Who said UGGs were Just for Girls?

C. Wright Mills once said, “It does not seem to matter what the man is very best at; so long as he has won out in competition over all the others, he is celebrated.”

He’s out-doing himself once again. New England Patriot’s all-star quarterback, Tom Brady, is accomplishing more than just throwing touchdowns. The 34 year-old Patriot is working with UGGs Australia to make MUGGs (UGG boots/slippers for men). You can imagine all the jokes and comments Brady received after the MUGGs commercial was aired, but Brady just shook it off. He was originally introduced to UGGs by his three sisters. Last Christmas Brady gave all his linemen UGGS, and “once they tried them on, any thoughts of jokes stopped,” stated Brady. His ultimate goal is to sell his male fans, “masculine, rugged footwear.”

When Reality Sets In

Reality shows are known to be exaggerated with drama to grab audience attention. Staged fights, fake drama and unreal situations are evident in reality shows that have become so popular today. But what happens when the fake reality becomes real? These actors imitating “real life” are still real people. Hollywood’s Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, Taylor Armstrong, lost her husband to suicide in August. Their real life pressures of marriage, celebrity and emotions led him to take his own life.

Famous for High School

You may have been hearing lately a lot about Kristin Cavallari, and her role on the hit TV show “Dancing with the Stars”. Having been recently dropped from the competition due to voting by fans, Kristin has come back with vicious remarks about the show, saying that if she had a more heartpulling backstory, she would have been pushed further in the competition. So what really is her story? As a teenager, she was part of a very popular reality TV show called “Laguna Beach” (and later small role on “The Hills”). If you look into her history, you can see that Kristin isn’t even famous for her talents or accomplishments – she is famous for her highschool drama. So what makes her think she even deserves to be on a Celebrity TV competition? Maybe its that quest for professional celebrity status that she has been vying for since 9th grade…



A Fabulous Weekend with Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has had a fantastic weekend spending time with her family, dinner at BOA Steakhouse, and modeling her new line of sunglasses. Every where she attends, she remains ravishing.  Her glamour will help bring esteem boosting admiration from her fans.

 “Every personal quality, and every blessing of fortune, is cherished in proportion to its capacity of gratifying this universal affection for the esteem, the sympathy, admiration and congratulations of the public”.

-C. Wright Mills

The Media makes the Celebrity

“they are the material for the media of communication and entertainment” (C. Wright Mills)

The jersey shore  cast have really made a name for themselves on their MTV hit show. These people were normal people until this show first aired and millions of people tuned into watch. They started a new phenomenon called “GTL” which everyone knows to stand for gym tanning laundry. They might act crazy, stupid, and inappropriate; but that is how they get noticed and roll in the money.

Sheen Takes Shot at Old Show

Charlie Sheen has recently criticized his old show “Two and a half Men”. Surprisingly he has not gone after his replacement Ashton Kutcher but the producers of the show.

“I’m extremely disappointed with how they’re handling what I left behind,” Sheen told an L.A. paparazzo.

Sheen had praised the premiere episode of this seasons show, but since then the ratings have been on a steady decline. Sheen isn’t exactly surprised. “People aren’t stupid,” he said. “Not all of them.”

Sheen probably has a big grin on his face knowing that the show is producing the same numbers as when he was on the show.

The Real Housewives: Cafe Society

“In cafe society, the major inhabitants of the world of the celebrity-the institutional elite, the metropolitan socialite, and the professional entertainer-mingle, publicly cashing in one another’s claims for prestige” (Mills). Cafe societies represent a group of people who like to be in the public eye. They live for the media to talk about their latest drama and relationships; they are the spotlight of publicity. Back in the early days these socialite’s lives were discussed in the social chroniclers and gossip columns, now we can find their lives played out for us on reality television. The Real Housewives series on BRAVO is a perfect example of the cafe societies of today.