Top Three Celebrity Fails

This past year has brought the public many stories of heartwarming, glorifying moments for celebrities whether there were births, weddings, or awards shows. However, as those paying attention to the celebrity world may have noticed, not every celebrity has had a good year. They entertain us constantly with their different forms of work (movies, books, songs, etc) but sometimes what entertains the public most is the downfall of the celebrities whom are up on the highest pedestals.

The first celebrity mess is Tiger Woods – with his infamous sex crazed cheating ways. Having nothing to do with his golf career, infamous golfer Tiger had a rough year in 2010 after the world (and his wife) found out about his infidelity with at least three women. At one point America’s favorite golfer, Tiger has recently been losing all of his big tour games, putting his record in the dumps. At first, I thought that this scandal had happened this year, but it only seemed like that because the fallout from his infidelity is still happening. If I had been his public relations advisor, I would first and foremost have not let this information get out, or at least have divulged all the information as soon as the story broke. The headlines kept coming as more and more information came out to the public every week, and if the info had been released at the beginning all at once, it would have been in the news for a couple weeks tops, then been replaced by the latest Lindsey Lohan scandal.

Which brings me to my next celebrity having a rough year – Miss Lindsey Lohan. Lindsey has done it all this year – from drugs, to jail (at the same time as her father), the morgue, and most recently, the Playboy leak. Throughout her life, Lohan has reportedly been arrested at least nine times, and spent countless time in jail and rehab. Also within the last week, Lindsey’s much anticipated Playboy cover and editorial was leaked online and forced into early print by Hugh Hefner. Whether this was planned or not, this was a good pr strategy for Lindsey because it got her name circulating for at least a few days. However, if I were working for the public relations of Lohan, my first and main step would be to clean her up and get her off drugs. I wouldn’t represent someone that messed up, but also she needs to return to her childhood status of America’s Sweetheart. Right now, her image is that of a coked up spoiled brat – not exactly a public relations dream.

Finally, another celebrity that has had a rough year is Kim Kardashian. Many would have thought that after a glamorous and high yielding wedding to the man that seemed to be her other half, she would be in the category with the celebrities having fantastic year. However, after only 72 days of marriage, Kim filed for divorce from Kris Humphries. The backlash and outrage that followed was a public relations nightmare. Many believe that the whole wedding was a fraud, just a publicity stunt used to gain money and publicity for Kim. Had I been covering this as a public relations expert, I would have made sure they at least tried to work on their marriage a little while longer. Even if it was hopeless, I would have made them go to counseling and such just to show the public that they gave the marriage a try.

Be Your Own Public Relations Specialist: Your Own Personal Definition

In today’s world of mass communication, there are many definitions out there for the term “public relations”. One popular definition found online is “the professional maintenance of a favorable public image by a company or other organization or a famous person”. I support this definition being a part of public relations, but I do not believe that it covers the whole subject. Yes, the professional side of public relations relates only to the professional image of companies or celebrities, but in my opinion, it can also be applied to common people like us. By going out into the world everyday dressed nicely, doing good work at our jobs, and carrying ourselves in a decent way is a way of promoting our public image. Why can’t the everyday person have a public relations campaign for themselves? Maybe it is something common like New Year’s Resolutions to drop weight or not gossip, or maybe it is a lifelong goal of finding a partner or donating your life to charity.


 By doing these things, you are not only making yourself a better person, but you are improving the image the public sees of you and the way they perceive you. Much like a celebrity attends a book signing, you attending an office work party can boost the way your coworkers or boss sees you. Like a company hosts a gala for the promotion of a new product, you may host a housewarming party to show off a new house purchase or renovations you have completed. There are many ways each individual is their own personal public relations specialist, throughout every day. Without even realizing it most of the time, people are constantly working to promote their own personal brand and strengthen the image the public around them perceives. There are many definitions of public relations, but not to be forgotten is the definition that each person holds for themselves.

Playboy Helps Lohan Get Out of Jail time

Lindsay Lohan went to court recently, and was sentenced to more jail time. She admitted to the judge that she violated her probation, and was given 30 days in LA County Jail. Normally, due to good behavior she would be spending about six days in jail. However, apparently it is part of law precedent that if a person has a photoshoot for Playboy Magazine, they are entitled to get out of jail time. Due to this phootshoot, it looks like Lindsay will spend all of half a day at most in the jail. Fair? …Doesn’t seem like it.

