2011: A Year of Disaster

Top Negative Celeb Stories

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Wedding disaster

Was this just one big publicity stunt worth $10 million, you would think so after just 72 days of marriage Kim K filed for divorce. This wedding special shown on E captured viewers as well as all the fluffy stuff leading up to the wedding, such as the magazine articles, their television show, and the constant buzz surrounding the big day like on Twitter. Kris and Kim haven’t really addressed the issue or the reason behind why this happened, and I think for the public to understand they need to speak out.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen between his drugs, love for many women, and his loud vulgar mouth is pretty much a loser. That is why I find it ironic he thought he was “winning”! After the radio interview where he went after his boss of the famous show Two and a Half Men, Chuck Lorre, he was then kicked off the show and Ashton Kutcher replaced him. Even though he is such a fool, he really made a name for himself.  If there had been a better spokesperson on his behalf, or if he could give a normal interview without digging himself into a deeper hole, and if he admits to his problem, stays in rehab, and changes for the better, than people’s opinions on him could possibly change.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Love Child

 In May 2011 it was announced that the California Governor had a love child with his former housekeeper Patty Baena. Baena was working at the couple’s house while pregnant with Schwarzenegger’s child, at the same time Shriver was also pregnant with his son. During an interview with ABC News at the height of the 2003 recall campaign Schwarzenegger denied them all alligations and rumors involving other women. It would have been in his best interest to come clean in the beginning because honesty is always the best policy, but in politics we all know it doesn’t work that way.

2011: A Year of Celebration

Top Positive Celeb Stories

Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding of William and Kate on April 29th, 2011 was a historical event that people did not want to miss. Everyone could not wait to see what designer Kate, who had become a fashion icon,  would be wearing, and also Prince William finding his happy ending.  This wedding generated so much buzz, but the media was very respectable for the most part about the event and there really wasn’t much negative to be said. The Palace leaked details slowly to the media but with careful consideration, and I think it was successful with billions of viewers tuning in to such a terrific moment.

Beyoncé is pregnant

She is such a likeable person, and I think everyone was thrilled and so happy for her when she announced her and hip hop husband Jay-Z were having a baby. She choose to reveal the belly at MTV VMAs in a respectable manner, and has been very open about it ever since. I think this is smart of her to be open about it to shut down all the media with crazy rumors. She understands how to be a celebrity without all the drama.

J.R. Martinez wins DWTS

Iraq war veteran gave hope and inspiration to burn victims to keep their heads held high, and they should be proud of their scars when he won Dancing WithThe Stars. When he was 19 in Iraq, his truck ran over a landmine and it left intense burns on more than 40% of his body. He also spent a couple years in a hospital and underwent 33 surgeries. He is a true role model and motivator, and the show wasn’t about star power for him, but rather a statement saying I was able to overcome that and become a stronger person. 

XOXO Gossip Girl

Maury Paul was the first  journalist to write under the byline of Cholly Knickerbocker as society editor and writer of a syndicated daily gossip column. The column discussed the lives of the metrapolitan 400 or social elite of New York City. This history can be seen today on the CW’s hit television show Gossip Girl.

” Its members often seem to live for the exhibitionist mention of their doings and relations by social chroniclers and gossip columnists” (C. Wright Mills)

Kate Middleton: More than Royalty

“Members of the power elite are celebrated because of the positions they occupy” (C. Wright Mills)

She recently became royalty after marrying Prince William and became the Dutchess of Cambridge, but she also became an icon in the world of fashion. With her hats, and classy/sophisticated but modern clothing style, Kate is looked at as a trendsetter to some, but just a follower to others. Is she just influential to us because she is well liked and in the public eye?

Lady Gaga: Bullying is a Hate Crime

“Bullying must become illegal”

A boy named Jamey Rodemeyer at the age of 14 from Buffalo, Ny could not handle the constant bullying anymore and ended his life. Gaga, one of the most influential celebrities of today, was really affected after hearing this story and got angry. She plans to meet with President Obama because bullying needs to be put to rest!

Quasars: The Silent Celebrities

Victims of media who gain importance due to news attention. The public memory of a quasar no longer reflects the true self; their identities are brazenly linked to painful events” (Kyle F. Reinson)

Natalee Holloway

“They are the object of attention and celebrity even as they do not seek fame”




Amanda Knox

A big loss to the world: iSad

Steve Jobs, entrepreneur and inventor

Founder and creator of Apple and Pixar loses his battle to cancer

“The most compelling reason for most people to buy a computer for the home will be to link it into a nationwide communications network. We’re just in the beginning stages of what will be a truly remarkable breakthrough for most people–as remarkable as the telephone.”

You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”


Politicians : Public Figures Compete for Attention

“on national levels, they are carefully groomed and coached for the TV camera” (C. Wright Mills)

It is important for President Obama and other political leaders to have successful television appearances and deliver great speeches because they really need to capture the people of America’s attention and inspire them for the good of our country.