Sorry Charlie, That’s Not Winning

Just when the world thought that we had gotten over the Charlie Sheen saga, a new event hit recently. Although this one did not have any run ins with the law, it is till hard not to shake your head and ask “what was he thinking?” About a week ago Charlie Sheen felt the need to send his number to Justin Bieber. However, when he tried to send it through a private message on Twitter, he accidentally posted it instead. Within minutes Sheen was receiving calls from anyone who is his follower. For a while the actor got into the joke, answering by saying “Ray’s Pizza,” “Winning!” and other greetings. But eventually he had to turn the phone off and later change his number.

The celebrities of the celebrity world

“…The professional celebrities of the entertainment world have come fully and continuously into the national view.” -C. Wright Mills

In the entertainment industry, only a select few “make it big” and can make an honest living within the business.  But what do you consider an honest living? and is it all about the money?  In the entertainment industry, there are different categories like the C-List, B-List, and A-List… but then there’s a step just a bit higher.  Recently Britney Spears joined some of her fellow super celebs at the 10 million twitter followers mark.  That is obnoxiously impressive… how are they able to achieve such monumental status?  They have obviously figured out something that the rest of us are oblivious to and have discovered the secret of being a professional celebrity.

Ask and They Shall Answer, via Twitter

The NBA lockout continues and the NBA superstars continue to be bored.  Many have turned to playing pick up basketball games, taking part time jobs, or signing contracts overseas.  But some are just working out and making random appearances.  Follow the stars on Twitter and you will see many tweeting about other sports and news.  Or if you are lucky with your timing you may find Kevin Durant looking for a flag football game, and then sign on as your new Quarterback/Wide Receiver.

Tweet, tweet.

One hundred and forty characters: that’s all you have to leave an impression on your followers, to talk about your life, to start a movement, or to completely ruin your career.  Twitter: it’s the social media website that is taking over the social media industry and it’s creating unique opportunities for celebrities.

How did we communicate with celebrities before twitter?  It’s almost hard to think back that far.  We communicated to celebrities through fan mail, tabloid magazines, entertainment shows, etc.  All of that communication was push media, we were pushing ourselves at the celebrities that we loved and hated.  Now, with twitter we are able to have an actually dialogue.

Take a look at Shaquille O’Neal, every day he provides wisdom to all of his followers, he shares lessons and quotes.  His followers retweet him and then people who would not have thought to follow Shaq are now more drawn to his profile.

Demi Lovato uses her twitter page to communicate about her past struggles this past year.  She uses twitter to clear rumors, and to put a person behind her celebrity status.

Taylor Swift is always uploading pictures on her twitter; pictures of her dressing room, backstage, on tour, shopping, doing her everyday activities and the best part is, her fans get to see it all.

Follow some of your favorite celebrities and see what goes on behind the glamour, tabloids, and rumors.

Take Care: “Enjoy It”

Rapper Drake’s newest album, “Take Care” has leaked nine days prior to the set release date. Once informed Drake responded to his Twitter “followers” saying:

“Listen, enjoy it, buy it if you like it…and take care until next time”

Now the big question that still remains is, Will fans still go out on November 15th, 2011 to purchase his album?

Live Tweet Promo Goes Horribly Bad!

Entertainment award show season is among us. Upcoming award shows include the

  • Country Music Awards ( CMA’S) on Nov 9,
  • The America Music Awards (AMA’S) on Nov 20

                                         and the:

  • MTV European Music Awards (EMA’S) tonight Nov 6

Selena Gomez recent Disney Channel princess graduate is set to host the EMA’S tonight in Belfast Ireland. She has been promoting the show through different social media applications for some time now. Her most recent promotion is telling her fans to tweet her on twitter with the hashtag of #askselena and ask her questions that she will answer through out the show. What sounds like a good way to contact with fans turn into a disaster

Browsing through the page of tweets what are supposed to be questions to Selena are replaced with inappropriate questions to/about her boyfriend Justin Bieber.

From the looks of it this page has been filled with forms of cyber-bullying.

It is seen now that celebrities are seeing all kinds of harassment through different forms of social media and causing more turmoil each and every day.



Sheen on Twitter

In class we are learning about the importance of using Twitter in the PR world. I guess Charlie Sheen was cued on to this fact too. After Sheen’s exodous from “Two and a half Men”, Sheen joined Twitter so fans could read his thoughts about the situation. Almost instantly he gained over 1 million followers.

Because of this popularity,, paid Sheen to tweet a their link.

“I’m looking to hire a #winning INTERN with #TigerBlood,” he wrote in March. claims that almost 100,000 clicks on the link came within the first hour of the tweet.

This is great PR by both Sheen and

David Guetta dies… again??

You thought that gossip got around your high school quick? HA! Try being David Guetta.  Last night, the news that the entertainer David Guetta had been killed in a car accident was spreading through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter like wildfire.  However, the problem here was that Guetta wasn’t dead.  Furthermore, this isn’t even the first time that this rumor has been spread around the internet.  This phony article has been spread around the web and has gotten significant attention in November 2010, June 2011, July 2011, and now October 13, 2011.  Guetta replied casually to the rumors by posting a link to the Bee Gee’s hit “Stayin’ Alive” on his Twitter account.  Let’s hope David Guetta doesn’t die again any time soon!

Steve Jobs is Dead at 56

Celebrity Businessman Steve Jobs passed away at the age of 56 after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Twitter was flooded with tweets paying tribute to him as a person and his impact on the world. In addition to the influx of tweets, many articles have sprung up regarding his legacy. There is no doubt that he was a special man, he will be missed.