Ways Technology Will be a Part of PR in the Future -Tommy K

In the future, public relations is going to go mobile because our technology is always advancing and we can access more from devices such as mobile phones every year. I think there will still be the same PR jobs in the future, it will just be a little different. People will still read the newspaper, it will just be in a different way. Instead of getting a paper copy of the newspaper, I believe in the future people will just have a subscription and read the newspaper on a tablet device. Technology will be a part of public relations in three ways. The first way that technology will be a part of public relations is through video online. These days anyone can make a video and instantly upload it to the internet. In this way companies, business, and celebrities can handle crisis’ immediately with video that can be uploaded to the internet. Once these videos are online, anyone can view them as long as they have internet access and the number of people with internet access is constantly growing. The second way technology will be a part of public relations is through blogs. Anybody who needs to post something online can do so in a blog. Once online, anybody can access it. Blogs are a great way to constantly keep people updated and informed. For example, a celebrity can have a running blog about what movies they will be doing and what projects they will be partaking in. In this way, technology is used to constantly keep people updated. The third way that technology will be a part of public relations is through the growing access to mobile internet. Mobile networks are constantly evolving and more and more people are getting smart phones with mobile access. Because of this people can check their email, view video, surf the web, and listen to music online. There is a lot of room here for public relations to get a foothold. For example there are commercials while listening to Pandora internet radio. A public relations message could be a commercial sent in a ten or fifteen second spot to Pandora listeners using the mobile app for a smart phone. Also, small video links can be placed in mobile browsers. Mobile technology is still growing and so more possibilities will arise here but these are the three ways technology should be a part of PR in the future.

Does Celebrity = Power? -Tommy K

     Celebrity can mean power, but that is not always the case. When you are a celebrity you can demand what you want, choose what you want to be a part of, and do what you want to do. You can gain power and be influential, but you can also lose that power and end up with none. A perfect example of this is Charlie Sheen. Before his meltdown, Sheen was very influential and held a lot of power. At one point he was making over one million dollars for every episode of the show Two and a Half Men. Because he was in demand, he was able to demand such a steep asking price for his talents on the show. But after his meltdown he lost power. By breaking down he lost all the power that he once had. He feuded with the producers and was eventually cut loose. Sheen has now not done much at all after being replaced on the show by Ashton Kutcher. Celebrity can mean power, but it’s all about what you do with that power. You can use it to do good and be influential in a positive way or you can wield it too much and think too highly of yourself like Charlie Sheen and destroy your career. If you use your celebrity status the correct way, you have the power to influence people in a positive way or whatever way you want. If you use your celebrity status the wrong way, you can lose all of your followers and become a national joke. Sheen has become a national joke and no longer has the power he once enjoyed. An example of a celebrity how uses his influence in a positive way is the quarterback Tim Tebow. Tebow uses his platform as a professional athlete to promote positive values and encourage others to do good works.

QBs Take Position on Tebow

Many scrambling quarterbacks who are done playing in the NFL have been weighing in on Tim Tebow. Some believe that he can continue to play in the NFL and some do not think he will be able to get it done in the long run. Guys like Joe Theismann do not think Tebow will last and tell us to enjoy watching him while we can. Others like Randall Cunningham say that all he looks at is the win-lose column and that so far he’s pleased with Tebow’s performance there. The debate continues.

Newly Single Ashton Swarmed By Girls

Over Thanksgiving Ashton Kutcher made a visit to his home town of Iowa City, Iowa. While he was home for the holidays Ashton decided to go party hard with the local girls. Kutcher visited Iowa bars with his entourage and drank beer with all the ladies. Girls everywhere were hugging him and shaking his hand and Ashton seemed to love the attention. Ashton was continually swarmed by girls all week and even was asked to come to a strip club but Ashton declined. Ashton even took a picture of himself and his week with a cow in the background. It was a good weekend for Ashton.

What Tebow Can’t Do

Tebow cannot fly. He cannot see through walls. He cannot pick up cars and throw them (yet). Every week we hear more and more of what Tebow cannot do. Yet the man continues to surprise us every Sunday by winning. He cannot do anything right but yet somehow he comes up with a game winning drive or play. Everyone will continue to be confounded by this “quarterback” until he learns to throw and ball and run a conventional offense. Until then Timmy will keep doing what he does, and win a bunch of games along the way.

Brad Pitt Looking to Adopt Again

Brad Pitt and wife Angelina Jolie are once again looking to adopt a child. Right now their tally is at six kids that they care for but they are looking to add to their impressive total of three kids not of their loins. The other three kids of that six are biologically of Brad and Angelina. the couple has said that they are really excited about the possibility of adopting another child. The couple has been said to believe having seven kids will add to the families’ luck and happiness.

Kutcher Gets Better Ratings Than Sheen

Ashton Kutcher has been getting better ratings than Charlie Sheen. This is in regards to the television show “Two and a Half Men.” The show which now stars Ashton Kutcher instead of Charlie Sheen has been doing much better this year than it has last year. The show being led by a domestically embattled Kutcher is getting 10% better ratings than it did at the same time last year with the troubled Sheen.



Tebow Says He Needs To Get Better

Despite having a 4-1 record, Tim Tebow says he needs to get better. In a radio interview earlier this week, Vice President of football operations for the Broncos, John Elway, said he still doesn’t know if the Broncos have their franchise quarterback on their roster. Elway said this is because of the Broncos lack of success on third downs and passing despite the wins. Tebow agreed with this and says he must improve and get better.

Ashton’s Twitter Mistake

Last week Ashton Kutcher came under fire a tweeting mistake. After hearing that long time coach Joe Paterno had been fired from Penn St., Ashton tweeted “How do you fire Jo Pa? #insult #noclass as a hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste.” He later revealed that he didn’t know the real reason Joe Paterno was fired and instead thought Paterno was fired because he was aging. That was a big mistake by Ashton, whose tweet has since been deleted.

The Bronco’s Limited Yet Unstoppable Quarterback

Everyone keeps pointing to his mechanical and skill flaws, yet the man keeps winning games. Everyone keeps saying he can’t throw the ball or play the position, yet he has led his team to a 4-1 record over the last five games. Everyone says he is limited, yet he is unstoppable. Winning four out of five for a team that was 1-4 before he was the starter is hard to argue. People will continue to critique, but Tebow will continue to just play. His recent win over the Jets attests to that.