Will Khloe survive in Dallas?

Kardashian’s hubby Lamar Odom was traded by the Lakers this weekend to the Dallas Mavericks for $8.9 million. Many have criticized Odom for mixing Sport and Entertainment as he starred in the couples E! show “Khloe and Lamar” this past year. Kobe Bryant had many positive things to say about him: “You’re talking about the sixth man of the year last year,” Bryant said of Odom. “He played lights-out. I don’t understand the criticism of reality shows and this. I don’t get that. He had his best season last year, clearly wasn’t a distraction, played his (rear) off. I don’t get where that comes from.” Many were joking on social networks that the Kardashians were the reason the deal was on hold when it was first revealed Thursday. Khloe tells a Twitter follower, “”We are all sad but positive energy gets you farther then negative”.  Can a Kardashian thrive anywhere other than LA or NYC!? Looks like we will find out!

QBs Take Position on Tebow

Many scrambling quarterbacks who are done playing in the NFL have been weighing in on Tim Tebow. Some believe that he can continue to play in the NFL and some do not think he will be able to get it done in the long run. Guys like Joe Theismann do not think Tebow will last and tell us to enjoy watching him while we can. Others like Randall Cunningham say that all he looks at is the win-lose column and that so far he’s pleased with Tebow’s performance there. The debate continues.

Tiger back on track

“In America, this system is carried to the point where a man who can knock a small white ball into a series of holes in the ground with more efficiency and skill than anyone else there-by gains social access to the President of the United States.” -C. Wright Mills (74)

In the case of Tiger Woods this could not be more true. The man who for many years was the top golfer in the world, until he hit rock bottom with a scandal. Which of course, was broadcasted all over the world on many venues and virtually all news stations, just because he is the Tiger Woods. But now that his scandal has faded, he is out to be back on top of the golfing world once again. Will he grace the covers of Golf Digest with President Obama again this January?

The Bronco’s Limited Yet Unstoppable Quarterback

Everyone keeps pointing to his mechanical and skill flaws, yet the man keeps winning games. Everyone keeps saying he can’t throw the ball or play the position, yet he has led his team to a 4-1 record over the last five games. Everyone says he is limited, yet he is unstoppable. Winning four out of five for a team that was 1-4 before he was the starter is hard to argue. People will continue to critique, but Tebow will continue to just play. His recent win over the Jets attests to that.

Fame Comes in Many Names

The word celebrity is commonly tossed around these days, labeling actors, athletes, politicians, businesspeople, and more.  The word celebrity encompasses so many different professions it more so gives hope then desensitizes the stature of being named one.  Forbes recent list of the World’s Most Powerful People 2011 included names like Barack Obama, Dalai Lama, Mark Zuckerberg, Pope Benedict XVI, and Bill Gates.  The positions these well known people hold are much more attainable for the common people then that of top athlete or million dollar actor/actress, leaving the question of who do we know now that everyone will know later?

Ask and They Shall Answer, via Twitter

The NBA lockout continues and the NBA superstars continue to be bored.  Many have turned to playing pick up basketball games, taking part time jobs, or signing contracts overseas.  But some are just working out and making random appearances.  Follow the stars on Twitter and you will see many tweeting about other sports and news.  Or if you are lucky with your timing you may find Kevin Durant looking for a flag football game, and then sign on as your new Quarterback/Wide Receiver.

Tim Tebow Not Pretty, But Gets the W

Even if it wasn’t pretty, Tim Tebow once again led the Denver Broncos to a victory. Playing the Kansas City Chiefs this past week, Tebow only threw eight passes, and only completed two of them but still led his team to victory. The Broncos ran the ball fifty five times this past week, the most for one team all season. Once again, despite his many detractors, Tebow continues to accumulate stats in the most important place, the win column.

Chiefs Know They Must Stop Tebow

The Kansas City Chiefs know they must stop Tebow this week. The Broncos are only one game behind the Chiefs thanks to a resurgence of the Broncos powered by Tebow. The Broncos have changed to a sort of option style offense now that Tebow has been the starter. The offense looked ugly in a loss against the Detroit Lions, but last week against the Oakland Raiders, Tebow looked like he was back in his days at Florida.

The new Shaun T?

Does Shaun T have some new competition? Well, if you call a 10 year-old “work-out guru,” competition, then yes. CJ Senter has taken pride in working out half of his life, and now he is sharing his secrets with his fellow elementary friends across the country. Senter has his own work out videos and is becoming a heroic figure to many elementary schoolers. “You can go outside and have fun, but some kids, they’ll just go outside for like 10 minutes and come back in,” C.J. said. “But if you just do a workout, your body will sweat more. The boy knows what he’s talking about, I mean he’s ten years-old and already has a six pack…something that most adults don’t even have.

No Comeback For Tim Tebow

There was no comeback for Denver quarterback Tim Tebow this week. Denver got off to a horrible start and their defense gave up 45 points. The offense under the direction of Tebow looked horribly inept and couldn’t get anything going. The only points the offense could score under Tebow came when the game was more than out of reach. This doesn’t bode well for Tebow but he will still be starting next week.