Tiger back on track

“In America, this system is carried to the point where a man who can knock a small white ball into a series of holes in the ground with more efficiency and skill than anyone else there-by gains social access to the President of the United States.” -C. Wright Mills (74)

In the case of Tiger Woods this could not be more true. The man who for many years was the top golfer in the world, until he hit rock bottom with a scandal. Which of course, was broadcasted all over the world on many venues and virtually all news stations, just because he is the Tiger Woods. But now that his scandal has faded, he is out to be back on top of the golfing world once again. Will he grace the covers of Golf Digest with President Obama again this January?

Politicians : Public Figures Compete for Attention

“on national levels, they are carefully groomed and coached for the TV camera” (C. Wright Mills)

It is important for President Obama and other political leaders to have successful television appearances and deliver great speeches because they really need to capture the people of America’s attention and inspire them for the good of our country.