in Orlando, Florida, in July 2008, and whose remains were found in a wooded area near her home in December 2008. Casey Marie Anthony was tried for the first degree murder of Caylee but was acquitted. She was, however, convicted of misdemeanor counts of lying to police officers. The drama surrounding this was incredible, everyone knew every detail. The day Casey was released from jail she feared for her life, as did her attorneys. With many agree followers Casey has tried to move on in life, but what a burden to carry. #1 PR tactic in this case is honesty. In this case there were a lot of lies and misconceptions. Lying only made this situation worse so sometime honesty is the best policy, but in PR that is surely not always the case!

Top Three Celebrity Fails

This past year has brought the public many stories of heartwarming, glorifying moments for celebrities whether there were births, weddings, or awards shows. However, as those paying attention to the celebrity world may have noticed, not every celebrity has had a good year. They entertain us constantly with their different forms of work (movies, books, songs, etc) but sometimes what entertains the public most is the downfall of the celebrities whom are up on the highest pedestals.

The first celebrity mess is Tiger Woods – with his infamous sex crazed cheating ways. Having nothing to do with his golf career, infamous golfer Tiger had a rough year in 2010 after the world (and his wife) found out about his infidelity with at least three women. At one point America’s favorite golfer, Tiger has recently been losing all of his big tour games, putting his record in the dumps. At first, I thought that this scandal had happened this year, but it only seemed like that because the fallout from his infidelity is still happening. If I had been his public relations advisor, I would first and foremost have not let this information get out, or at least have divulged all the information as soon as the story broke. The headlines kept coming as more and more information came out to the public every week, and if the info had been released at the beginning all at once, it would have been in the news for a couple weeks tops, then been replaced by the latest Lindsey Lohan scandal.

Which brings me to my next celebrity having a rough year – Miss Lindsey Lohan. Lindsey has done it all this year – from drugs, to jail (at the same time as her father), the morgue, and most recently, the Playboy leak. Throughout her life, Lohan has reportedly been arrested at least nine times, and spent countless time in jail and rehab. Also within the last week, Lindsey’s much anticipated Playboy cover and editorial was leaked online and forced into early print by Hugh Hefner. Whether this was planned or not, this was a good pr strategy for Lindsey because it got her name circulating for at least a few days. However, if I were working for the public relations of Lohan, my first and main step would be to clean her up and get her off drugs. I wouldn’t represent someone that messed up, but also she needs to return to her childhood status of America’s Sweetheart. Right now, her image is that of a coked up spoiled brat – not exactly a public relations dream.

Finally, another celebrity that has had a rough year is Kim Kardashian. Many would have thought that after a glamorous and high yielding wedding to the man that seemed to be her other half, she would be in the category with the celebrities having fantastic year. However, after only 72 days of marriage, Kim filed for divorce from Kris Humphries. The backlash and outrage that followed was a public relations nightmare. Many believe that the whole wedding was a fraud, just a publicity stunt used to gain money and publicity for Kim. Had I been covering this as a public relations expert, I would have made sure they at least tried to work on their marriage a little while longer. Even if it was hopeless, I would have made them go to counseling and such just to show the public that they gave the marriage a try.

Celebrity Power

 I don’t think that celebrity always = power. Many celebrities come and go out of the public eye just as fast as they became celebrities. It could be argued that anyone from a well-known actor to the president of the United States is a celebrity. The well-known actor is only a provider of entertainment and nothing beyond that. However, the President of the United States clearly holds a lot of power. I think that there are only a small number of powerful celebrities. Power seems to derive from money and history. If your family has been historically in the spotlight, you are more likely to have power than the well-known actor. Also, if you have large sums of money you tend to be more powerful. For example, the Kardashians grew into their celebrity “power” because of their father. Many years have passed since his death, but his family is still thriving off of his publicity. I also believe that power is based off of how much publicity you receive. If you think of the number one person you saw in the magazines and on TV this year, odds are it’s one of the Kardashians. Whether they created all of this publicity themselves or not they are still in the forefront of the public eye. Another celebrity I feel has power is Oprah Winfrey. Oprah has been on the Forbes list for many years now, and her celebrity power continues to grow with her publicity. The difference between the Kardashian power and the Winfrey power is their drive to use that power. The Kardashians are using their power for their own good and publicity. They exploit their marriages, pregnancies, and anything else that can keep them in the spotlight. Oprah on the other hand has set up schools, created foundations, and used her money for the good of other people. Unfortunately celebrities will use their power and money how they see fit, but no matter what they do they will still have that money, publicity, and stardom to have the celebrity power.


