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Celebs Gone Wrong

1)     Charlie Sheen:  Earlier this year, the only person it seemed people were talking about was the infamous Charlie Sheen…but not in a positive way.  The coke-sniffing, tiger-blooded actor gone bad was far from “winning.”  Instead of hiring a public relations assistant, Sheen took matters into his own hands and decided to try to convince America that his crazy antics were normal and that we are actually all the crazy ones.

2)     Kim Kardashian:  This big-bootied, brown haired bombshell never seizes to stay out of the spotlight.  This past Halloween she surprised (some of) us again with her divorce from NBA star Kris Humpries.  The marriage only lasted a mere 72 days.  Some might argue that the whole marriage and divorce was one big publicity stunt, which can very well be true.  Kardashian never seemed upset over the divorce and was actually tweeting about other meaningless things during the whole process which was probably a bad move on her part.  What this showed to people was how shallow and materialistic she seems, instead of sympathetic and wholesome.  Also, if she didn’t have a multi-million dollar wedding turned into a two-day television show, then maybe people wouldn’t look at her as such a phony.

3)     Arnold Schwarzenegger:  Actor turned governor of California for seven years, Schwarzenegger was caught in the spotlight this year for having an affair with his maid (all the while still married to the pretty Maria Shriver).  The affair happened about ten years ago, however, the reason it got brought up again this year was because Schwarzenegger actually had a child with the maid…five days after the birth of his son with Shriver!  In fact, “Maria Shriver used to joke that her housekeeper’s son looked exactly like Arnold but never thought anything of it.”  Man, oh man talk about a crazy mess. 


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