Celebrity Competition

C. Wright Mills discusses the power of fame in his book ” The Power Elite.” Most of the information he discusses refers to the latter half of the 20th century. Some of his main themes  are carried over and evident into the 21st century with our present day celebrities.

C. Wright Mills states:

” There is no doubt that it is enormously more important to one’s prestige to have one’s picture on the cover of a truly big national magazine..”

C. Wright Mills is correct when he states that being on covers of magazines is an important part of the “celebrity job”. In saying this being a celebrity is a competitive sport and getting on those magazine covers are crucial to stay popular and hot. If a celebrity is not featured on magazines they are most likely not a hot ticket item and lower on the fame scale. It is a competition to be the best of the best and that is what fame is all about. This competition is what keeps celebrities and fame alive today. Without that motivation to be better, there would be no reason to try. Most of the time it is healthy competition but then there are cases where things get out of control.

These cases deal with fame whores. Defined by Urban Dictionary a fame whore is an  individual who is willing to do anything, regardless of how humiliating or demeaning, to achieve notoriety. Such people will do anything to get people’s attention. ( In which will be publicized on magazine covers.)

Can you think of any celebrities today that are considered fame whores?  Click on these hyperlinks to see other peoples opinions.

Here are a few examples:


Fame Comes in Many Names

The word celebrity is commonly tossed around these days, labeling actors, athletes, politicians, businesspeople, and more.  The word celebrity encompasses so many different professions it more so gives hope then desensitizes the stature of being named one.  Forbes recent list of the World’s Most Powerful People 2011 included names like Barack Obama, Dalai Lama, Mark Zuckerberg, Pope Benedict XVI, and Bill Gates.  The positions these well known people hold are much more attainable for the common people then that of top athlete or million dollar actor/actress, leaving the question of who do we know now that everyone will know later?

What makes someone famous?

There are many different types of Celebrities.

In the book ” The Power Elite”, C. Wright Mills discusses celebrities alongside their reason for fame.

“Rather then being celebrated because they occupy positions of prestige, they occupy positions of prestige because they are celebrated.” – C. Wright Mills

Celebrities become famous by:

  • association
  • talent
  • social class and lifestyle.

and every celebrity has their own rise of fame.

Paris Hilton for example is famous by association and lifestyle. She is the heiress of  the founder of the Hilton Hotel chain. Referencing back to C. Wright Mills, she would be celebrated because she occupies a position of prestige.In other words she is distinguished as a celebrity because she was born under the Hilton name.



Taylor Swift on the other hand is famous for her talent. She is a celebrity that occupies a position of prestige and is celebrated for it. People enjoy her talents which makes her famous. She chooses to be famous because of her popularity.



Two different celebrities both well known but famous for different  reasons.



and I was like baby baby baby, that kid is not mine

E! News confirmed that Mariah Yeater, the self-proclaimed baby mama of Bieber’s baby,  has withdrawn her paternity suit against the pop star. Yeater’s initial lawyers no longer represent her in this case, but it’s said that new lawyers have picked up the case to continue the paternity test. Now people are wondering if Bieber and his lawyers will sue the accuser for defamatory and false claims. Spokesperson Matthew Hiltzik said, “We’ll continue to consider all of our options to protect Justin.”

Lohans 10 year Plan

Lindsay Lohan once shared with us at age 20 that she has a 10 year plan. Well now 5 years into it shes not looking like those plans are going to happen. She shared she wanted a house, and marriage and a record that will win a Oscar…. Well she’s got the house and that’s about all she can say for herself. E! Online jokes that while she may not have the type of record that wins Oscars, she definitely has a record. Poor Linds!


How to Lose $6 Billion

Formerly Ireland’s richest man with a net worth of $6 Billion, Sean Quinn has recently applied for voluntary bankruptcy. Sean Quinn started out at a young age selling sand and gravel out of his fathers quarry and eventually grew the business into a multi-billion dollar mining, real-estate, manufacturing, and insurance business. His downfall began with the financial crisis in 2008 when he took 25% ownership of the Anglo Irish Bank and the investment flopped.

twitter quitter

“While I will continue to express myself through @Aplusk, I’m going to turn the management of the feed over to my team at Katalyst as a secondary editorial measure, to ensure the quality of its content. My sincere apologies to anyone who I offended. It was a mistake that will not happen again.”

This was a statement that Ashton Kutcher made in his blog after he mistakenly made this tweet:

Tweeting without realizing why PennState football coach Joe Paterno was fired, he learned an hour later that it wasn’t based on “Jo Pa’s” coaching. Kutcher continues to apologize to anyone he has offended and even pokes fun at himself with this picture that he tweeted.

But will saying sorry be enough for his fans, followers, and critics? And does turning over his twitter feed to management really make enough of a statement?

Tweet, tweet.

One hundred and forty characters: that’s all you have to leave an impression on your followers, to talk about your life, to start a movement, or to completely ruin your career.  Twitter: it’s the social media website that is taking over the social media industry and it’s creating unique opportunities for celebrities.

How did we communicate with celebrities before twitter?  It’s almost hard to think back that far.  We communicated to celebrities through fan mail, tabloid magazines, entertainment shows, etc.  All of that communication was push media, we were pushing ourselves at the celebrities that we loved and hated.  Now, with twitter we are able to have an actually dialogue.

Take a look at Shaquille O’Neal, every day he provides wisdom to all of his followers, he shares lessons and quotes.  His followers retweet him and then people who would not have thought to follow Shaq are now more drawn to his profile.

Demi Lovato uses her twitter page to communicate about her past struggles this past year.  She uses twitter to clear rumors, and to put a person behind her celebrity status.

Taylor Swift is always uploading pictures on her twitter; pictures of her dressing room, backstage, on tour, shopping, doing her everyday activities and the best part is, her fans get to see it all.

Follow some of your favorite celebrities and see what goes on behind the glamour, tabloids, and rumors.

Cory Smoot passes away

Cory Smoot, “Gwar” guitarist, died on November 3rd coronary artery thrombosis, which was brought on by a pre-existing condition.  Gwar is a popular band within the metal community.  According to a statement on the Gwar website, “The response from the U.S. metal community and especially the whole international GWAR family has been overwhelmingly supportive…these GWAR fans need the chance to pay their respects to Cory, and cancelling any shows would deprive them of that.”

No More Wedding Plans for these Two!

Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez recently put their wedding plans on hold. Now they’re not planning anything at all. Why you ask. They felt too much pressure coming in from the public. It has been over a year since we have seen the two on the infamous Bachelorette. The couple share we are still engaged and still living together just not walking down the aisle quite yet! An example of Mills “nation-wide hierarchies of power and wealth, it is expressed by nation wide means of mass communication.” These are just two ordinary people that ended up on TV.