It’s not the content – It’s how you present it!

Public relations is defined as the actions of a corporation, store, government, individual, etc., in promoting goodwill between itself and the public, the community, employees, customers, etc.

I think this is a good definition of public relations because it’s what I think public relations is all about.  Public relations to me is knowing how to communicate with the public. Whether it be for a corporation, a celebrity, or yourself you need to be able to communicate the beliefs and “news” of whatever you are representing.  I believe publicity is a type of public relations because with publicity whether it’s good or bad it’s out there, and you need to be able to communicate the good and resolve the bad before it takes a toll on whatever you are representing.

Also another aspect of public relations is social media.  Social media has grown tremendously because of the internet and it is now the quickest way for word to spread about a corporation or celebrity.


Celebrity = Money, Money = Power

In my point of view I would say that yes celebrity does equal power.  The reason I would say this is because celebrities are (typically) rich, well known people.  This people are paid to advertise for companies.  I say they equal power because in today’s society money equals power.  The people and corporations tend to be the most powerful and the most respected (in a way), especially when it comes to the law.  When a powerful company is found doing something unlawful they are fined but how much does that affect a multibillion corporation.  Also, if they are being sued, the more money they throw into the case the more likely the person suing will have to settle or drop the case because they don’t have the money.

So for celebrities the more popular you are the more power you have.  Forbes actually has an article titled, List of 100 most powerful and best paid celebrities, this shows the top 100 celebrities with the highest pay and the most influence and power, number one being Oprah Winfrey.  However, 2011s’ list shows Lady Gaga passing Oprah Winfrey for the number one most powerful celebrity.  Even the list shows how much money these celebrities are making.  Which proves even Forbes agrees that money = power.

The Public’s Idea of Proper Attire

The appearance that is linked with a certain celebrity’s position can affect how the public expects them to look.  For example, Duchess Catherine is known for being the Duchess/Princess that just entered into the royal family in April.  Her appearance is thought of by the public to always be radiant and elegant.  But when she showed up for a charity program called the Artroom in a local school.  The children were disappointed when the Duchess showed up in jeans and a shirt rather than her well known elegant dresses.

“Their appearance value and their skill combined into what is known as A Personality” – C. Wright Mills

What Negative Publicity Can Do!

After the 72 day marriage the couple decided to go their separate ways.  This short lived marriage brings many questions and with them a lot of bad press.  Both celebrities have been laying it low after the divorce but are now getting nasty.  Kris is said to be suing Kim for $10 million due to his role in the series Kourtney and Kim Take New York.

Their Own Puesdo Event?

The alleged Kim and Kris wedding rumors are being to dwindle down and make sense.  The wedding has been rumored to be an event for the mere publicity exposure the Kardashians are so well known for.

The Columbus dispatch writes:

“The wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries was nothing but a ‘hoax and a publicity stunt,’ several ‘well-placed’ sources told Radar Online. The E! network supposedly shopped around for a New York-area athlete to join her in a relationship and on a reality show. ‘It was pretty much an arranged marriage right from the start,’ a source said. ‘Kim was looking for a husband, and Kris was selected for her amongst others (including former New York Knicks basketball player Danilo Gallinari, who reportedly turned her down). She wasn’t really into him (Humphries), but she hoped she would be able to develop some feelings — but it never happened.’ Another source said: ‘It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if Kim and Kris managed to ‘reunite’ and the divorce filing gets brushed aside as they go to counseling and couples therapy. Basically, Kim will do anything and everything for the maximum amount of attention and TV time.’ Friends of Humphries said he went into full Hollywood mode during the past week, talking about “branding” his name with nightclub appearances, a cologne and the like. The last straw for Kardashian, a friend told, came during the weekend when he hired a publicist.”

Duchess Catherine Not Your Everyday Celebrity

Duchess Catherine turns down Vogue’s request for her to be on the cover of spread because “Both William and Kate feel it would be wrong for Kate to promote herself as a fashion or style icon. That’s not what they are about and they take their royal duties far too seriously for that.”

“But their very use by advertising media and fashion industry revealed the ambiguity of their ‘social distinction.'” – C. Wright Mills


Duchess Catherine Reaches Out

Duchess Catherine is truly a celebrity that interact with the public.  After reading a letter written by a nine year old cancer patient the Duchess was so touched that she replied back to the little boy.

“Despite your enormous, demanding course of treatment. I was so touched by your strength of character. I will keep my fingers crossed that your health goes from strength to strength.

This must be a troubling time for you, your parents and sisters, but I left the Royal Marsden assured by how incredibly talented, kind and clever the team are.

Keep up the good work on the blog and in the meantime I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.”