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Who said UGGs were Just for Girls?

C. Wright Mills once said, “It does not seem to matter what the man is very best at; so long as he has won out in competition over all the others, he is celebrated.”

He’s out-doing himself once again. New England Patriot’s all-star quarterback, Tom Brady, is accomplishing more than just throwing touchdowns. The 34 year-old Patriot is working with UGGs Australia to make MUGGs (UGG boots/slippers for men). You can imagine all the jokes and comments Brady received after the MUGGs commercial was aired, but Brady just shook it off. He was originally introduced to UGGs by his three sisters. Last Christmas Brady gave all his linemen UGGS, and “once they tried them on, any thoughts of jokes stopped,” stated Brady. His ultimate goal is to sell his male fans, “masculine, rugged footwear.”


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2 responses to “Who said UGGs were Just for Girls?

  1. No guy should be ashamed! What’s the difference between the LL Bean mocs all the guys wear and UGGs? Just the name! They’re so comfy, all guys should hop on board!

  2. Tom Brady is still the man with or without Uggs lol

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