Flo Rida now a Drunk Driva

The rapper Flo Rida will be participating in the “Back on Track” program which requires him to perform community service and take DUI classes. This is because of a recent traffic stop that lead to a drunk driving arrest. The report says the rapper, whose real name is Tramar Dillard, failed a field sobriety test. It also says he blew twice the legal limit to drive into a device to measure his blood-alcohol level, had bloodshot, watery eyes, and slurred speech.

Howard Stern: New Job. Still Rollin in Dough

Having been a successful radio host for well over 20 years now, Howard Stern is adding to his list of thing to do as a judge on “America’s Got Talent.” What makes this an even larger announcement is that Stern will be earning 20 Million for his role on the show…..or so we think. When asked how he felt about making $20 million, Stern said “do I work for that little?” It is easy for Stern to talk so jokingly when it comes to his finances, seeing how he just recently signed a new contract with Sirius XM radio for $400 million dollars over the next five years.

Just Another Reality TV Star

The MTV show, Teen Mom, was one of the most watched reality TV shows when it was on air. Since the mother’s from that show have moved on and continue to live out their lives as mothers. However one star Amber Portwood, has been unable to stay out of trouble. Amber was already on probation and now she could be facing jail time.

This is clearly not Amber’s first run in with the law, however after violating practically all the term of her probation, she is now facing up to 2 years in the jail. Amber’s story is just adding to the endless list of celebrity TV stars who can’t seem to stay out of trouble.


Celebrity equals…. Power?

           Does celebrity equal power? If you would have asked me this at the beginning of the semester, I would have answered with a simple no. I mean just because someone is a celebrity doesn’t give them power right? Well in a lot of ways, this actually is the case. I did not realize how many celebrities in the world have the power to do a lot of things just because of their celebrity status. Some of these can be good, but others just don’t add up. For instance, Donald Trump is a billionaire entrepreneur that made his own fortune in the real estate business. He has had continued success over the decades and he is a man that gas rightfully earned his power. This is what led to him considering running for president of the United States. Now some people blew this decision out of proportion, however although he had no military background, or government for that matter, he was someone who clearly had a feel for what people wanted and if there is anything we need right now in this country, it is change. This in my opinion, was a form of celebrity power that was going to be used for a good cause.

Now on the downside of celebrity power, there are some classic celebrity train wrecks out there such as Lindsay Lohan or Charlie Sheen, who clearly let their celebrity stature get the best of them and clearly thought they had too much power. Although each had numerous run-is with the law, they seem to keep falling into trouble because they must feel they are above those who abide by the law.

So I would have to saw to some degree, being a celebrity does equal power. However, there are different kinds of power and that is why even in celebrity world, there are different classes of celebrity.

Celebrity Power

Does celebrity always equal power? I would argue yes. In our society there are many different levels of power: social, economic, political, emotional, etc. If people know your name, know what you do, know what your involved in, or even know what scandal you were a part of, they have power in one of these areas. Celebrities are everywhere, from every walk of life, and seen through every type of media. The more they are in , the more power is possible.

We see celebrities like Charlie Sheen who has been involved in some risky business. He has been involved with porn stars, cocaine, and even got fired from his last gig. Do you think that he has power? Of course he does. Sheen may have done some terrible things but people know his name. People want to know what he is doing. Hell, people out there are probably wondering “what kind of underwear is Charlie wearing today?” Does that mean that he has power? Yes it does.

Think of it this way. If any celebrity out there, pick any one you would like, no matter how big or small, came up to you and introduced themselves. Would your heart race a little? Would you ask for their autograph? Would you be worried about saying the wrong thing? Would you walk away from the conversation hoping they liked you? Would you go home to your friends and family and tell them how awesome or even how terrible meeting this person was? Then that celebrity has done their job. They have gained their power over you. They have another person talking about them, another person spreading their name, another person spreading their brand. This is a power that most, if not all celebrities, have that most normal people do not.

Do we put too much stake into what celebrities think, feel, and do? I would say yes. But who has the power to change that? The celebrities do.

I don’t see them giving that up anytime soon.

Rachel Crow is elimianted from the X Factor

Well, if you tuned into the X Factor last week, you may have seen the young starlet being eliminated off of the hit reality TV show.  The decision came down to Nicole Sherzinger, who couldn’t decide and sent the vote into a tiebreaker… which resulted in the ousting of Crow.  That wasn’t even the rough part… after finding out she was eliminated, Rachel Crow started to BALL on stage… and it was rough.  Considering Rachel is only 13 years old… that is a LOT of pressure to put on the little girl, and there has got to be a lot of different emotions to deal with.  It kind of brings up the point whether or not 13-years old is too young to be in the celebrity spotlight.

The celebrities of the celebrity world

“…The professional celebrities of the entertainment world have come fully and continuously into the national view.” -C. Wright Mills

In the entertainment industry, only a select few “make it big” and can make an honest living within the business.  But what do you consider an honest living? and is it all about the money?  In the entertainment industry, there are different categories like the C-List, B-List, and A-List… but then there’s a step just a bit higher.  Recently Britney Spears joined some of her fellow super celebs at the 10 million twitter followers mark.  That is obnoxiously impressive… how are they able to achieve such monumental status?  They have obviously figured out something that the rest of us are oblivious to and have discovered the secret of being a professional celebrity.

Jersey shore… why do we care?

“They are celebrated because they are displayed as celebrities. If they are not thus celebrated, in due time – often very short – they lose their jobs.” – C. Wright Mills

If you look at today’s entertainment industry and compare it with that of the entertainment industry 20 years ago… you will see two completely different worlds.  One such show that dare I say defines our generation as far as entertainment is the gang from The Jersey Shore.  So, why must they remain in the spotlight?  Well… think about it… they have a lot on the line.  The Jersey Shore gang, as well as many other celebrities, strive to maintain that media attention, no matter what the opinions of them are in the media, because if they don’t have that spotlight on them… their careers are over.

Why Is This News?

To describe what makes up the world of a celebrity you simply need one word, everything.  Ashton Kutcher got an 87 word article on People Magazine’s website about how he was at a product launch event for Warby Parker Eyewear.  And that was it, he didn’t get drunk, arrested, or into a fight.  He simply made an appearance, tweeted a picture, and went home.  Why is this worthy of a news story?  Because Ashton is a hot celebrity that if his name is there the public will read.

Not your typical business man…

“Here are the men who have the inside track. Here are all the expensive commodities, to which the rich seem appendages. Here is the money talking in its husky, silky voice of cash, power, celebrity” (C. Wright Mills).

When one thinks of men who have created empires within their industry… names like Calvin Klein and Donald Trump come to mind.  However, you don’t need to build towering skyscrapers or stitch high quality suits to become kings of industry.  If you just google the name “Jay-Z”… his success is obvious within the music industry and not only has he been quite the featured artist himself… he has made himself of the tycoons of the music industry.  Pay homage my friends.