Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels

"I don't like being famous."

In any New York night club on a big night at the time of the two-o’clock show her current model can be found: with the doll face and the swank body starved down for the camera, a rather thin, ganted girl with the wan smile, the bored gaze, and often the slightly opened mouth, over which the tongue occasionally slides to insure the highlights. She seems, in fact, always to be practicing for those high, nervous moments when the lens is actually there.
– C. Wright Mills

GE: The Multi-National National Corporation

The position held in the national corporation has become a major basis for status claims. The corporation is now the organized power center of the propertied classes; the owning and managerial elites of the big-city upper class, as well as members of local society, now tend to look to the corporation in claiming and in assigning prestige to one another, and from it they derive many of the status privileges they enjoy. Inside the corporation and outside it among other corporate worlds as well as in the country at large, they gain the prestige of their positions. – C. Wright Mills

Unconquerable Eroticism

This is the queen-the all-American girl- who, whether she be debutante or fashion model or professional entertainer, sets the images of appearance and conduct which are imitated down the national heirarchy of glamour, to the girls carefully trained and selected for the commercial display of erotic promise, as well as to the young wife in the kitchen.  – C. Wright Mills