Top Earning Woman in Music: GAGA

Forbes just posted their list of the top-earning women in music.  Lady Gaga came in first making $90 million in 2011! Taylor Swift ranked second with $45 million grossed.  Also on the list was Katy Perry, Beyonce, and Rihanna.  It’s surprising that Rihanna isn’t higher on the list.

Kim Kardashian buying Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry

Sites speculate that Kim Kardashian dropped 65 thousand dollars on 3 bracelets that used to belong to Elizabeth Taylor.  Elizabeth passed away earlier this year on March 29, 2011 at the age of 79.  The auction of her jewelry received a total cost of $115 million!   Sources say Kim idolized Elizabeth so it is not very surprising that she spent so much money on just three bracelets.

Dr. Oz: Celebrity Doctor

In C. Wright Mill’s book The Power Elite, he breaks down the types of celebrities and the percentage they make of total celebrities (pg77). 

The Professional Celebrity = 30%
Metropolitan 400 = 12%
The New 400 = 58%
Scientists, Doctors, Educators = 7%

One example of the 7% including scientists and doctors is Dr. Drew.  He is a real life doctor who focuses on addictions.  He is mostly recognizeable from his show “Celebrity Rehab.”

Kim Kardashian: Professional Celebrity

Kim Kardashian can be thought of as a “professional celebrity”.  C. Wright Mills explains “one type of celebrity, is a professional of it, earning sizeable income not only from working in, but virtually living on, the mass media of communication and distraction” (p74).  On her show Keeping up with the Kardasians, Kim is always ranting about certain things the media says and trying to prove them wrong.  For example, on one episode, Kim was determined to prove to the public that her butt was real so she got an x-ray.  She is completely consumed in this “celebrity” life full of gossip. 

Top 3 Celebrity Fails of 2011

Kim Kardashian’s Wedding/Divorce
In my opinion, one of the biggest celebrity disaster stories is Kim Kardashian’s divorce to Kris Humphries.  They were only married 72 days and it is estimated that they spent a total of about $10 million.  The press has been having a field day with this event for various reasons.  One being that every single gossip magazine has a new story about it every issue.  For example, I have seen articles discussing how they were not even married because they both applying for annulment. Another big issue is that it has been rumored that they didn’t even spend any money one the wedding because of how much the couple made off the E! special premiere of the wedding, as well as clubs and spaces paying Kim to host her bachelorette party in specific venues.  People are speculating that they wedding was just a big hoax.  Honestly, I believe it would have helped if the two had never even gotten married.  Also, Kim never took control or has communicated efficiently why exactly they split. She fell silent as soon as word got out about the divorce.  This is definitely a downfall for Kris who is a professional player in the NBA as well as for Kim because the media will never let them forget it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Love Child
In May of 2011 it was revealed that Arnold Schwarzenegger has a “love child” with a former maid who worked at his house.  The mother’s name is Mildred Baena and gave birth to their son days after Arnold’s wife (now ex-wife), Maria Shriver gave birth to their youngest son Christopher in 1997.   Arnold and Mildred kept this a secret for 14 years before he came clean about the child.  However, it was only after Arnold left the California office that he confessed his secret.  It is interesting that he was the governor of California and loved by many, yet as soon as he leaves the office, this dark secret appears.  What’s even more interesting is that Arnold allowed Mildred to continue working in their home even after she and Maria were both pregnant at the same time with his children.  After 25 years of marriage, Arnold and Maria split.  This could have been managed better if Arnold had come clean when the issue had occurred over a decade ago.  It would have cost him his career in the California office but now he has lost his wife as well as part of his respect and reputation. 

