Halloween Irony

Everyone knows that Halloween is the one day a year when everyone can get away with dressing up as anyone they want to be.  Halloween is commercialized toward kids for the most part with the age old tradition of trick or treating. For young adult generations the holiday is represented with promiscuous costumes and partying.

On Oct. 31st a nude photo had been uploaded to the internet featuring Taylor Swift. Reports crazed the internet this morning including an article from The Hollywood Reporter. As of right now Swift is claiming that the picture is not of her and she is intending for legal action to the participating parties.

It’s ironic that a sexy photo scandal of one of the most innocent celebrities hits the internet on the exact same day as Halloween; the day where everything is all about being outrageous, extreme and exaggerated.

Is this picture true, or a prank to make a good reputation turn bad?

“Operation Hackerazzi”

“The professional celebrities of the entertainment world have come fully and continously into the national view”, says C. Wright Mills. He couldn’t be more right…Especially when hackers get hold of their private information.

Christopher Chaney is being accused of hacking into the private accounts of more than 50 people, including celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis, and Christina Aguilera.

Emails, conversations, and scripts that the celebrities believed were private, were actually being forwarded to Chaney’s personal email account.

Chaney could face a maximum of 121 years in prison for his 26-count indictment.