Celebs Gone Wrong

1)     Charlie Sheen:  Earlier this year, the only person it seemed people were talking about was the infamous Charlie Sheen…but not in a positive way.  The coke-sniffing, tiger-blooded actor gone bad was far from “winning.”  Instead of hiring a public relations assistant, Sheen took matters into his own hands and decided to try to convince America that his crazy antics were normal and that we are actually all the crazy ones.

2)     Kim Kardashian:  This big-bootied, brown haired bombshell never seizes to stay out of the spotlight.  This past Halloween she surprised (some of) us again with her divorce from NBA star Kris Humpries.  The marriage only lasted a mere 72 days.  Some might argue that the whole marriage and divorce was one big publicity stunt, which can very well be true.  Kardashian never seemed upset over the divorce and was actually tweeting about other meaningless things during the whole process which was probably a bad move on her part.  What this showed to people was how shallow and materialistic she seems, instead of sympathetic and wholesome.  Also, if she didn’t have a multi-million dollar wedding turned into a two-day television show, then maybe people wouldn’t look at her as such a phony.

3)     Arnold Schwarzenegger:  Actor turned governor of California for seven years, Schwarzenegger was caught in the spotlight this year for having an affair with his maid (all the while still married to the pretty Maria Shriver).  The affair happened about ten years ago, however, the reason it got brought up again this year was because Schwarzenegger actually had a child with the maid…five days after the birth of his son with Shriver!  In fact, “Maria Shriver used to joke that her housekeeper’s son looked exactly like Arnold but never thought anything of it.”  Man, oh man talk about a crazy mess. 

PR Mistakes of 2011- Celebritiy Edition

3) Three disaster stories of 2011 were Kim Kardashian’s 72 day marriage, Lindsay Lohan in and out of jail, and Alec Baldwin playing games on American Airlines. When it comes to Kim Kardashian she has had her fair share of PR mishaps but when it comes to her recently failed marriage her PR team should have stepped up to help her out. She did write on her personal website that she was not in love with him anymore and became too caught up in the wedding planning. However her team should have advised her NOT to air her wedding on television making the pressure on her and Kris Humphries even larger and even a personal statement by Kim on television or in an interview would help instead of comments from “close family friends”. While Lindsay Lohan needs to completely start over, when it comes to PR. She has been to jail a couple of times, has not come out with a new movie in years, and recently had her spread in Playboy leaked. Her PR people should have told her that posing for Playboy would not help her image but only make the public think that she still is crazy and needs more help not only with her no existent career. Finally, there is Alec Baldwin who was recently kicked off an American Airlines flight for not shutting his phone off and continuing to play “Words with Friends”. The large issue is not that he was kicked off but that he said an apology that really did not admit to what he did wrong and then he proceeded to go on SNL and mock American Airlines. His PR people should have had him make a public apology to the airline and even though the SNL skit was all in good fun, it was still taken poorly for how he initially handled the incident.


Be Your Own Public Relations Specialist: Your Own Personal Definition

In today’s world of mass communication, there are many definitions out there for the term “public relations”. One popular definition found online is “the professional maintenance of a favorable public image by a company or other organization or a famous person”. I support this definition being a part of public relations, but I do not believe that it covers the whole subject. Yes, the professional side of public relations relates only to the professional image of companies or celebrities, but in my opinion, it can also be applied to common people like us. By going out into the world everyday dressed nicely, doing good work at our jobs, and carrying ourselves in a decent way is a way of promoting our public image. Why can’t the everyday person have a public relations campaign for themselves? Maybe it is something common like New Year’s Resolutions to drop weight or not gossip, or maybe it is a lifelong goal of finding a partner or donating your life to charity.


 By doing these things, you are not only making yourself a better person, but you are improving the image the public sees of you and the way they perceive you. Much like a celebrity attends a book signing, you attending an office work party can boost the way your coworkers or boss sees you. Like a company hosts a gala for the promotion of a new product, you may host a housewarming party to show off a new house purchase or renovations you have completed. There are many ways each individual is their own personal public relations specialist, throughout every day. Without even realizing it most of the time, people are constantly working to promote their own personal brand and strengthen the image the public around them perceives. There are many definitions of public relations, but not to be forgotten is the definition that each person holds for themselves.

