So You’re a Celebrity, Tell. Me. Everything.

Part of understanding celebrities is that you can learn everything about them you want to feel like an actual part of their life.  Take recent news about Jessica Simpson for example, where after “being the subject of pregnancy buzz for weeks after photos surfaced of her shielding her midsection at the airport.”  Having a child is a big step in life, and is also a very personal matter.  But for celebrities any hint of a big step in life like marriage or kids gets you a larger following of papparazzi than usual. 

The celebrities of the celebrity world

“…The professional celebrities of the entertainment world have come fully and continuously into the national view.” -C. Wright Mills

In the entertainment industry, only a select few “make it big” and can make an honest living within the business.  But what do you consider an honest living? and is it all about the money?  In the entertainment industry, there are different categories like the C-List, B-List, and A-List… but then there’s a step just a bit higher.  Recently Britney Spears joined some of her fellow super celebs at the 10 million twitter followers mark.  That is obnoxiously impressive… how are they able to achieve such monumental status?  They have obviously figured out something that the rest of us are oblivious to and have discovered the secret of being a professional celebrity.

Jersey shore… why do we care?

“They are celebrated because they are displayed as celebrities. If they are not thus celebrated, in due time – often very short – they lose their jobs.” – C. Wright Mills

If you look at today’s entertainment industry and compare it with that of the entertainment industry 20 years ago… you will see two completely different worlds.  One such show that dare I say defines our generation as far as entertainment is the gang from The Jersey Shore.  So, why must they remain in the spotlight?  Well… think about it… they have a lot on the line.  The Jersey Shore gang, as well as many other celebrities, strive to maintain that media attention, no matter what the opinions of them are in the media, because if they don’t have that spotlight on them… their careers are over.

Ask and They Shall Answer, via Twitter

The NBA lockout continues and the NBA superstars continue to be bored.  Many have turned to playing pick up basketball games, taking part time jobs, or signing contracts overseas.  But some are just working out and making random appearances.  Follow the stars on Twitter and you will see many tweeting about other sports and news.  Or if you are lucky with your timing you may find Kevin Durant looking for a flag football game, and then sign on as your new Quarterback/Wide Receiver.

Crash at Conan’s!

Conan O’Brien recently posted his studio on for fans to stay 4 days and 3 nights in the studio where he shoots his late night show.  For the lucky winners,  Michele Bernier, Linda Howard and “Lil” Lewis, those 4 days were their week of stardom as they were featured on every episode that was filmed during their stay, had a live stream link on Conan’s website, and were mentioned in Conan’s tweets. 

Halloween, A Time Where even Celebrities can be Someone Famous

At what C. Wright Mills might describe as a cafe society, a Halloween party thrown by Kate Hudson featured Nicole Richie dressed as more famous celebrity Jennifer Lopez.  When you have gotten to the level of fame that even famous people want to be you, is it fair to still simply classify you as just a celebrity?  With J-Lo’s iconic looks she may be a member of a super-celebrity class.

West Philadelphia, Born and Raised

Born in Philadelphia, Will Smith made his start by playing a resemblance of himself on the hit TV sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  Now that he has his fame and fortune he is returning to his roots and supporting the hometown NBA team the Philadelphia 76ers, by purchasing an ownership stake.

Going GaGa for Clinton

The Decade of Difference concert at the Hollywood Bowl celebrated Bill Clinton’s 65th birthday and the 10-year milestone of the Clinton Foundation.  It was a collection of talent and famous faces in one space, in one night.  It was also a night of old and new memories as Lady GaGa, known for her dramatics and flair, channeled her inner Marilyn Monroe and charmed the Clinton family with special editions of her songs.  The rest of the concert featured the likes of Usher, Bono, Stevie Wonder, and more.

Celebrity Status in Syracuse, and That’s Where it Matters

Many athletes are well known around the world, and are treated as celebrities in the media as they are watched carefully for mistakes.  Where these athletes are held as legends rather than just a famous face, is in their hometowns and cities of the teams they played for.  LeBron disgraced Cleveland, but Akron, Ohio will never hold it against him.  This is why special events that welcome home their athletes are great public spectacles.  Friday October 14th featured the welcoming home of Syracuse University Alumni like John Wallace, Jonny Flynn, Wes Johnson, and Andy Rautins for a Midnight Madness exhibition to kick off the 2011-12 season. 

Mr. West is Outside of the Building?

      “It’s a millions not hundreds of people that have suffered from the decisions that have been made in these buildings”

Protestors speak out against the growing gap between the rich and poor with the support of musician Kanye West, and Russel Simmons. Protestors have been camped out in Lower Manhattan for over three and a half weeks in hopes of creating change. Celebrity support suggests broadening cultural support for the protest, which take on Wall Street companies and denounce what the demonstrators see as corporate greed. Protesting has began throughout the United States and continues to grow with support from celebrities.