Glee Star’s Tragedy

One of the stars of Glee has faced tragedy recently. Singer/Actress Charice Pempengco’s father was stabbed to death with an ice pick on Thursday. The story hit the news quickly after the incident, becoming a national news story, and a trending topic on many social media websites. Yes, it is a tragic and sad event that should never have happened, but is it worldwide newsworthy? Seems like this wouldn’t be a main story in the world had it not been for his estranged daughter being a singer/actress on a hit tv show known around the world.

Lindsay’s New Teeth

As if she hasn’t been in the press enough lately, Lindsay Lohan is back. After pictures of her teeth have shown them to be yellowing and misshapen, Lindsay went into the dentists recently to get some extensive work done. This work comes following the announcement of her million dollar Playboy photo shoot, and community service stunts at the Morgue. Such drastic differences make followers wonder if the changes were to cover up extensive drug use, or just another publicity stunt?

Blindsided By Divorce

Though he knew things were rocky with his new wife, Kim Kardashian’s husband of only 72 days had no idea she had filed for divorce-until he saw it on a TMZ post. Kris Humphries issued a statement later Monday saying “I love my wife and I am devastated to learn she has filed for divorce”. Many rumors are now flying that the whole wedding was a publicity stunt, used to draw ratings, money, and fame. It has been confirmed that her highly aired special “Kim’s Fairytale Wedding” has netted 17.9 million for the wedding – shocking that they actually made money off of the lavish ceremony and festivities.

Baby #17

What a better way to be a professional celebrity than marrying a bunch of women –  that’s Kody Brown’s perspective. Brown, a famous polygamist and star of the reality show “Sister Wives”, has only been married to his fourth wife Robyn for a year but they have just recently welcomed a baby boy named Soloman into the world. This will be Kody’s 17th child, and sure to bring much more news and publicity for this professional celebrity “family”.


Celebrity Dad

Michael Lohan has been getting himself in a lot of trouble lately… two arrests in little more than twelve hours. Michael, father of troubled star Lindsey Lohan, is apparently the parent giving Lindsey all the law-breaking tips. On Wednesday, Michael was arrested for domestic violence against his girlfriend tabloid journalist Kate Major. After being held in jail for a matter of hours, he was released on bail with the judges orders to stay away from Major. He then proceeded to harass Kate Major over the telephone, and when she reported this to officals, they immediately came to the hotel he was staying at. Upon seeing police, Michael jumped off the third story balcony and into a tree just before he was arrested for the second time. This is all happening while his daughter Lindsey is in hot water over her court-ordered community service problems. A good father supporting his daughter? Seems more like a self-obsessed professional celebrity wannabe.

Gaddafi So Vain

It looks like dictators are vain too – Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi (who has recently been killed) has been confirmed to have undergone plastic surgery while in power. In efforts to look younger, Gaddafi had his plastic surgeon remove fat from his belly, and inject it into his face to remove some of the wrinkles. He also regularly got hair plugs in order to maintain his famous mane. Gaddafi’s reasoning for these changes were a ploy to attract younger followers. He felt after being in power 25 years, younger Libyans were less and less likely to follow him the older he appeared. He felt his power hinged on the idea that he embodied strength, and he didn’t want people to start viewing him as a weak old man. Just goes to show, you don’t have to be a NYC housewife, or Hollywood starlet inorder to get some work done under the knife.

“Glue Gun Pointed to My Head”

Martha Stewart’s daughter has recently started telling the world the stories of what it was like living in the queen of domestic life’s hosue. Alexis Stewart wrote a tell-all “Whateverland” describing her life growing up the daughter of Martha. The only problem? – things aren’t always bright and cheery in Whateverland. Alexis talks about her perfectionist mother making her wrap her own gifts, turn away children on Halloween, and having no prepared food around the house. Her mother is apparently remaining unfazed – calling the book “hilarious” and urging people to buy and read it despite the weird personal life claims made about her.