Dropping some knowledge

Final Exam Essays

4) Offer your personal definition of public relations. Support your case.

  • One definition of public relations that I found is “the actions of a corporation, store, government, individual, etc., in promoting goodwill between itself and the public, the community, employees, customers, etc.” My personal definition would be more along the lines of “a position held to protect and maintain a positive public image of celebrities, athletes, government officials, and businesses.” If there were no need to maintain a public image, I personally believe that the field of public relations would not exist outside of the government. Celebrities need to maintain a positive public image so they continue to gain the support of the public through record sales, DVD purchases, or viewership on television or in the movies. Businesses need a positive public image so that the public will continue to purchase their products and services. Athletes need a positive public image in order to remain in the spotlight so that sports franchises will see incentive to either renew the athlete’s contract or draft them to begin with. Government officials need to maintain a positive public image to gain the support of voters both to get them in office and also stand behind any bills that they might want passed.

5) Offer three ways you think technology will be part of public relations work in the future. Is it going mobile? Virtual? In this response, account for the troubled state of newspapers and offer a few predictions about the PR jobs of the future.

  • I know that now, more and more on-site news broadcasts are being filmed via iPhones, so I feel that one way technology will play a role in the future of public relations work is that more and more work will be done via mobile device. Mobile devices allow public relations work to be done instantaneously from anywhere in the world (where there is cellular service obviously). This is incredibly valuable for “damage control” where the issue needs to be addressed ASAP.
  • I also know that more and more public relations work is being done through social media. I believe (unlike some others) that social media is here to stay. More and more demographics are getting involved with social media and I believe it is one of the quickest and most effective ways of reaching a large audience. There are over 800 million active users on Facebook; I believe this statistic is a solid foundation for my argument.


  • Another way that I believe technology will play a major role in the future of Public Relations would be with tablet computers, computers, and eReaders. Traditional newspapers are dying, but newspapers in general are still very much alive. Newspaper readership is trending more towards an electronic medium. With the introduction of the Kindle, and iPad, and iPhone I believe that the newspaper will continue to play a major role in public relations work, and will flourish with the advent of these new technologies.


Back to the Future

5. Three ways PR will evolve with new technology

Public relations has many definitions, but the main concept is that a company, corporation, or celebrity entity uses PR techniques to promote its message to the community.  Today we see the distribution of these messages through news/press releases, online videos, and live in person press conferences.  Although this is much more advanced than how PR first started with just interpersonal communication between corporation and public, there is still n0 limit on what we will see done in the future. 

– One possible upgrade in PR tactics could come in the aspect of smartphone advancement.  Life is mobile now, and soon anything that is not will be obsolete.  I could forsee the simple recorder apps, camera apps, and video apps becoming much more intricate in news source use.  With this technology, anyone can create or echo the news if they were there when it happened, and as such word spreads faster than ever, especially of celebrity and organization mishaps.  Take the case of the Penn State scandal, that information was released about late one weeknight.  The press release was immediately blown up and quickly moved from an announcement on the State College campus, to a national trending topic on Twitter.  The PR representatives for PSU were ill-prepared for the backlash and the University faced a devastating blow to their image.  It will become more important than ever for public relations officials to get a handle on quick response times to counteract the speed of information.

– In the accord with the declining interest in physical newspapers, these organizations have gone online as well.  The possible next step for the distribution centers could be streaming applications on smartphones.  We already see the pay-to-read models used by newspaper companies to try to enhance profits, who is to say they won’t soon move to only allowing access on smartphones and tablets through their personal, costly apps.  From the perspective of public relations, this move would better control the articles passed around by social media sites, restricting clicks to those who decide to pay.

– Lastly, and with an ere on the space-age technology we are all waiting for, what if PR became an automated business style.  With the iPhone’s new Siri app, if you ask a question you get an answer.  What if PR firms used this technology to upload their press releases and official statements on events?  What if you could use an app on your phone and ask “What is the latest on the Penn State scandal?” and get a spoken answer rather than links to several stories (something Siri might provide).  I would not be suprised to see the Siri technology become prevelant in our rapidly growing society, so PR officials better jump fast on this opportunity to provide their messages in the most efficient and demanded format.

