Jersey shore… why do we care?

“They are celebrated because they are displayed as celebrities. If they are not thus celebrated, in due time – often very short – they lose their jobs.” – C. Wright Mills

If you look at today’s entertainment industry and compare it with that of the entertainment industry 20 years ago… you will see two completely different worlds.  One such show that dare I say defines our generation as far as entertainment is the gang from The Jersey Shore.  So, why must they remain in the spotlight?  Well… think about it… they have a lot on the line.  The Jersey Shore gang, as well as many other celebrities, strive to maintain that media attention, no matter what the opinions of them are in the media, because if they don’t have that spotlight on them… their careers are over.

Wait, Celebrities are Humans?

“I hope I wake up at like, 94 pounds”, Melissa McCarthy, star of Bridesmaids comments about her body.

The plus sized actress who just successfully launched her new plus size line shares the same wish as many teenagers and women everywhere.  McCarthy commented that she knew weight loss was possible she just doesn’t want to waste time worrying about it all of the time.

My first reaction to this article posted on, was shock that the woman that just created a plus sized line would be wishing something so drastic.  After thinking about the topic more, I realized something: celebrities are humans too.  They have imperfections, things they wish they can could change, and differences they would love to see.

How many times do you look in the mirror and think “I’d love it if I was ______________” well it looks like you’re not the only one. Loving yourself is incredibly important but some days are just harder than others.   Thank you Melissa McCarthy for being honest, and real.

People are H8ing on Miley

Popstar Miley Cyrus has had yet another controversial photshoot, this time for the NOH8 campaign, which protests California Proposition 8 (eliminates the right for same sex couples to get married). Miley posed with her signiture peace signs and in a sheer shirt.

This is all happening right after Miley addmitted that she smokes “way too much weed.” But people are wondering if this statement was her just being a practical joker, making jabs at her Salvia scandal, or if she’s actually a pot-head. But either or, it seems Miley loves the attention.

Don’t Fade Into the Background – Stand Out

According to C. Wright Mills, “If the members of the 400 do not become part of this national system, they must withdraw into quiet local islands, living in another dimension that that of industrial and political power. Those who would now claim prestige in America must join the world of the celebrity or fade from the national scene.”

The Hilton family has been a family of wealth for decades but the Hilton daughters, Paris and Nicky, have taken their celebrity status to the next level triumphing the fashion, acting and socialite world. They are successfully keeping their elite family status from fading into the background.

When in Doubt: ‘Look to the Stars’!

Celebrities are often recognized for their new movie, or hit song, or personal accomplishment.  Their ‘celeb’ status gives them an appeal to the public that can be used for good or for evil.  Celebrities have been caught making poor decisions and scandals, however sometimes celebrities are also caught doing charity work.

As we have discussed in our COMM 270 class celebrity endorsements can greatly help a company.   When a celebrity makes a donation or helps out a not for profit, that communicates to the public that it is a worthwhile cause.

A great place to catch celebrities helping the community is on  This website highlights many different charities that celebrities are involved in.  The top causes include: children, health, education, risk/disadvantaged youths, and homelessness.   The top charities are UNICEF, Red Cross, PETA, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Save the Children, Oxfam, Feeding America, and The Art of Elysium.  The top celebrities featured on the website are Annie Lennox, Elton John, Bono, Bill Clinton, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, and Ellen DeGeneres.

For more information on these celebrities and their causes visit:!


Jennifer Nettles is ‘Stuck Like Glue’

Jennifer Nettles, the lead singer of Sugarland is officially ‘stuck like glue’ to husband Justin Miller.  The couple was wed on Saturday, November 26th in Tennessee.  The small, gathering was attended by close friends and family.  Miller and Nettles have been dating for more than two years.   Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Another Case. Another Fire.

                 In wake of recent child sex abuse allegations, another college coach has lost his job. Bernie Fine, long-time Syracuse assistant men’s basketball coach has been fired. Fine was placed on administrative leave by the university in light of the first two allegations being investigated by Syracuse police. However, recently a third victim has come forth with charges against Fine. This is the second major college Child Sex Abuse case this year and it is hard to believe that there could even more cases on the horizon as these unspeakable truths come out.

Gaga Goes Bigger!

We thought we have seen it all from Lady Gaga, between her incredible spectacles on stage to her beat raging lyrics.  Well, turns out we haven’t seen anything yet.  Lady Gaga wrapped up her Monster Ball tour, she is working on her new album, which will be released, and with a pretty obvious theme: all of her songs are going to reflect the idea of being “born this way”.  Gaga has been quoted saying that her next tour will be stepping it up a notch and bigger and better than we have ever seen.  Gaga said, expect it to be exaggerated and dark.  Gaga’s current success continues to sore, she is up for 3 Grammy’s, she just dropped her latest video “Marry the Night”, and has begun work on her next album.  The country is still goo goo for Gaga.


Rob takes a close second

Even though J.R. Martinez won the title of the champion of Dancing with the Stars, Rob Kardashian came in a close second place. With both of the competitors getting 30 out of 30 for their second dance, judge Carrie Anne Inaba said “To get a 10 you have to really blow us away . . . consider me blown.”

His family was proud of him regardless of what place he took. His mom, Kris Jenner, said this was one of the best things that has ever happened to him, stating that “He has grown up in so may ways.”

Jersey Shore: Season 5?

The season premiere date of Jersey Shore has been released and is rumored to be January 5, 2012.  After spending their last season in Italy, the gang will return to the Shore in Seaside Heights this time.  It has been said this season includes drama between Snooki and the Situation, as well as Vinnie possibly leaving the show for good.