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Smooth Celeb Moves of 2011

1)     The Royal Wedding:  In late Spring of 2011 there was one event that created quite the buzz, especially in the entire year leading up to it: the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton.  It was all anyone was talking about, especially women.  Everyone was so excited to see who would be at the event, what would take place, and how everyone looked- especially the beautiful bride and her sexy sister, Pippa.  Just about every realm of PR was used to hype up this event; Prince Will and Kate graced just about every magazine and even newspaper cover across America and many other countries, as well as trending on Twitter.  Many restaurants opened at wee hours of the morning to gather people together to watch the wedding on TV and have a British-styled breakfast of tea and crumpets.  Bravo, Royals, bravo.

2)     Lady Gaga:  Always transforming herself and staying fresh in the spotlight, Lady Gaga has shone as bright as every this past year.  Yes she does weird things and dresses like a transvestite, but Gaga still remains a positive role model in the celebrity world.  She is an avid activist who believes in fighting for your rights, and is an icon for gays and lesbians across the world.  One particular PR move that made people love and appreciate her even more was this past fall when a 14-year old boy from Buffalo, New York, Jamey Rodemeyer, committed suicide due to peers bullying him for being gay.  Lady Gaga was his number one role model, and when he took his life she took matters into her own hands.  Gaga spoke at the iHeartRadio Festival saying that “bullying must become illegal.  It is a hate crime.”  She also tweeted about it and created a lot of buzz.

3)     Justin Bieber:  This young, 17-year-old pop singing sensation has acted quite mature for his age this past 2011.  When disaster struck Japan, Bieber didn’t hesitate at all to help out however he could.  He was committed to touring Japan, “even if his crew refuses to travel for fear of radiation and the singer has to scale down his act.”  This was a good public relations move on his part, showing maturity and sincerity.


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