Russell Brand In the TV Idustry

Popular Movie Talent Russell Brand is now taking his talents to the small screen. FX announced on Thursday that Russell will host six half-hour installments of an unscripted as-yet-untitled show in front of a live audience. This will be Brand’s first dive into the Television industry, however with as much success as he has found on the big-screen it is hard to envision him having a troubled time on TV. He is loved for his personality and his ability to draw attention to himself. This could turn out to be a great career move for Brand, and it is not uncommon to see Movie stars making the jump to television and having great success.


Rogen nominated for a Golden Globe

Seth Rogen is known by many as that “funny guy” from a lot of the movies he has starred in. However, his latest film 50/50 has reached a plateau he never saw coming. The movie has been nominated for a Golden Globe in the best picture category. On hearing the news, Rogan responded with “I make movies for people to see them,” he says. “I don’t talk about them getting nominated for awards, nor do I expect it. … If I tied my happiness with getting nominated for awards, I would have been pretty miserable up until now.” Although optimistic, Rogen is excited about the nomination and feels that it is a great step in his career.


Look What My Kid Did!

If you can say a name and everyone around you knows who you’re talking about without further explanation then that person is a celebrity.  The same goes for YouTube videos.  Videos are going viral faster than we can keep up with and the makers of the videos become instant celebrities that can get paid for their work like any big time actress or athlete.  When it’s just that easy YOU could become a celebrity by the end of the day with the right video.  The number one way to go viral quick, record your babies:

Crash at Conan’s!

Conan O’Brien recently posted his studio on for fans to stay 4 days and 3 nights in the studio where he shoots his late night show.  For the lucky winners,  Michele Bernier, Linda Howard and “Lil” Lewis, those 4 days were their week of stardom as they were featured on every episode that was filmed during their stay, had a live stream link on Conan’s website, and were mentioned in Conan’s tweets. 

Roots take a subtle shot at Bachmann

Recently, Republican presidential hopeful was invited to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for an interview.  The Roots, the house band for the show, are also quite politically active themselves, except on the different side of the political spectrum.  At the beginning of the show, the band hinted that they had something “special” planned for Bachmann.  Later on in the show, when Bachmann comes out, The Roots played, “Lyin’ Ass Bitch” by Reel Big Fish, as her intro music.  Luckily for the show, Bachmann didn’t pick up on the subtle reference, and the interview went swimmingly.  Fallon later took to his twitter and made a public apology for The Roots’ subtle bashing.  What a clever way to express your thoughts! Bravo Roots!

Star about to be homeless?

Chris Tucker last seen as Jackie Chann’s sidekick in Rush Hour is loosing his home after his in ability to pay his mortgage. This multimillion dollar mansion may be on the market some time soon! Maybe Tucker will find his way to the big screen again some time soon.Why do we care if someone we haven’t seen on screen in years is going to be homeless? It is because of celebrity.  As Mills states, “they are material for the media of communication.”

The Queen of Comedy

“it is their Talent-which seems to mean their appearance value and their skill combined into what is known as A Personality. Their very importance makes them seem charming people, and they are celebrated all the time” (C. Wright Mills)

Late night comedian star, bestselling author, and actress Chelsea Handler is the host of her very own show Chelsea Lately which has been very successful.

You have to Fail to Succeed

Funny woman Chelsea Handler wasn’t always such a strong performer. In an interview with Fortune, she says that twelve years ago when she performed at the Montreal Comedy Festival, she said, ” I bombed horribly . . . it took me a long time to get past that.”

Today, you wouldn’t know that Handler ever struggled. The experience pushed her to work harder, which is obvious now that she has several books, she’s a co-founder for Borderline Amazing Productions, she’s produces four shows, and she’s now working on a fifth show. She was even named one of Fortune‘s Most Powerful Women in Business.

Chelsea Handler: comedian, television personality, and businesswoman