Too Much Power

“In them, the panic for status has become a professional craving: their very image of self is dependent upon publicity, and they need increasing doses of it”  – C. Wright Mills

Three days ago, a trade proposal was made between three teams in the NBA. It was the Las Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets, and New Orleans Hornets. It was a trade that would surely rock the NBA world and make the Las Angeles Lakers instant title contenders yet again. However, with an iron fist, Commissioner David Stern rejected the trade claiming it was better that some of the players stay where they are. This was a lot of money and a lot of talent that was going to be traded and suddenly the Commissioner felt the need to step in. This is too much power for one man and it is unhealthy for the NBA. Seeing how they just settled a long, painful lockout which eliminated a third of the season, it is not good for player and commissioner to not agree. This could lead to much more if further acts continue.

Zac Gives Bac

Zac Efron donated more than 300 articles of clothing to the Children’s Resources Network of the Central Coast the day before Thanksgiving.

Lisa Ray, the president and CEO was very appreciative of the 24-year-old actor. “His gift says a lot,” she said. “It’s not only the clothing. It’s having something special that other kids wouldn’t have access to. It shows them that people do care.”

What a guy.

Celebrities go green!

Well, for Gwyneth, Jennifer, Zoe, and Nikki, literally, but many other celebrities are jumping on the “go green” bandwagon!

Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett says she’s been going green since she was a kid, and now she recycles virtually everything! She constantly donates her son’s old clothes and even her own. Wilkinson-Baskett says, “I donate to women’s shelters all the time. I’m a huge advocate for donating. I love to donate.”

Grey’s Anatomy star, Kim Raver is very adement about getting everyone to go green, and so much so that she gets herself worked up about it! Raver says, “…I do have a couple pet peeves, like when I see someone’s car idling and they’re just waiting for someone gets me crazy!” She says she began her green movement when she had kids and wanted to provide a safe and healthy environment for them.


Hulk Hogan Sues Ex-Wife

Wrestler Hulk Hogan has gone through a very public divorce in the past four years and now he is suing his ex-wife, Linda Bollea, for deformation. In Linda’s memoir she talks about how Hogan violently abused her and had an affair with an other male wrestler. Hogans response:

“If any of that was true, I would admit it. and I was a homosexual I would embrace it. It’s just so crazy to her, so I have a real problem with it…If you’re going to say I’m something that I’m not to try to ruin my career and my livelihood…I have to answer her back.”

Prestige of the businessman

“The prestige of the businessman is measured less by his wealth or his income- although, of course, they are important0 than by the size of his business.” -C. Wright Mills (84)


Ralph Lauren has gone above and beyond the goals that he has wanted to achieve as a designer. He has created a $10 billion clothing line, but as C. Wright Mills states the businessman is not prestigious based on his wealth. He is prestigious based on the size of his business. And it is safe to say the Ralph Lauren industry is far from small. He has many well known brands such as: Polo, Ralph Lauren Purple, Black, and Blue Label, Lauren, RLX, and Chaps. His brands sell at high end department stores such as Macy’s and Dillard’s, and the retail channels “which consists of sales through Polo’s company-owned specialty stores, consisting of about 80 Ralph Lauren shops, over 160 Polo factory stores, 70 Club Monaco stores, a handful of Rugby shops, and over 100 international locations“. Ralph Lauren is also an official outfitter of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Teams for London 2012.

Models of Society?

C. Wright Mills states that, “This is the queen-the all-American-girl-who, whether she be debutante or fashion model or professional entertainer, sets the images of appearance and conduct which are imitated down the national hierarchy of glamour…” (81).


And he couldn’t be any more correct. The images of appearance these days are set by none other than the Victoria’s. Beckham and the angels, that is. Every year the Victoria’s Secret Angels grace the runway in their wings, that we can’t imagine their tiny bodies can even hold up! These fashion models have the body a normal, healthy girl can only dream of having. In the same day Victoria Beckham graces the news stand as the fabulously chic AND thin former Spice Girl and wife of soccer superstar David Beckham. As if girls around the world wouldn’t want to be her already, just for that reason, she is setting trends for glamour as a professional entertainer. Girls are getting the idea that you must look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel or Victoria Beckham, because that is what is in these days and that is what will get you fame.

