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how technology has created PR 3.0

It has been said that the paper boy doing his morning run and the printed word has become obsolete in our technologically advanced society. Is there any information that you can’t get on the internet or on an iPhone? Moreover, as technology advances, public relations tactics must advance as well. It is safe to say that technology is the new outlet for PR professionals.

 Social media is a new trend that has shaped the way our generation communicates. The “Over the Fence” conversation with your neighbor has become obsolete because of social media. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter have shaken the world of PR. For example, breaking news is now communicated through a status update almost instantly. Sharing information on a website has never been easier than it is in this day and age. Social networking sites help promote businesses, organizations, and even help enhance and individual’s personal brand. In addition, social networking helps foster a two way conversation environment. Therefore, I think PR and Social Media are forever tied because of the social networking trend.


The technology will be a part of PR has to with accessibly. The internet, mobile phones, and various other devises make it possible for us to stay connected all the time. This gives PR professionals a very big job to do. PR people must stay on top of all media outlets. One of these major media outlets is the search engine GOOGLE. “Google-ling” information has become to easiest, quickest and most effective way to find information online. For PR professionals it now becomes easier to gather information, or look up news stories about a client or organization thanks to the search engine Google. Check out number four on the list of things that will change PR forever!

Technology will be a part of PR in the office as well. With the advancement of online pressrooms and virtual chat arena, such as Skype, it becomes easier for PR people from different countries to connect and share ideas. For example, press releases, news stories, client meetings, and story pitches can now be done face-to-face thousands of miles apart because of online press rooms, and sites like Skype.


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