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Back to the Future

5. Three ways PR will evolve with new technology

Public relations has many definitions, but the main concept is that a company, corporation, or celebrity entity uses PR techniques to promote its message to the community.  Today we see the distribution of these messages through news/press releases, online videos, and live in person press conferences.  Although this is much more advanced than how PR first started with just interpersonal communication between corporation and public, there is still n0 limit on what we will see done in the future. 

– One possible upgrade in PR tactics could come in the aspect of smartphone advancement.  Life is mobile now, and soon anything that is not will be obsolete.  I could forsee the simple recorder apps, camera apps, and video apps becoming much more intricate in news source use.  With this technology, anyone can create or echo the news if they were there when it happened, and as such word spreads faster than ever, especially of celebrity and organization mishaps.  Take the case of the Penn State scandal, that information was released about late one weeknight.  The press release was immediately blown up and quickly moved from an announcement on the State College campus, to a national trending topic on Twitter.  The PR representatives for PSU were ill-prepared for the backlash and the University faced a devastating blow to their image.  It will become more important than ever for public relations officials to get a handle on quick response times to counteract the speed of information.

– In the accord with the declining interest in physical newspapers, these organizations have gone online as well.  The possible next step for the distribution centers could be streaming applications on smartphones.  We already see the pay-to-read models used by newspaper companies to try to enhance profits, who is to say they won’t soon move to only allowing access on smartphones and tablets through their personal, costly apps.  From the perspective of public relations, this move would better control the articles passed around by social media sites, restricting clicks to those who decide to pay.

– Lastly, and with an ere on the space-age technology we are all waiting for, what if PR became an automated business style.  With the iPhone’s new Siri app, if you ask a question you get an answer.  What if PR firms used this technology to upload their press releases and official statements on events?  What if you could use an app on your phone and ask “What is the latest on the Penn State scandal?” and get a spoken answer rather than links to several stories (something Siri might provide).  I would not be suprised to see the Siri technology become prevelant in our rapidly growing society, so PR officials better jump fast on this opportunity to provide their messages in the most efficient and demanded format.


2 responses to “Back to the Future

  1. kylefreinson ⋅

    Really good insights here. I think I agree with most of your thoughts. I do worry that those who are economically unable to afford some of these technologies might be left out.

  2. Siri is kind of creepy, but I agree with you.

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