America’s Next Not So Top Model

Wednesday night was the crowning moment of America’s Next Top Model, announcing the new winner of ANTM.  The winner was not the only announcement the show made.   During the panel session, the judges made an unexpected announcement that Angela Preston was disqualified, without reason.  The CW released a statement saying that due to Preston’s actions after they shot, that Preston violated rules and was disqualified.  They went on to say that they had to reshoot some scenes suggesting to the public that Preston was the actual winner.   There has been speculation that Preston announced her victory on Facebook or other social media outlets, breaking the rules and causing her disqualification.  Lisa D’Amato, came up “on top” winning the season after reshooting the final episode.

Dugger Family Loses Baby

Jim Bob and Michelle Dugger broke terrible news today, that they had a miscarriage.  The Dugger Family, 19 children and counting are unfortunately not going to have their 20th brother or sister.  Michelle miscarried in the 2nd trimester and was not aware of the baby’s sex.  The Dugger’s out look on child birth is scrutinized by many, having the approach of not believing in contraception, this would account for their very large family that has been portrayed on their reality television show, TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting.   Michelle says the family is mourning the loss of the child and plans to have a funeral to commemorate the loss of their unborn 20th child.   In spite of the loss, Michelle and family is still leaving everything up to God, saying if God wants her to continue to have babies, then she will do, as God wants.

She’s ONLY 16!?


Kendall Jenner pictured above recently turned SIXTEEN! The half sister of the Kardashians seems to be falling right into her older sisters footsteps! I mean, lets look past the fact that she got $90,000 2012 Range Rover as a gift, we all saw that one coming! AND past the fact that her mom, Kris Jenner threw her an over the top Sweet 16, which is going to be appearing as a special on E! – she’ll do anything for a little more publicity! But the fact that this 16 year old is already gaining so much publicity for herself! She stars in the family show and is making a name for herself in the modeling world. One can only wonder what she will be doing and looking like when she’s actually the age she looks above!

The Public’s Idea of Proper Attire

The appearance that is linked with a certain celebrity’s position can affect how the public expects them to look.  For example, Duchess Catherine is known for being the Duchess/Princess that just entered into the royal family in April.  Her appearance is thought of by the public to always be radiant and elegant.  But when she showed up for a charity program called the Artroom in a local school.  The children were disappointed when the Duchess showed up in jeans and a shirt rather than her well known elegant dresses.

“Their appearance value and their skill combined into what is known as A Personality” – C. Wright Mills

What Negative Publicity Can Do!

After the 72 day marriage the couple decided to go their separate ways.  This short lived marriage brings many questions and with them a lot of bad press.  Both celebrities have been laying it low after the divorce but are now getting nasty.  Kris is said to be suing Kim for $10 million due to his role in the series Kourtney and Kim Take New York.

Their Own Puesdo Event?

The alleged Kim and Kris wedding rumors are being to dwindle down and make sense.  The wedding has been rumored to be an event for the mere publicity exposure the Kardashians are so well known for.

The Columbus dispatch writes:

“The wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries was nothing but a ‘hoax and a publicity stunt,’ several ‘well-placed’ sources told Radar Online. The E! network supposedly shopped around for a New York-area athlete to join her in a relationship and on a reality show. ‘It was pretty much an arranged marriage right from the start,’ a source said. ‘Kim was looking for a husband, and Kris was selected for her amongst others (including former New York Knicks basketball player Danilo Gallinari, who reportedly turned her down). She wasn’t really into him (Humphries), but she hoped she would be able to develop some feelings — but it never happened.’ Another source said: ‘It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if Kim and Kris managed to ‘reunite’ and the divorce filing gets brushed aside as they go to counseling and couples therapy. Basically, Kim will do anything and everything for the maximum amount of attention and TV time.’ Friends of Humphries said he went into full Hollywood mode during the past week, talking about “branding” his name with nightclub appearances, a cologne and the like. The last straw for Kardashian, a friend told, came during the weekend when he hired a publicist.”

Duchess Catherine Reaches Out

Duchess Catherine is truly a celebrity that interact with the public.  After reading a letter written by a nine year old cancer patient the Duchess was so touched that she replied back to the little boy.

