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Models of Society?

C. Wright Mills states that, “This is the queen-the all-American-girl-who, whether she be debutante or fashion model or professional entertainer, sets the images of appearance and conduct which are imitated down the national hierarchy of glamour…” (81).


And he couldn’t be any more correct. The images of appearance these days are set by none other than the Victoria’s. Beckham and the angels, that is. Every year the Victoria’s Secret Angels grace the runway in their wings, that we can’t imagine their tiny bodies can even hold up! These fashion models have the body a normal, healthy girl can only dream of having. In the same day Victoria Beckham graces the news stand as the fabulously chic AND thin former Spice Girl and wife of soccer superstar David Beckham. As if girls around the world wouldn’t want to be her already, just for that reason, she is setting trends for glamour as a professional entertainer. Girls are getting the idea that you must look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel or Victoria Beckham, because that is what is in these days and that is what will get you fame.

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