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Too Much Power

“In them, the panic for status has become a professional craving: their very image of self is dependent upon publicity, and they need increasing doses of it”  – C. Wright Mills

Three days ago, a trade proposal was made between three teams in the NBA. It was the Las Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets, and New Orleans Hornets. It was a trade that would surely rock the NBA world and make the Las Angeles Lakers instant title contenders yet again. However, with an iron fist, Commissioner David Stern rejected the trade claiming it was better that some of the players stay where they are. This was a lot of money and a lot of talent that was going to be traded and suddenly the Commissioner felt the need to step in. This is too much power for one man and it is unhealthy for the NBA. Seeing how they just settled a long, painful lockout which eliminated a third of the season, it is not good for player and commissioner to not agree. This could lead to much more if further acts continue.


One response to “Too Much Power

  1. I dont like the fact that he vetoed the trade, although it was not a very fair trade i still do not think he should have that much power

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