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“In them the panic for status has become a professional craving; their very image of self is dependent upon publicity, they need increasing doses of it.”

– C. W. Mills

It seems like the Kardashians are too easy to write about using “The Power Elite,” as a basis of comparison. Specifically Kim, who always seems to be in the middle of something being photographed or filmed. I believed that I might have been too sceptical of Kims wedding at first because I honestly thought it was a publicity stunt. But after seeing this article I think I might have been right to begin with. I guess Kim filed papers for divorce before her husband even knew what she was doing, and reportedly, he’s admitted to working hard to save the marrige.  The millions of dollars spent on her wedding weren’t even her millions, they were the millions of brand names who wanted their name associated with the event. Every popular magazine would be there and it’s relatively free advertising.  I didn’t necessarily think it was ever completely for publicity, just almost, but to use a wedding for anything but marrige is still milking it for attention pretty hard.


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Junior communications/journalism major, sociology minor.

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