Prestige is the Shadow of Money and Power

Def- Jam Record’s is an American record label focused on hip hop and urban music, consistantly dominating the Billboard charts with artists like Jay- Z, Rihanna, Rick Ross, and Kanye West.

This November 21st, 2011, Rihanna will be releasing her newest album TalkThatTalk with her newest song “We Found Love.” Today there was a spoiler interview released discussing the upcoming release.

Back in 2005 when Rihanna signed with Def-Jam reaching success was inevitable, the prestige of the record label guaranteed success and the necessary guidance to lead her to Money and Power. The music empire has created a Brand that is idolized by all musicians and by fan worldwide.

The ruling power and attention that this label has been able to achieve is known as Prestige: and it is often held with a mysterious force, and sense of authority.

Jay-Z Sports an Occupy Wall Street T-Shirt? Look a Little Closer

After his show at Madison Square Garden with Kanye West, it wasn’t just his performance that everyone was talking about, it was also the shirt that he was wearing. The shirt said “OCCUPY WALL STREET(S)”and is representing a movement that people such as Jay-Z and Russell Simmons are  part of.

Mr. West is Outside of the Building?

      “It’s a millions not hundreds of people that have suffered from the decisions that have been made in these buildings”

Protestors speak out against the growing gap between the rich and poor with the support of musician Kanye West, and Russel Simmons. Protestors have been camped out in Lower Manhattan for over three and a half weeks in hopes of creating change. Celebrity support suggests broadening cultural support for the protest, which take on Wall Street companies and denounce what the demonstrators see as corporate greed. Protesting has began throughout the United States and continues to grow with support from celebrities.