Howard Stern: New Job. Still Rollin in Dough

Having been a successful radio host for well over 20 years now, Howard Stern is adding to his list of thing to do as a judge on “America’s Got Talent.” What makes this an even larger announcement is that Stern will be earning 20 Million for his role on the show…..or so we think. When asked how he felt about making $20 million, Stern said “do I work for that little?” It is easy for Stern to talk so jokingly when it comes to his finances, seeing how he just recently signed a new contract with Sirius XM radio for $400 million dollars over the next five years.

Next Generation: Drake

Music artist Drake, previously known as Jimmy Robins on the television series Degrassi: Next Generation took his opportunity as a youth and ran through the open door to transpire into a musical phenomenon.

Opportunity will generally excite ambition to aspire

The childhood actor was able to take advantage of the contacts made as a youth, and network with executives from the music industry and was able to gain popularity in his hometown of Toronto, into the United Sates and now internationally.

He is now set to release his second album on November 15th, 2011 Take Care, which leaked on Sunday November 6th, 2011 around 10:30pm. Many anticipated for Drake to be highly upset, but he responded via Twitter saying,

“Listen, Enjoy it, buy it if you like it… take care until next time.”


Sheen Back on TV

Charlie Sheen is going to be back on the tube. The highest paid actor’s proposed TV show “Anger Management” has been picked up by FX and will begin airing in the summer of 2012.

FX agreed to 10 episodes then if those episodes reach a predetermined ratings level, the network will pick up an additional 90 episodes.

The highest paid actor finally has a job again!

Sheen Shopping New Show Around

Charlie Sheen and his group of producers have started to shop their news show “Anger Management” around to potential networks. Sheen, who is the highest paid actor (currently without a job), will not be going back to his old network at CBS, but many other networks have shown interest. My question is, why wouldn’t a network show interest? You may not like Sheen or what he has stood for recently, but if you are looking for high ratings, Charlie Sheen is your man.

Bruce Jenner ready to Lace-Up the Dancing Shoes?

We know him as the former track and field star, the father on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and most recently Rob Kardashian’s biggest fan on Dancing With the Stars. That’s right, sixty-one year old Bruce Jenner. His two step-children have been on the show, so, why hasn’t he? Jenner told Liveline Life, “They’ve never approached me, but I would do it.” But for now, Jenner will just have to watch and support Rob for the rest of the Dancing With the Stars season.