PR in My Mind


In my opinion Public Relations is a way for one individual to keep the public supportive or an organization or business of any kind. I feel that it is important that to work in PR you understand that there is a difference between lying and embellishment. I think that PR is a lot about embellishing in a positive way, and leaving out anything negative. It is not that you cannot say something has gone wrong but keep it coming from appositive view point. In the world of celebrity something like the disastrous divorce between Kim K and Kris Humphries I think that Kris Jenner did a great job of saying “Kim has to follow her heart” instead of saying things just didn’t work out. Or another example, if a company is losing a ton of money don’t say that, say we are looking for new ways to grow. I find it so important to STAY POSITIVE!!!


Celebrity: Crisis Managment 101

#1: Kim Kardashian and the Celebrity Marriage Disaster…. Kim’s short lived marriage way one of the biggest highlights in celebrity gossip in 2011. Still a relatively recent disaster after they split from their 72 day marriage many said that if Kim “married for love” she would have tried to make it work. Honestly I think that because of Kims rise in fame over the past few years, her wedding was over dramatized and the divorce even more so. She is caught in the public eye and she has no way out. Imagine the gossip that would happen if your average person divorced after 72 days…. There would be none. I am not saying that marriage can be taken lightly but really it’s no one’s business what Kim does and does not do.  The biggest PR tactic in this case would have been no broadcasted multimillion dollar wedding and no marriage falling apart on the latest episodes of KKTNY. But that’s what makes the Kardashians who they are, they share everything with the world, the gossip is the price you pay..

#2: Amy Winehouse 1983-2011…. Amy Winehouse passed away at a very young age of a drug over dose. It was incredibly unfortunate, such a beautiful and talented women. Although she was dead by the time gossip began the way she died cause much discrepancy. A suicide will always hit the news differently than an accidental or natural death. With that being said her family handled the situation with class and grace. The PR tactic for this one is perhaps you don’t commit suicide and in the case that it does happen, do all you can to COVER IT UP! On a more positive note, the recent release of Winehouse’s newest music has been a huge hit. It is awesome!

#3: Casey Anthony… after her two-year-old child Caylee who was reported missing in Orlando, Florida, in July 2008, and whose remains were found in a wooded area near her home in December 2008. Casey Marie Anthony was tried for the first degree murder of Caylee but was acquitted. She was, however, convicted of misdemeanor counts of lying to police officers. The drama surrounding this was incredible, everyone knew every detail. The day Casey was released from jail she feared for her life, as did her attorneys. With many agree followers Casey has tried to move on in life, but what a burden to carry. #1 PR tactic in this case is honesty. In this case there were a lot of lies and misconceptions. Lying only made this situation worse so sometime honesty is the best policy, but in PR that is surely not always the case!

Adam Levine tells FOX News how he really feels…

Levine of Maroon 5 has an interesting choice in words when tweeting to Fox News about playing his music on thier channel. Expressing his dislike for them to say the least. Tweeting “Dear Fox News, don’t play our music on your evil f–king channel ever again. Thank you,” Levine. Thanks for the thoughts Adam!

The Face of Harry Potter Lives on!

Many people were saddened as the end of the loved Harry Potter series can to a close. But his favorite fans cans till get a taste of him! Daniel Radcliffe stars in a new documentary titled When Harry Left Hogwarts, appearing on the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 DVD, takings a look back at the making of the final chapter and shows us more of why we all loved him.

Jess is bringing in the bucks for the Baby!

Jessica Simpson as many of us already know is yes, pregnant! She shares her exciting news on the cover of many magazines. E! Online shares that she really knows how to rake in the cash when it comes to this baby. She is holding out the sex of the baby for the highest big from a publication to reveal if it a boy or girl! Wondering how much she will make? I sure am!!

Lohans 10 year Plan

Lindsay Lohan once shared with us at age 20 that she has a 10 year plan. Well now 5 years into it shes not looking like those plans are going to happen. She shared she wanted a house, and marriage and a record that will win a Oscar…. Well she’s got the house and that’s about all she can say for herself. E! Online jokes that while she may not have the type of record that wins Oscars, she definitely has a record. Poor Linds!


No More Wedding Plans for these Two!

Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez recently put their wedding plans on hold. Now they’re not planning anything at all. Why you ask. They felt too much pressure coming in from the public. It has been over a year since we have seen the two on the infamous Bachelorette. The couple share we are still engaged and still living together just not walking down the aisle quite yet! An example of Mills “nation-wide hierarchies of power and wealth, it is expressed by nation wide means of mass communication.” These are just two ordinary people that ended up on TV. 

Lohan Heads Back to Jail

You got that right Lindsay Lohan is headed back to jail after her court appearance October 20 at 8 am. However by 8:20 no Lohan ment no-show and she then violated her parole. So off she goes back to jail. Lohan did eventually show up and lander herself only 16 in jail until they had the next appearance scheduled.

E! News Host Giulianna Rancic reveals she has breast cancer

At just 37 years old E! News host Giulianna Rancic reveals to the world on the Today show that she has early stage Breast Cancer. The finding was accidental, while trying for the 3rd time to have invitro fertilization and her doctor demanded a mammogram.  She has a very early stage cancer and was told that this will be treatable. Rancic under went a double lumpectomy. The surgery reportedly went well and Giulianna is “a trooper.” Keeping you in our prayers G! For those who dont understand Rancic’s reasons for going public.. “All those who succeed in America no matter what their circle of origin or thier sphere on action- are likely to become involved in the world of the celebrity”. Mills

Alec Baldwin Occupies Wall Street

Baldwin dropped by Occupy Wall Street Tuesday night in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park to lend his vocal support to the resistance movement protesting corporate greed. Here’s what he had to say to the “99 Percent.” He belives that it does not matter how much money someone is making if they are fighting for the same cause. He says this after being told he is worth $65 million and is clearly one of the 1%. Baldwin is supporting the 99% stating that he donates much of his money made to art charities.