Power like Pujols?


            I do not believe that celebrity always means having power. Power is the ability to influence someone’s behavior. The ability to have power and influence people is there but based on how the famous person acts and behaves their power may or may not exist. For example Lindsay Lohan was very popular and was a huge superstar in the movie world and many people were interested to hear what she had to say about politics and many other things like that. Then she became addicted to drugs and alcohol and now she is just seen as a regular person. Nobody really cares what she has to say anymore because her power is now gone. She as seen as an average person now and nobody takes her seriously. She is still a celebrity and is still famous but she is in the headlines for all of the wrong reasons. Even though she is still famous her opinion is now seen as useless and pretty much gets disregarded by the rest of society. It depends on what the definition of a celebrity really is, which very broadly can be put as someone who is popular and has a public fascination about them. Now we can look at the sports world, everyone who plays a professional sport is considered to be a celebrity.  Take a guy Like Albert Pujols for example, he is one of the best players in baseball and everything he does and says is taken seriously and affects the general sports fan and could change their feelings about a certain topic. But we can also look at a player who is not the best but is still a celebrity, for example a guy like Nick Markakis of the Baltimore Orioles. He is a great young player but not many people care what he has to say. Maybe it is because he isn’t the most popular guy but nonetheless he is still a celebrity making millions of dollars. He just doesn’t have that “It” factor and not many people listen to what he has to say. So while I think that many celebrities have power and can help change how the public views things, being a celebrity does not always mean having power when it comes to present day society.

Public relations?

My definition of public relations is the promoting of someone or something in order to give it a better public image. This always included communication between people in order to get their message out to the public. In today’s society there is a need to have a great public imagine which is why everyone tries to hide all the negative stories about famous people. Evidentially those always come out and the famous person disputes it and says it is false which is known as crisis public relations.  Public relations is meant to be positive but with so many advances in technology such as smart phone it is very easy to catch someone doing something wrong. A good example of public relations in its intended manner would be Tim Tebow. People always say good things about him and he is viewed as a great role model and has an excellent public image which helps his organization the Denver Broncos have a better image which in turn leads to them gaining more fans and making a bigger profit.


Everyone will do what they feel society wants them to do, they feel that they need to be recognized in the media to be successful. They want to feel loved by everyone and they want society to feel bad for them if something goes wrong for them. In reality i think society should not feel bad at all because these people are filthy rich and should not complain at all, for example Kim Kardashian

”Every personal quality, and every blessing of fortune, is cherished in proportion to its capacity of gratifying this universal affection for the esteem, the sympathy, admiration and congratulations of the public”.

-C. Wright Mills


“Rather than being celebrated because they occupy  positions of prestige, they occupy positions of prestige because they are celebrated” (C. Wright Mills)

This can be easily related to in current society, people are famous for no reason excpet the way they look and act. For example take the Jersey Shore members, all they do is get drunk and have fights and now they are making tons of money for really doing nothing. For some reason people love this junk and idolize these people and to me that is just sad.


“Look so bizarre and so extreme that the truck drivers gasp but the ever-present cameraman will be bound to flash a bulb”- C. Wright Mills

This means that it does not matter how people dress as long as you are famous, for example Lady Gaga and other women dress up in things that are not even considered clothes. If a regular person did that they would be mocked and be seen as deviant, but if a famous person does it they get worshiped.

The Focal Point

“As personalities of national glamour, they are the focal point of all the means of entertainment and publicity”- C. Wright Mills

This quote means that anyone who is famous and looks appealing will get all of the attention they want from society. Even if they do not really do anything in life they will still be famous for how they look.


C. Wright Mills states that, “This is the queen-the all-American-girl-who, whether she be debutante or fashion model or professional entertainer, sets the images of appearance and conduct which are imitated down the national hierarchy of glamour…” (81). I find this quote still true to this day, society tells us what we have to look like, and if you do not look that way then you are ugly and not appealing. Since all models are skinny people feel they need to be as well and if someone is not skinny then they are ugly

Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn is an Olympic champion who kept her hot streak going with a victory in the World Cup Super-G. This event took place in her hometown Colorado, after she won the race she did something not many people expected, but many people did enjoy it. She was Tebowing, and many fans went crazy when they saw her. She is just the latest famous person to start Tebowing.

Von Miller

Von Miller is a rookie starting lineback for the Denver Broncos, some people say one person can’t make a difference in a team game. But when you look at his impact it has been huge, he has 10 sacks as a rookie and puts pressure on the QB all day long. This in turn has helped the rest of the defense play better leading to the Broncos becoming a better team trying to make the playoffs. Just like in different life scenarios one person indeed can make an impact and change the whole culture of an organization.

Tebow Magic

There is something special about this Tim Tebow kid, he does not always look pretty when playing football but at the end of the day you know he is going to get the job done. He is now 5-1 as a starter for the Broncos and has them right in the thick of the playoff race. If Tebow leads them to the playoffs it will just continue the thought of this Tebow Magic