PR; A Common Misconception

                Public relations in my opinion is all about supporting and protecting your businesses and organizations. I definitely feel that PR has a bad rep according to a lot of the public, but I don’t necessarily believe this is true. After reading Fitzpatrick’s, Ethics in PR, she stated that “well-funded front group practices tend to monopolize the marketplace and diminish other voices, limiting access to the marketplace ideas and interfering with citizens’ and/or policymakers’ access to info needed to help them reach informed decisions about issues or policies of public interest and concern” (14). However, in my opinion, I’ve realized that front groups are not always trying to lie about their products or companies. For example, Generation Green is normally trying to show the public that it’s necessary to recycle, and eat foods that do not have pesticides. They’re not trying to bash non-organic foods or non-recyclers; they’re just trying to give positive suggestions and explanations to keep their public safe. There’s always just that basic stereotype that when someone hears PR, most think, “Oh they’re liars.” It’s also not fair to judge PR because a lot of the time, the professional is trying to dig their client out of the hole that they buried themselves into. It’s not always easy. Being a PR professional can be very chaotic. People need to realize that PR is not all about lying. They’re trying to help maintain a positive outlook on what they’re representing.

Not So Powerful Are We Kim Kardashian?

                From my perspective, being a celebrity doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re always powerful. Let’s take Kim Kardashian for example. She’s attractive, has her own reality shows, and a clothing line. Basically her name is an empire. However, these past few months have been rough for Kardashian after problems with her 72-day NBA husband Kris Humphries became out of her power to fix. There were already rough patches in the beginning before the wedding such as Humphries being late for wedding plans, Kim having a hysterical breakdown after losing her earring, and Kim’s sister’s strongly disliking Humphries.

 Things between the married couple only got worse in their new reality show Kim & Kourtney Take New York. After the first episode was aired, Humphries was already shown moving back to Minnesota to focus on his NBA career. By Halloween time this year Kardashian filed a divorce against Humphries due to “irreconcilable differences.”  Humphries was shocked at the decision because it seemed as if the press knew about the divorce before he was even informed. He told sources, “I’m committed to this marriage and everything this covenant represents. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make it work.” This clearly did not change Kardashian’s mind because she finalized the papers within the days ahead. Since the new show Kim & Kourtney Take New York foreshadows what will happen for the ex-couples relationship, it’s interesting to see how powerless Kim feels about having a family with Humphries. Kardashian constantly stresses how she’s now 30 and needs to start her life, (aka have kids with Humphries) but Humphries would rather take it slow. He even told Kardashian that by the time she has kids, no one is going to care about her. Imagine how powerless Kim felt after that jab.

Kim’s own mother Kris Jenner (in this past weekend’s episode) thought that she wasn’t ready for kids. Jenner expressed that even though her daughter has a successful career, does not mean that she’ll have the power to maintain her famous celebrity job along with taking care of a baby. She’s known as the most successful Kardashian sister, and with a baby on her hip, it will really slow down her celebrity image.

Here is a quick clip of Humphries & Kardashian in a dispute

She’s Everywhere!

You might have watched her grow up on E!’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but what’s next for Kendall Jenner? Jenner is the half-sister of famous celebs Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian. The 15 year-old has decided to take her life to the next level and begin modeling for White Sands 2012 swimwear collection. The White Sands spokesman stated, “As we were casting for the campaign we came across Kendall’s portfolio and loved her softness and strength. She actually made it to the top of our list before we knew her background.” Jenner is excited for the new line, and cannot wait to continue her modeling career.

“…Every night she is on the TV screen, and every week on every other page of the magazines…there she is” (C. Wright Mills)

The new Shaun T?

Does Shaun T have some new competition? Well, if you call a 10 year-old “work-out guru,” competition, then yes. CJ Senter has taken pride in working out half of his life, and now he is sharing his secrets with his fellow elementary friends across the country. Senter has his own work out videos and is becoming a heroic figure to many elementary schoolers. “You can go outside and have fun, but some kids, they’ll just go outside for like 10 minutes and come back in,” C.J. said. “But if you just do a workout, your body will sweat more. The boy knows what he’s talking about, I mean he’s ten years-old and already has a six pack…something that most adults don’t even have.

Oprah Tops the Charts

Forbes Magazine has recently reported that Oprah Winfrey has yet again earned the title of Forbes’ “highest-earning woman in entertainment.” Winfrey earned a jaw-dropping $290 million from May 2010 to May 2011. Her closest competetor was pop-sensation Lady Gaga, with $90 million. Winfrey is an “estimated worth of $2.7 billion, and is 139th on the list of the 400 richest people in America.”

“It is the expensive look of an expensive woman who feels herself to be expensive.” (C. Wright Mills)

Another 2 Seasons for Khloe & Lamar?

According to, Khloe & Lamar are all-aboard for another 2 seasons of their hit reality show, Khloe & Lamar on E! Sources say that Khloe is,”super excited to be filming again.” There has not been a set date when the show is supposed to air, but at least Kardashian and Odom fans will have something to look forward to for the future.

Who would they be without “The Real World?”

MTV recently aired their newest season, The Real World, which takes place in San Diego. The first show of the 26th season raked in 1.9 million viewers, which gave it the best season premiere in Real World history. For those of you who may not know what the show consists of, it’s basically about seven strangers picked to live in a house together. Each cast member has a different personality/different perspectives on life which most of the time brings exciting drama. Good drama=Good television. To say the least, it’s not the greatest show to let your middle schooler watch.

 Where would the cast be without the show?

“They are the material for the media of communication and entertainment”

(C. Wright Mills)

5 Million Copies, You Go Gaga

The Mother Monster, also known as Lady Gaga, is once again “making headlines.” Sources have stated that Gaga’s most recent album, “Born This Way,” has sold a whopping 5 million copies worldwide. Not to mention, the album has only been out for 5 months. Her fans couldn’t be happier with her progress, and they look forward to what the future holds for their mother monster.


Kim Kardashian; Demi’s Biggest Fan?

Demi Lovato is coming clean about her break-up, media pressure, and her six-year eating disorder battle. While she spent time healing at a treatment center, Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez were the only two celebrities that were constantly calling Lovato to help. Lovato told the press, “Those two girls, they meant the world to me. They still do.”

Spain May be his “Best Option”

Los Angeles Lakers starting forward, Pau Gasol, has recently told the press that Spain may be his “best option” to play basketball within the up-coming months. The NBA is unfortunately still going through a lockout, and it doesn’t look like it will end anytime soon. Gasol turned down playing “oversea ventures” because he wanted to “focus on winning the FIBA European Championships.” However, he has yet to step on the court because he is currently “treating an ankle injury.” Gasol is originally from Spain, so playing there would “only seem natural.” NBA Commissioner David Stern is meeting with the players union this Monday to hopefully form an agreement. So cross those fingers NBA fans!