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Celebrity Power

 I don’t think that celebrity always = power. Many celebrities come and go out of the public eye just as fast as they became celebrities. It could be argued that anyone from a well-known actor to the president of the United States is a celebrity. The well-known actor is only a provider of entertainment and nothing beyond that. However, the President of the United States clearly holds a lot of power. I think that there are only a small number of powerful celebrities. Power seems to derive from money and history. If your family has been historically in the spotlight, you are more likely to have power than the well-known actor. Also, if you have large sums of money you tend to be more powerful. For example, the Kardashians grew into their celebrity “power” because of their father. Many years have passed since his death, but his family is still thriving off of his publicity. I also believe that power is based off of how much publicity you receive. If you think of the number one person you saw in the magazines and on TV this year, odds are it’s one of the Kardashians. Whether they created all of this publicity themselves or not they are still in the forefront of the public eye. Another celebrity I feel has power is Oprah Winfrey. Oprah has been on the Forbes list for many years now, and her celebrity power continues to grow with her publicity. The difference between the Kardashian power and the Winfrey power is their drive to use that power. The Kardashians are using their power for their own good and publicity. They exploit their marriages, pregnancies, and anything else that can keep them in the spotlight. Oprah on the other hand has set up schools, created foundations, and used her money for the good of other people. Unfortunately celebrities will use their power and money how they see fit, but no matter what they do they will still have that money, publicity, and stardom to have the celebrity power.



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