Ways to stay ahead in PR

“Public Relations”, like many other fields, is a consistently evolving area of study.  It is risky writing a definitive definition of Public Relations because it is constantly changing and growing in new ways.  I predict that the people of PR in the future must be well aware of this reality and must be ahead of the times… and the technology that coincides with the PR world.  The PR world and technology already go hand-in-hand and I predict this trend will continue.

TwitterTwitter is already a HUGE part of the PR field.  I believe that companies will continue to expand their online presence and develop their company brand name via social networking sites like TwitterTwitter is one of the ways of the future of PR because it is so versatile.  It can be viewed on a computer, tablet, phone, etc… so you are constantly getting up-to-the-minute news updates.  As a culture, we have an obsession with “instant” and wanting a wealth of knowledge at our finger tips whenever we need it.  Twitter will allow companies to satisfy this demand.

LinkedInLinkedIn is another vital asset to PR people of the future as far as hiring them.  As of right now, LinkedIn is developing and becoming a solid professional social networking site, however there is room for so much more.  There are so many more people that could be on the site, and as the site gains more profiles, it gains more influence.  I foresee LinkedIn replacing the traditional resume, allowing for an entirely electronic way of seeking out employers or employees.

Mobile – I believe that going mobile is the way of the future, and companies that aren’t able to keep up with this demand for mobile accessibility will fail.  As mentioned before, we are a society that has an obsession with “instant” and we are very happy when companies are able to meet this demand.  Who knows… maybe there will even be a device in the future that will get us information FASTER than our mobile phones do… perhaps a direct link to our brain? Who knows… impossible is nothing.  The point is PR people will need to embrace these new technologies and these new demands in order to stay in good standing with the public.

I do believe that even with all of this talk about focusing on the future, staying in touch with the past is also important.  This means that PR people of the future should also remain active on other mediums such as newspapers and standard press releases to make sure that they are remaining in contact with all technological generations.

Brett Vergara – Celebrity Power Pains

After all of our talk in Public Relations… the answer to this question might be a transparent YES!  However, there are many more aspects to consider when answering this question.  Sure at the surface level and at first it may seem that star power is directly linked to power, but what are the after effects?  Sometimes this “celebrity power” can actually lead to the downfall of a person, causing them to be weaker than they were before.  While this is obviously a debate-able topic, I believe that celebrity isn’t always power.

Michael Jackson:  Michael Jackson, who made his debut with the Jackson Five when he was five, may be considered one of the biggest celebrities of all time.  He was an outstanding American recording artist, performer, entertainer, and businessman.  He would later earn himself the title, “The King of Pop”.  However, Michael Jackson never really had much of a childhood because he was constantly in the spotlight as a child.  Michael Jackson had to deal with so many more pressures and business decisions than many of us have had to deal with in on entire adult lives.  This kind of pressure is destined to take a toll on a rising star.  Later on in his life, it could be argued that this lack of a childhood played out in the public spotlight.  We watched the infamous “baby-dangling incident” in which Michael held his child over a balcony in his home, shocking the crowds outside.  Also, in 2003, Michael Jackson was alleged seven counts of child molestation, which he would later be found “Not Guilty” for… but his reputation was already tarnished.  On June 25,2009, Michael Jackson died in his rented mansion, a shadow of his former self.  Is celebrity always power? You decide.

Rachel Crow is elimianted from the X Factor

Well, if you tuned into the X Factor last week, you may have seen the young starlet being eliminated off of the hit reality TV show.  The decision came down to Nicole Sherzinger, who couldn’t decide and sent the vote into a tiebreaker… which resulted in the ousting of Crow.  That wasn’t even the rough part… after finding out she was eliminated, Rachel Crow started to BALL on stage… and it was rough.  Considering Rachel is only 13 years old… that is a LOT of pressure to put on the little girl, and there has got to be a lot of different emotions to deal with.  It kind of brings up the point whether or not 13-years old is too young to be in the celebrity spotlight.

The apprentice becomes the master

“But their very use by advertising media and fashion industry revealed the ambiguity of their ‘social distinction.’” – C. Wright Mills

This quote embodies the success stories of two popular starlets of our era… Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.  The funny thing is, Kim used to simply pick out clothes and dress up the wardrobe of her fellow starlet.  This is how Kim Kardashian started out… helping celebrities with their wardrobes… but then, through working the celebrity scene and paparazzi… she somehow became a bigger success than those who had employed her.  Say what you want about Kim K… but she’s certainly figured out how to work the celebrity system.

The celebrities of the celebrity world

“…The professional celebrities of the entertainment world have come fully and continuously into the national view.” -C. Wright Mills

In the entertainment industry, only a select few “make it big” and can make an honest living within the business.  But what do you consider an honest living? and is it all about the money?  In the entertainment industry, there are different categories like the C-List, B-List, and A-List… but then there’s a step just a bit higher.  Recently Britney Spears joined some of her fellow super celebs at the 10 million twitter followers mark.  That is obnoxiously impressive… how are they able to achieve such monumental status?  They have obviously figured out something that the rest of us are oblivious to and have discovered the secret of being a professional celebrity.

Jersey shore… why do we care?

“They are celebrated because they are displayed as celebrities. If they are not thus celebrated, in due time – often very short – they lose their jobs.” – C. Wright Mills

If you look at today’s entertainment industry and compare it with that of the entertainment industry 20 years ago… you will see two completely different worlds.  One such show that dare I say defines our generation as far as entertainment is the gang from The Jersey Shore.  So, why must they remain in the spotlight?  Well… think about it… they have a lot on the line.  The Jersey Shore gang, as well as many other celebrities, strive to maintain that media attention, no matter what the opinions of them are in the media, because if they don’t have that spotlight on them… their careers are over.

The modern day Cholly Knickerbocker… could it be Perez?

” Gossip columnist who, in the world of celebrity, has replaced the well-bred man-about-twon and social hostest…they [gossip columnists] are quite ready to tell us who belongs to “The New 400″- C. Wright Mills

Today, it seems that the above quote could be best represented by the often controversial Perez Hilton.  Sure he may have pink hair from time to time and not know when to hold back and might be a little less classy, but the parallels between the two celebrity gossipers is uncanny.  I wonder what Knickerbocker thinks of all this…

Not your typical business man…

“Here are the men who have the inside track. Here are all the expensive commodities, to which the rich seem appendages. Here is the money talking in its husky, silky voice of cash, power, celebrity” (C. Wright Mills).

When one thinks of men who have created empires within their industry… names like Calvin Klein and Donald Trump come to mind.  However, you don’t need to build towering skyscrapers or stitch high quality suits to become kings of industry.  If you just google the name “Jay-Z”… his success is obvious within the music industry and not only has he been quite the featured artist himself… he has made himself of the tycoons of the music industry.  Pay homage my friends.

Cory Smoot passes away

Cory Smoot, “Gwar” guitarist, died on November 3rd coronary artery thrombosis, which was brought on by a pre-existing condition.  Gwar is a popular band within the metal community.  According to a statement on the Gwar website, “The response from the U.S. metal community and especially the whole international GWAR family has been overwhelmingly supportive…these GWAR fans need the chance to pay their respects to Cory, and cancelling any shows would deprive them of that.”

K’Fed is feelin’ the heat!

Kevin Federline, who is currently filming a film in Australia called Excess Baggage, was hospitalized due to heat exhaustion.  Apparently the heat in Australia was a bit too intense for the back-up dancer.  Excess Baggage is a show that will be similar to Celebrity Fit Club… Ironic?