Rogen nominated for a Golden Globe

Seth Rogen is known by many as that “funny guy” from a lot of the movies he has starred in. However, his latest film 50/50 has reached a plateau he never saw coming. The movie has been nominated for a Golden Globe in the best picture category. On hearing the news, Rogan responded with “I make movies for people to see them,” he says. “I don’t talk about them getting nominated for awards, nor do I expect it. … If I tied my happiness with getting nominated for awards, I would have been pretty miserable up until now.” Although optimistic, Rogen is excited about the nomination and feels that it is a great step in his career.



Missing Footage of Steve Jobs?

Missing footage of an interview with Steve Jobs that took place in 1996 has recently been uncovered and will be the basis of a documentary film. The footage shot in 1996 was  a little over an hour long and only about 10 minutes of which was used. This documentary will be shown in theaters around the country.

So I use to be Harry Potter, now what?

For Harry Potter child stars Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson their names for the past 10 years have been Harry, Ron and Hermione.  Well now that the book and movie series are complete, how do they go back to being Daniel, Rupert, and Emma?  Starring in the first movie at ages 9 and 10, these celebrities have grown up under different identities in a different world.  Although for fans it may be hard to admit there wont be another book or movie, their lives go on.  For these actors lives go on as well, but they will forever be known as their silver screen alter egos, and 10 years of memories make the identities all the more real.

“They are the material for the media of communication and entertainment…when that time ends and the celebrity still lives, from time to time it may be asked ‘Remember him?'” – C. Wright Mills

“Often they seem to have celebrity and nothing else.” – C. Wright Mills