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The Digital World: It’s Only the Beginning

The world is changing and so are the people living in it. This means public relations is changing at a fast pace as well. In the future, I see public relations taking on more of a technological role by using social media as well as heading in a mobile and virtual direction.

Social media has taken the world by storm, ad if you haven’t hopped on the band wagon yet . . . well, you’re behind. Because nearly everyone uses some sort of social media, whether it be twitter or Facebook, it is important that PR professionals use it to their advantage now and in the future. Not only can social media be used to keep in touch and network with important people, but PR professionals can use it to tap into breaking news and to pitch stories. If the PR worker has many followers on twitter for the business or person that he works for and wants to get a story out about them, twitter and Facebook both pose very fast, easy, and free ways to pitch a story. Social media has also been creating new jobs in the public relations world. For every business or organization that has a twitter, Facebook, etc., there is a person behind the scenes managing it.

Smart phones are another aspect of technology that are coming on strong, which
means PR professionals should and will start using them to their advantage in the future. With a smart phone having almost everything a computer does, people are able to get information in a new way. Having the internet on your phone allows you to access information faster and wherever you want. This means that PR professionals will have to constantly update their information since people are constantly looking for it. This also means that PR work will have to direct the majority of its presence online. However, the PR worker’s job has also become easier because of smart phones since they can update information from wherever they are.

Technology is also changing PR in the sense that the print side of public relations is dying. Although there are people who still read the hardcopy of the newspaper, people are making a shift to getting their news online. It is much easier to go to google to find the topic or news story that you are looking for. Rather than flipping through pages, people are becoming more adept at clicking a mouse.

As the world of PR is currently changing to keep up with the fast pace of the digital world, I expect that it will continue to make adjustments. It may seem like the world has already changed so much because of the evolving technology, but it’s only the beginning.


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One response to “The Digital World: It’s Only the Beginning

  1. kylefreinson ⋅

    Good insights. I agree with you. Nobody knows for certain what will happen and I think that is because there is such wide variety of information available to people through the Internet. Social circles can be as reliable as official sources. That is why Wikipedia is so popular. People trust it.

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