“Despite your enormous, demanding course of treatment. I was so touched by your strength of character. I will keep my fingers crossed that your health goes from strength to strength.

This must be a troubling time for you, your parents and sisters, but I left the Royal Marsden assured by how incredibly talented, kind and clever the team are.

Keep up the good work on the blog and in the meantime I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.”


People’s Choice

C Wright Mills discusses the celebrity’s need for the public’s approval.  Who needs that approval more than someone who’s entering into the royal family?

“Every personal quality, and every blessing of fortune, is cherished in proportion to its capacity of gratifying this universal affection for the esteem, the sympathy, admiration and congratulations of the public.”

Bethenny Frankel A Liar?!?

Reality star Bethenny Frankel is in hot water after telling friends she sold her label, Skinny Girl, for $120 million. However, according to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission report form, she was paid no more than $25 million. This is the second time Bethenny has been questioned for lying when a few weeks ago she tweeted about being in a bout that cap-sized. Yet, many feel she over dramatized what really happened on the boat. The once beloved start of Bethenny Getting Married? is no longer on top of her once very large empire.

Have The Duggar’s Gone Too Far?

Recently, Michelle Duggar miscarried on what would have been her 20th child. The family decided to hold a memorial service, in Arkansas, for the unborn child, Jubilee Shalom Duggar. Pictures were on display showing the small feet and hands of Jubilee with messages such as, “There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world.” Several of the pictures were put on Twitter by a family member and soon appeared on a fan site.

What Happened To Southern Gentlemen?

Country star Rodney Atkins was arrested last month for allegedly trying to “smother” his wife with a pillow and later grabbed her by the face and threw her down a hallway. Atkins claims all allegations are false and has since filed for divorce from his wife, Tammy. The two both agree they are no longer able to safely live in the same house, but that is the only thing they agree on. The fight for custody of their 10-year-old will be the main issue in their divorce and at this time restraining orders have been put in place against each party.

Some Teen Moms Just Never Learn

Amber Portwood of “Teen Mom” has been in the news several times over the past year or two for assault on her on-again, off-again boyfriend Gary Shirley. Now she is facing two years in jail for violating ALL terms of her probation, including:

— “Failure to behave well in society” — namely, drinking too much and hitting a person at a restaurant last month

— Failure to obtain a GED
— Failure to complete 6 months of anger control evaluation and classes
— Failure to pay probation fees
— Failure to set up a $10,000 college fund for her baby daughter

Lets hope her jail time will teach her how to be a good mother.

Worst Dressed Offenders Of 2011

Seventeen magazine puts out several lists each year of most influential celebrity, best dressed, and of course worst dressed. This year several of the celebrities noted were repeat offenders who have not learned from their past mistakes. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are known for not having the best fashion sense and this year it is no different. This year only Mary-Kate made the list along with Rihanna, Hayden Panettiere, and Ke$ha. Surprisingly, Lady Gaga did not make the list.

Courtney Love- Evicted

Courtney Love has never been known to be the most stable person and this past week we were reminded of this when she was evicted from her townhouse in New York City. The $27,000-a-month rental had been painted and had wallpaper put up with out the owners consent which prompted the eviction. In June Love had also started a fire in the master causing damage and is currently $54,000 behind in her rent.

The Inside Track

“Here are the men who have the inside track. Here are all the expensive commodities, to which the rich seem appendages. Here is the money talking in its husky, silky voice of cash, power, celebrity” C. Wright Mills

The richest people in America are who we watch and admire. They have all the things that we are told we should aspire to have. When material possessions are what become most important in this country, which is what has happened, then cash does tend to speak in a seductive voice because it truly does equal power. 3 of the top 5 richest people in the world are from the United States. Without wealth we can’t have all the expensive commodities that make us popular.

Sorry Charlie, That’s Not Winning

Just when the world thought that we had gotten over the Charlie Sheen saga, a new event hit recently. Although this one did not have any run ins with the law, it is till hard not to shake your head and ask “what was he thinking?” About a week ago Charlie Sheen felt the need to send his number to Justin Bieber. However, when he tried to send it through a private message on Twitter, he accidentally posted it instead. Within minutes Sheen was receiving calls from anyone who is his follower. For a while the actor got into the joke, answering by saying “Ray’s Pizza,” “Winning!” and other greetings. But eventually he had to turn the phone off and later change his number.