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Celebrity = Money, Money = Power

In my point of view I would say that yes celebrity does equal power.  The reason I would say this is because celebrities are (typically) rich, well known people.  This people are paid to advertise for companies.  I say they equal power because in today’s society money equals power.  The people and corporations tend to be the most powerful and the most respected (in a way), especially when it comes to the law.  When a powerful company is found doing something unlawful they are fined but how much does that affect a multibillion corporation.  Also, if they are being sued, the more money they throw into the case the more likely the person suing will have to settle or drop the case because they don’t have the money.

So for celebrities the more popular you are the more power you have.  Forbes actually has an article titled, List of 100 most powerful and best paid celebrities, this shows the top 100 celebrities with the highest pay and the most influence and power, number one being Oprah Winfrey.  However, 2011s’ list shows Lady Gaga passing Oprah Winfrey for the number one most powerful celebrity.  Even the list shows how much money these celebrities are making.  Which proves even Forbes agrees that money = power.


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I am a senior, business management major at St John Fisher College.

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