PR isn’t just about taking people to lunch!

Every time I tell someone I’m a communications major, they always ask me what I’m planning on doing with my degree. My response is “I’m thinking about going in Public Relations”, than they respond by asking “What is Public Relations exactly?” Throughout my Intro to PR class I have learned that there is no universally accepted definition for public relations. Perhaps the reason why public relations has no universal definition is because it is so complex; no two PR jobs are exactly alike. Taking what I have learned from my intro to PR class, here is my own personal definition of public relations.

Public relations is about understanding people, and how they operate. PR professionals know people’s consumer habits, understand demographics, and can relate to the general public. Furthermore, public relations is about making a company look good by enhancing the company’s reputation in the eyes of their target audience. Because PR professionals job to “make people look good” they are often called then masters of “spin”.  (To “spin” a situation is to make people look at it in a more favorable light).  PR people are often employed during crises to recreate a company’s image, or to explain, the unexplainable. Public relations crisis management situations may include the BP oil spill, the President Clinton affair, and the Kardashian Divorce. Public relations people employed during a crisis have a goal to make the organization or individual look better in the eye of their target audience. Furthermore, PR people suggest campaigns  to these organizations in order to gain back the respect of the press, and key stakeholders.  For example, PR campaign  for the BP oil spill included BP making an “I’m Sorry Commercial”.

PR professionals themselves must be able to handle high stress situations, must be a good at multitasking/adapting to changing environments, an affective communicator, and must understand the public.  PR is perhaps one of the misunderstood and misinterpreted professions within the job market. Therefore, at its core, PR isn’t just able taking people to lunch, it’s about the “behind the scenes” reasons the public respect the company or individual the PR professional represents.


how technology has created PR 3.0

It has been said that the paper boy doing his morning run and the printed word has become obsolete in our technologically advanced society. Is there any information that you can’t get on the internet or on an iPhone? Moreover, as technology advances, public relations tactics must advance as well. It is safe to say that technology is the new outlet for PR professionals.

 Social media is a new trend that has shaped the way our generation communicates. The “Over the Fence” conversation with your neighbor has become obsolete because of social media. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter have shaken the world of PR. For example, breaking news is now communicated through a status update almost instantly. Sharing information on a website has never been easier than it is in this day and age. Social networking sites help promote businesses, organizations, and even help enhance and individual’s personal brand. In addition, social networking helps foster a two way conversation environment. Therefore, I think PR and Social Media are forever tied because of the social networking trend.


The technology will be a part of PR has to with accessibly. The internet, mobile phones, and various other devises make it possible for us to stay connected all the time. This gives PR professionals a very big job to do. PR people must stay on top of all media outlets. One of these major media outlets is the search engine GOOGLE. “Google-ling” information has become to easiest, quickest and most effective way to find information online. For PR professionals it now becomes easier to gather information, or look up news stories about a client or organization thanks to the search engine Google. Check out number four on the list of things that will change PR forever!

Technology will be a part of PR in the office as well. With the advancement of online pressrooms and virtual chat arena, such as Skype, it becomes easier for PR people from different countries to connect and share ideas. For example, press releases, news stories, client meetings, and story pitches can now be done face-to-face thousands of miles apart because of online press rooms, and sites like Skype.

Another Kardashian Post! YAY

“As personalities of national glamour, they are the focal point of all the means of entertainment and publicity”- C. Wright Mills


You can’t pick up a magazine, turn on the TV, or go in the internet without hearing something about the Kardashians. Look at this blog for example, the Kardashian posts out number those of any other celebrity by far! Between Kim’s wedding, Kendall’s modeling career, Kourtney’s baby, and Kim’s divorce (Plus multiple shows on E!) We are all having a hard time keeping up with the Kardashians. It wouldn’t be far stretched to call them the celebrities of the year.

…But we can’t look away

“Look so bizarre and so extreme that the truck drivers gasp but the ever-present cameraman will be bound to flash a bulb”- C. Wright Mills

Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga are two of the most outlandishly dressed celebrities in Hollywood. There is no worst dresses list these two haven’t been on. But even though their outfits confuse and sometimes scare us..we can’t ever look away and isn’t that what it’s all about?

America’s Sweetheart!

“The All American Girl-who whether she be a debutante or fashion model or professional entertainer sets the image of appearance and conduct which are imitated down the national hierarchy of glamour”- C. Wright Mills


Jennifer Aniston truly is the perfectly silly “All American Girl”. One of the most beloved celebrities of our time, Jen’s fans love reading about her rocky love life, and watching her latest chick flick.  From “Friends” to the Brad Pitt break-up, America always has Jen’s back! In addition, not only is Jen an amazing actress, but her haircut on “Friends” had girls everywhere requesting “The Rachel” to hair dressers world-wide. Jen  Aniston is the true image of an “All American Girl”.

Perez Hilton Knickerbocker?

” Gossip columnist who, in the world of celebrity, has replaced the well-bred man-about-twon and social hostest…they [gossip columnists] are quite ready to tell us who belongs to “The New 400”- C. Wright Mills

 Our modern day Cholly Knickerbocker, the most well-known celebrity gossip columnist of our time is Perez Hilton. Perez “tells it like it is” and doesn’t hold back. His blog is basically an exclusive who’s who of Hollywood celebrities.

Worlds Most famous Mouse

“Celebrities are The Names that need no further identification…Whereever the celebrities go, they are recognized”  C. Wright Mills

Mickey Mouse is Walt Disney’s finest animated creation, whether he is in costume at Disney World or on the big screen. Mickey is by far one of the world’s most recognizable celebrity symbols of childhood joy!



the cutest AMA correspondents ever

How could anyone forget Sophia Grace and her cousin Rosie after their viral performance of Nicki Minaj’s hit “Super Bass”? When the cousins appeared on the “Ellen Show” to meet their idol Nicki Minaj, the reaction of Sophia Grace tugged at the heart-strings of Americans everywhere.  Well the adorable british duo teamed up with Ellen again to make an appearance during the American Music Awards. Sophia Grace and Rosie had the very important job of being  red carpet correspondents for the “Ellen Show”. And of course, the celebs of the AMA’s were as charmed by them as the rest of the America.

The Muppets are back!

Celebrities in their own right, the muppets are making their way back to the big screen! Released on Nov, 23th 2011 the “Muppet Movie” brings all the crazy puppets back together again. Jason Segal (from “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”) co-wrote and co-stats in the “The Muppet Movie”.  The storyline of the film begins when Gary (Segal) invites his girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams) for a romantic getaway to Los Angeles, it’s only natural that he would invite Walter, his brother, along too: For as long as they both can remember, it’s been Walter’s dream to visit the Muppet Studios. However,when they get there, the building is falling apart and on the verge of falling into the hands of an unscrupulous oilman, Tex Richman (Chris Cooper). The only way to save it is to persuade Kermit to round up the old gang and put on a telethon: a comeback comedy special. The “Muppet Movie” brings all the muppets back together and back to life, so they can be enjoyed by a new generation.


We have a winner!

After a two-hour season finale, Dancing with the Stars has new champions! J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff won the coveted disco dance ball trophy, they are the 13th winners on Dancing with the Stars. Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke came in a close second place. In fact, both teams got perfect 30 out of 30 scores from the judges for their performances. The whole cast of Dancing with the Stars 13th season came back to dance, and to celebrate the victory of JR. and Karina.