Casey Anthony: Not Guilty
On July 5th 2011, Casey Anthony was found not guilty of first degree murder of her 2 year old daughter Caylee.  This verdict sent the public into an outrage.  There was over 33 days of testimony spent on this case, 400 pieces of evidence and over 90 witnesses set to prove Casey Anthony should be sent to death row, yet she walked free and is only facing charges of misleading law enforcement.  Public Relations tactics could have helped Casey’s situation come out better if they had handled it right.  One example could include a publicist working for Casey Anthony and her family suggesting there was a possibility she could walk free.  So many people were convinced she would be convicted, therefore making her one of the most disliked people in America when she was pronounced not guilty.


–Kate Anderson

Celebrity News Can be Good Too

The Royal Wedding
One of the most hyped up positive celebrity stories of 2011 was the Royal Wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William.  On Friday April 29th 2011, the couple wed at Westminster Abbey, in London.  It is impossible to find a source displaying the actual amount of viewers which tuned in to the event, but some estimates say close to 3 billion.  One way public relations tactics were used to make this happen was the idea of showing respect to the couple.  William is the son of Princess Diana who was killed, meaning a lot of the publicity did not want to offend him.  It is also stated that the palace has learned how to run tighter PR operations.  Releasing information to the media slowly kept the public hanging on for every detail.  These bits of information include the cost of the wedding, who designed Kate’s dress, what the royal carriage will look like, etc.  This discouraged the idea of the wedding being “too hyped up.”

Jennifer Aniston named “Sexiest Woman of All Time”
Men’s Health magazine has just named 42-year-old Jennifer Aniston as “Sexiest Woman of All Time.” This is definitely a positive statement for her considering she has dealt with such negative press for a while including her breakup with Brad Pitt and never ending pregnancy rumors.  In her defense, she has effective public relations tactics.  Never does one see her involved in any negative drama. It seems she lets the press say what they want but does not start an issue with them and the story eventually dies and is forgotten about. Jennifer is respected and admired by many, some claiming she is “America’s sweetheart.”  She is still one of the top ten people searched for on popular search engines such as Bing and Google.

JR Martinez wins Dancing with the Stars
JR Martinez won Dancing with the Stars this season with partner Karina Smirnoff. JR is an Iraq war veteran who was serving at age 19 as a Humvee driver when his left tire hit a landmine in April of 2003.  He has undergone 33 different surgeries and spent 34 months in the hospital for recovery while suffering severe burns to 40% of his body.  Since then he has gone on to do inspirational speaking including appearances on Oprah, 60 Minutes, CNN, etc. He has also acted on All My Children as a war veteran.  A successful public relations tactic JR has used is just being himself.  Although he experienced a life changing tragedy, he does not try to be something he is not.  In my opinion, that is a big reason why America fell in love with him on Dancing with the Stars.  Even though much of the public knows who he is, JR isn’t selfish and wants to help other who have experienced similar situations as he has. 

–Kate Anderson

Jersey Shore: Season 5?

The season premiere date of Jersey Shore has been released and is rumored to be January 5, 2012.  After spending their last season in Italy, the gang will return to the Shore in Seaside Heights this time.  It has been said this season includes drama between Snooki and the Situation, as well as Vinnie possibly leaving the show for good.

Dancing with the stars winner!

J.R. Martinez is the new winner of Dancing With the Stars: Season 13.  He had a little help from Karina Smirnoff who celebrated this as her first win of the show as well.  J.R. was previously a member of the United States Army as a Humvee driver until April 2003 when his front left tire hit a landmine.  He had spent 34 months in a hospital and has undergone 33 surgeries.  He has severe burns to more than 40 percent of his body.  After his recovery and before Dancing with the Stars, he has pursued motivational speaking as well as acting on ABC’s All My Children.

Who wore nothing better?

Jennifer Lopez showed off her incredible body during her performance at the 2011 American Movie Awards.  However, her nude body suit resembled an “outfit” Britney Spears had worn during her “Toxic” Music Video.  Did Jennifer purposely mean to copy Britney or was it by accident that the two were very related? One main and obvious different was that Britney’s jewels are all individually glued onto her body whereas Jennifer’s is an actual body suit.