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The Real Housewives: Cafe Society

“In cafe society, the major inhabitants of the world of the celebrity-the institutional elite, the metropolitan socialite, and the professional entertainer-mingle, publicly cashing in one another’s claims for prestige” (Mills). Cafe societies represent a group of people who like to be in the public eye. They live for the media to talk about their latest drama and relationships; they are the spotlight of publicity. Back in the early days these socialite’s lives were discussed in the social chroniclers and gossip columns, now we can find their lives played out for us on reality television. The Real Housewives series on BRAVO is a perfect example of the cafe societies of today.


2 responses to “The Real Housewives: Cafe Society

  1. Agreed. Had Mills lived to see it, I think he would have supported your thoughts on this.

  2. I just started watching this show, I’m asking for the other seasons for christmas! Although the show is good reality TV, the drama is unbelievable! This is a perfect example of cafe society

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