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What is Public Relations? Does Anybody Know?

When I signed up to take Public Relations this semester, I really did not know what Public Relations was. I could not have defined what it was if I tried. Now that we are finishing the semester and the class is almost over, I have learned a lot about the profession and what PR professionals do, however, I still don’t think that I could come up with a definition of what PR is. Well, it makes me happy that I am not the only person that struggles with the question “What is public relations,” but I think that I have come up with a few main points to being succesful in the world of PR.

Without understanding who you are trying to communicate a message to, your message will never have its intended impact. You must understand how the public thinks, feels, and reacts to specific messages. If you can do think, coming up with PR schemes and such will be much easier and more successful.

There is not one specific correct way to become good at pubic relations. In order to be good at public relations, being able to connect with the public through many different outlet like pictures, television, movies, social media, and many more, is a key attribute.

  • Make the best out of the situation

PR professional are thrown into many different situation and told simply to make it work or to fix it. That is a pretty generic job description. However, this is expected in the business. In order to be successful, have an open mind, listen to ideas, and have a positive attitude and making the best out of any situation will be possible.

Despite learning these things in class, I don’t think I can or anyone else can give a good enough definition to public relations to give the job jusitice. However, if I had to give it my best shot I would say that public relations is the interaction, interpretation, and ¬†communication between a source and the public.


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