Have The Duggar’s Gone Too Far?

Recently, Michelle Duggar miscarried on what would have been her 20th child. The family decided to hold a memorial service, in Arkansas, for the unborn child, Jubilee Shalom Duggar. Pictures were on display showing the small feet and hands of Jubilee with messages such as, “There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world.” Several of the pictures were put on Twitter by a family member and soon appeared on a fan site.

What Happened To Southern Gentlemen?

Country star Rodney Atkins was arrested last month for allegedly trying to “smother” his wife with a pillow and later grabbed her by the face and threw her down a hallway. Atkins claims all allegations are false and has since filed for divorce from his wife, Tammy. The two both agree they are no longer able to safely live in the same house, but that is the only thing they agree on. The fight for custody of their 10-year-old will be the main issue in their divorce and at this time restraining orders have been put in place against each party.

Some Teen Moms Just Never Learn

Amber Portwood of “Teen Mom” has been in the news several times over the past year or two for assault on her on-again, off-again boyfriend Gary Shirley. Now she is facing two years in jail for violating ALL terms of her probation, including:

— “Failure to behave well in society” — namely, drinking too much and hitting a person at a restaurant last month

— Failure to obtain a GED
— Failure to complete 6 months of anger control evaluation and classes
— Failure to pay probation fees
— Failure to set up a $10,000 college fund for her baby daughter

Lets hope her jail time will teach her how to be a good mother.

Worst Dressed Offenders Of 2011

Seventeen magazine puts out several lists each year of most influential celebrity, best dressed, and of course worst dressed. This year several of the celebrities noted were repeat offenders who have not learned from their past mistakes. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are known for not having the best fashion sense and this year it is no different. This year only Mary-Kate made the list along with Rihanna, Hayden Panettiere, and Ke$ha. Surprisingly, Lady Gaga did not make the list.

Courtney Love- Evicted

Courtney Love has never been known to be the most stable person and this past week we were reminded of this when she was evicted from her townhouse in New York City. The $27,000-a-month rental had been painted and had wallpaper put up with out the owners consent which prompted the eviction. In June Love had also started a fire in the master causing damage and is currently $54,000 behind in her rent.

The Many Colors of Katy Perry

Katy Perry may be best known for her singing and crazy outfits on stage but this year it was all about her hair color. We have seen her go blue, when the movie “The Smurfs” came out, pink at several music award shows, and most recently she has gone blonde. From her ever changing hair color, many of her fans have multi-colored hair as they try to keep up with the singer/songwriter.


2011 Top 25 Hits

This has been the year of new artists such as Adele, Nicki Minaj, and Jason Aldean. In the beginning of 2011 not many people knew who Adele was and now as we move closer to 2012 she had the number one hit of 2011 with, “Rolling In The Deep.” Country artists have notoriously been towards the bottom of most popular song charts due to its small fan base, however country is starting to take over. Jason Aldean came in at number 23 with “Dirt Road Anthem” and this years best selling country song.


Trump VS O’Donnell

Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell have been silent the past few months when it comes their opinions on each other, until now. On Wednesday afternoon Trump decided it was time to take another jab at O’Donnell by Tweeting, “same last name, same bad ratings-@lawrence and @rosie” and then linked to a clip of himself ranting about how Rosie’s show is “a complete and total disaster.” Rosie quickly responded with a long tweet on how billionaires sell tells and have “crappy” reality shows. Trump made the ultimate jab by tweeting that Rosie’s fiances parents are devastated their daughter is engaged to Rosie, “…a true loser.” In response Rosie called Donald and a** and linked to a Times article on Trumps top 10 failures. Apparently class and respect can’t be bought, no matter how much money you have.

PR Mistakes of 2011- Celebritiy Edition

3) Three disaster stories of 2011 were Kim Kardashian’s 72 day marriage, Lindsay Lohan in and out of jail, and Alec Baldwin playing games on American Airlines. When it comes to Kim Kardashian she has had her fair share of PR mishaps but when it comes to her recently failed marriage her PR team should have stepped up to help her out. She did write on her personal website that she was not in love with him anymore and became too caught up in the wedding planning. However her team should have advised her NOT to air her wedding on television making the pressure on her and Kris Humphries even larger and even a personal statement by Kim on television or in an interview would help instead of comments from “close family friends”. While Lindsay Lohan needs to completely start over, when it comes to PR. She has been to jail a couple of times, has not come out with a new movie in years, and recently had her spread in Playboy leaked. Her PR people should have told her that posing for Playboy would not help her image but only make the public think that she still is crazy and needs more help not only with her no existent career. Finally, there is Alec Baldwin who was recently kicked off an American Airlines flight for not shutting his phone off and continuing to play “Words with Friends”. The large issue is not that he was kicked off but that he said an apology that really did not admit to what he did wrong and then he proceeded to go on SNL and mock American Airlines. His PR people should have had him make a public apology to the airline and even though the SNL skit was all in good fun, it was still taken poorly for how he initially handled the incident.


Hulk Hogan Sues Ex-Wife

Wrestler Hulk Hogan has gone through a very public divorce in the past four years and now he is suing his ex-wife, Linda Bollea, for deformation. In Linda’s memoir she talks about how Hogan violently abused her and had an affair with an other male wrestler. Hogans response:

“If any of that was true, I would admit it. and I was a homosexual I would embrace it. It’s just so crazy to her, so I have a real problem with it…If you’re going to say I’m something that I’m not to try to ruin my career and my livelihood…I have to answer her back.”