Top Earning Woman in Music: GAGA

Forbes just posted their list of the top-earning women in music.  Lady Gaga came in first making $90 million in 2011! Taylor Swift ranked second with $45 million grossed.  Also on the list was Katy Perry, Beyonce, and Rihanna.  It’s surprising that Rihanna isn’t higher on the list.

The celebrities of the celebrity world

“…The professional celebrities of the entertainment world have come fully and continuously into the national view.” -C. Wright Mills

In the entertainment industry, only a select few “make it big” and can make an honest living within the business.  But what do you consider an honest living? and is it all about the money?  In the entertainment industry, there are different categories like the C-List, B-List, and A-List… but then there’s a step just a bit higher.  Recently Britney Spears joined some of her fellow super celebs at the 10 million twitter followers mark.  That is obnoxiously impressive… how are they able to achieve such monumental status?  They have obviously figured out something that the rest of us are oblivious to and have discovered the secret of being a professional celebrity.

Top Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Still stuck in a rut trying to figure out what the heck you’re going to be for Halloween this year?  Don’t worry- just pick a celebrity!  There are so many to choose from, whether you want to go as a blast from the past such as Elvis or Marilyn Monroe, or current such as Katy Perry, Lady Gaga or “Pregnant Beyonce.”  The cast of Jersey Shore is proving their celebrity status with Snooki and “The Situation” costumes being sold online and in stores.

Tweet Tweet

How many twitter followers do our most loved celebs have. Britney Spears was the 6th person to hit the 10 million twitter mark. Other celebs ringing in the followers, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry and Kim K. Something I found rather interesting. That number of followers is the same number of people that populate Belgium!! Why we love our celebs? Because they are “professional celebrities of the entertainment world”- Mills.


Going GaGa for Clinton

The Decade of Difference concert at the Hollywood Bowl celebrated Bill Clinton’s 65th birthday and the 10-year milestone of the Clinton Foundation.  It was a collection of talent and famous faces in one space, in one night.  It was also a night of old and new memories as Lady GaGa, known for her dramatics and flair, channeled her inner Marilyn Monroe and charmed the Clinton family with special editions of her songs.  The rest of the concert featured the likes of Usher, Bono, Stevie Wonder, and more.

Some Celebrities use their status to inspire change

On Septemeber 20, 2010, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, more commonly known as “Lady Gaga”, spoke out to a group of over 4,500 people in Maine.  Although this was a much smaller audience than she is accustomed to, the performance was just as important.  Gaga spoke out against the rule in the Military known as “Don’t ask, don’t tell” and demanded for its repeal.  This rule prevents openly gay men and women from serving in the military.  This speech took place just one year ago, yet this rule has been repealed.  It looks like this singer was tired of having to put on a “Poker Face” on the issue.

Self Expression or Publicity Statement

Celebrities thrive off of good publicity. Some celebrities go the extent to make an extreme statement just to get attention, fans, and popularity.

C. Wright Mills focuses on celebrities of the first half of the 20th century in his book “The Power Elite”.

He refers to several gossip columnists throughout his work and he quotes Elsa Maxwell speaking about how to stand out and grab attention:

“The trick was to look so bizarre and so extreme that the truck drivers gasp but the ever present cameraman will be bound to flash a bulb.”

Now at the beginning of the 21st century you see a lot of celebrities making some kind of statement.

A few celebrities that cry out from this quote are Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, and Katy Perry. Are these celebrities making an extreme statement to stand out and gain attention or are they harmlessly doing it to express themselves in a unique way?

Hey Metropolitan 400, Meet These Guys

C. Wright Mills wrote how the Metropolitan 400 contributed greatly to the early celebrity status quo.  Early on the celebrities were the wealthy and the politicians, and media personalities slowly broke the mold.  Now a days, the word celebrity is thrown around more often and there is more than one list: you can find celebrities on the Forbes 400 Richest or the Forbes Celebrity 100.

Bill Gates tops the Rich List

While Lady Gaga is the 1 of 100