The Future of PR

5) Offer three ways you think technology will be part of public relations work in the future. Is it going mobile? Virtual? In this response, account for the troubled state of newspapers and offer a few prediction about the PR jobs of the future

Today’s public relations is already much different than it was even a year ago. These days, almost everyone has a smart phone. With these devices, users can access the internet almost anywhere, whenever they want. It is of much more greater importance for organizations or individuals to maintain an online reputation, as this is how most individuals obtain information.

In the future, one way I believe technology will be a part of public relations is through mobile devices such as smart phones. Public Relations professionals will have to dedicate a lot more of their efforts to the online community rather than print or other traditional methods of communication.

Another method of communication that public relations representatives have to pay attention to his social networking. I can see social media platforms extending outside of the realm of Facebook or Twitter, and becoming a major part of the online community and public relations. Many online users look to social networking sites for more than just networking. They use them to find information about their favorite celebrities, get updates on news events, or find information. One article writes that, “PR professionals use social media every single day to get the word out about clients, to communicate with customers and to respond to questions or problems”. I can only see this trend continuing in the future.

Because public relations is trending to focus on an online community, it is likely that print newspapers and magazine will become obsolete. Already, magazine and newspapers have begun to provide their content in an online medium. Many household are actually stopping their newspaper subscriptions and get their information from the television or online news sources.


The Top Three Celebrity Disaster Stories

3) In about 300 words, pick the top three disaster celebrity stories of the year and explain how public relations tactics could have helped the celebrity or celebrities come out better off if they had handled it right.

A Wedding Doomed from the Start

One of the most widely recognized celebrity disasters this year was the Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries wedding. After only being married for days, the marriage was ended. Newspapers and magazines went crazy writing about this event, as the wedding had been all anyone had been talking about! The dream wedding was aired on television, and audiences were consumed by it. When the divorce was announced, the public relations representatives for Kim did not do a good job of covering her story. The news was posted everywhere, but nowhere did they give a reason behind the divorce. Kim is now recognized as materialistic and it is expected that the wedding, as well as the divorce, are just a big publicity stunt. If there had been more reasoning and insight from Kim herself, she may have a better reputation as a result.

Lindsay Headed Back to Jail

Lindsay is back in the courtroom after she has failed to comply with her probation, and has not met her community service sentence. Lindsay, once a cute childhood star has turned on a downward spiral for years. The media is always talking about her weight problems, drug suspicions, and unprofessional behavior. Public relations representatives should promote Lindsay’s positive behaviors in order to regain a positive reputation. News about her jail time and court hearing should be kept private if there is any hope of her coming back from these rough few years.

One and a Half Men?

Charlie Sheen has become an image of drugs, and scandal among television stars today. Recently, he lost his role on the hit show, Two and a Half Men. What amazed me, is that after all of the negative attention being drawn toward him, he has become even more popular. Sheen’s public relations representatives have taken negative, and made it recognized among the masses. Instead of monitoring and controlling what the media said about Sheen, it seems as though this image has been encouraged in the public. What should have been done, is monitor and control his image. By showing positive initiatives Sheen is taking, instead of negative ones would have bettered his image overall, and may have saved his reputation.


Crank Dat, Soulja Boy

After being pulled over by a cop for having one of the lights out on his vehicle, Soulja Boy had bigger problems. The cop smelled a strong marijuana odor coming from inside the SUV. Not only did they find plenty of marijuana, but also a gun hidden inside Soulja Boy’s briefcase. Five men have since been arrested and released after they posted bond.

There is More to Life than Lindsay Lohan’s Teeth

Lohan’s representative, Steve Honig, seems to be becoming frustrated with all of the rumors and trash talk regarding Lindsay. Recently, a close up shot of the actress’s face become the spotlight due to the yellow staining on them. Conversations regarding ciggarettes and her “love of red wine” sparked, and her rep has had enough. Honig says “There are so many more important issues the media should be focusing on, such as homelessness, lack of funding for public education and relations between America and its allies”. He is right. Why does everyone care so much about Lindsay’s teeth? There are bigger issues out there. Where are the priorities!?

Shia Labeouf is a Fighter

Shia Labeouf is in Vancouver filming “The Company You Keep”, however last week Shia took a little break and ended up in a fist fight. He had been kicked out of a bar called Cinema Public House. He was knocked to the ground and punched repeatedely by a shirtless man on a sidewalk. This is not uncommon for Shia, as in February he was involved in a similar occurrence. The child star has grown up to hold a reputation for bar fighting.

Igniting the Fire between Lauren Conrad and Derek Hough

Rumours of fashion idol and former Hills star, Lauren Conrad, and Dancing with The Stars professional, Derek Hough dating have sparked once again. The two were seen very close at L.A’s Trousdale Lounge, even kissing on the dance floor! Weeks ago, Hough and Conrad were spotted holding hands together, but when asked, Hough would not address the topic. Could the two now be dating publicly?

Rainn Wilson Supports Education in Developing Countries

The goofy star of the “The Office”, Rainn Wilson (Dwight Shrute), spends time visiting developing countries. He works with the Mona Foundation as well as the Planting Peace Foundation to support education as well as deworm children in Haiti. In an interview, Wilson states ” I think that charity is a tricky thing, because a lot of times, people equate charity with handouts. I don’t believe in handouts. I do believe in education”.

Demi Moore Goes Solo

On October 17th, Demi Moore attended the premier event for her new movie Margin Call, without the company of her husband, Ashton Kutcher. After pictures surfaced of Ashton Kutcher at a party, rumours began to spread the Kutcher was cheating on Moore. The buzz regarding their troubled marriage did not stop her from attending the premier solo. She wore a beautiful Zac Posen dress that she tweeted about later, after the event! Let’s see if Ashton shows up to the next event!

Selena Gomez in “Extreme Fear”

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were the news not too long ago when they confirmed that they were dating. Recently, Selena has a more serious topic of interest running through the headlines. She is being stalked and having her life threatened by 46-year-old Thomas Brodnicki. Brodnicki has followed her to work, and telling people he is going to kill her. Selena claims to be extremely frightened. LAPD is taking the case very seriously and keeping a close eye on him.

Lindsay Lohan Headed to Jail

Lindsay Lohan could be in jail by next week. She has failed to meet the the judge of her probation case’s orders by not seeing a psychologist at least once a week. Lindsay has also been kicked out of her community service site, the Downtown Women’s Center, for failing to show up. As of now, she has completed 21 hours of service…leaving 339 to be finished by May 2012. Next week at her hearing with Judge Sautner could be the last straw for Lindsay.