Fame Comes in Many Names

The word celebrity is commonly tossed around these days, labeling actors, athletes, politicians, businesspeople, and more.  The word celebrity encompasses so many different professions it more so gives hope then desensitizes the stature of being named one.  Forbes recent list of the World’s Most Powerful People 2011 included names like Barack Obama, Dalai Lama, Mark Zuckerberg, Pope Benedict XVI, and Bill Gates.  The positions these well known people hold are much more attainable for the common people then that of top athlete or million dollar actor/actress, leaving the question of who do we know now that everyone will know later?

What makes someone famous?

There are many different types of Celebrities.

In the book ” The Power Elite”, C. Wright Mills discusses celebrities alongside their reason for fame.

“Rather then being celebrated because they occupy positions of prestige, they occupy positions of prestige because they are celebrated.” – C. Wright Mills

Celebrities become famous by:

  • association
  • talent
  • social class and lifestyle.

and every celebrity has their own rise of fame.

Paris Hilton for example is famous by association and lifestyle. She is the heiress of  the founder of the Hilton Hotel chain. Referencing back to C. Wright Mills, she would be celebrated because she occupies a position of prestige.In other words she is distinguished as a celebrity because she was born under the Hilton name.



Taylor Swift on the other hand is famous for her talent. She is a celebrity that occupies a position of prestige and is celebrated for it. People enjoy her talents which makes her famous. She chooses to be famous because of her popularity.



Two different celebrities both well known but famous for different  reasons.



Wes Moore Leading Youth to Success

Overcoming challenges, strife, and heartache only leads to success. advocate, Army combat veteran, business leader and author who faced more than many people would ever think is possible. Moore visited Saint John Fisher College in the Fall of 2010 sharing his story, morals and advice with students, staff, and local community members.
Moore encourages students and youth to find motivation to make their dreams come true, along with recognizing that community service is necessary, and that giving back benefits everyone around.

Halloween, A Time Where even Celebrities can be Someone Famous

At what C. Wright Mills might describe as a cafe society, a Halloween party thrown by Kate Hudson featured Nicole Richie dressed as more famous celebrity Jennifer Lopez.  When you have gotten to the level of fame that even famous people want to be you, is it fair to still simply classify you as just a celebrity?  With J-Lo’s iconic looks she may be a member of a super-celebrity class.

Panic for Status

“The panic for status has become a professional craving; their very image of self is dependant upon publicity.”

-C Wright Mills

We have seen celebrity after celebrity gain notoriety and attention from everything they do.  Lindsay Lohan makes the news and the cover of People for doing cocaine and wrecking her car, as of last October Lohan had been to jail 15 times. Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian gained significant national attention for appearances in sex tapes, and now both produce a line of beauty products for young women with their name on it.  Julianne Moore, a celebrity who does behind the scenes humanitarian work, pointed out that it seems women like Angelina Jolie and Madonna who do their work on the front lines, do it for the attention of it all.

Why are they Celebrities?

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian are two of the most famous celebs out there today, but what success made them so well-known? Well, they are stars because of their families status and their last name. However, then there are some who really got famous for no good reason at all!  Celeb couple Spencer and Heidi and Kevin Federline got lucky being put in the spotlight where they really don’t belong!

“Rather than being celebrated because they occupy a positions of prestige, they occupy positions of prestige because they are celebrated” (C. Wright Mills)