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Ways to stay ahead in PR

“Public Relations”, like many other fields, is a consistently evolving area of study.  It is risky writing a definitive definition of Public Relations because it is constantly changing and growing in new ways.  I predict that the people of PR in the future must be well aware of this reality and must be ahead of the times… and the technology that coincides with the PR world.  The PR world and technology already go hand-in-hand and I predict this trend will continue.

TwitterTwitter is already a HUGE part of the PR field.  I believe that companies will continue to expand their online presence and develop their company brand name via social networking sites like TwitterTwitter is one of the ways of the future of PR because it is so versatile.  It can be viewed on a computer, tablet, phone, etc… so you are constantly getting up-to-the-minute news updates.  As a culture, we have an obsession with “instant” and wanting a wealth of knowledge at our finger tips whenever we need it.  Twitter will allow companies to satisfy this demand.

LinkedInLinkedIn is another vital asset to PR people of the future as far as hiring them.  As of right now, LinkedIn is developing and becoming a solid professional social networking site, however there is room for so much more.  There are so many more people that could be on the site, and as the site gains more profiles, it gains more influence.  I foresee LinkedIn replacing the traditional resume, allowing for an entirely electronic way of seeking out employers or employees.

Mobile – I believe that going mobile is the way of the future, and companies that aren’t able to keep up with this demand for mobile accessibility will fail.  As mentioned before, we are a society that has an obsession with “instant” and we are very happy when companies are able to meet this demand.  Who knows… maybe there will even be a device in the future that will get us information FASTER than our mobile phones do… perhaps a direct link to our brain? Who knows… impossible is nothing.  The point is PR people will need to embrace these new technologies and these new demands in order to stay in good standing with the public.

I do believe that even with all of this talk about focusing on the future, staying in touch with the past is also important.  This means that PR people of the future should also remain active on other mediums such as newspapers and standard press releases to make sure that they are remaining in contact with all technological generations.


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I am a sophomore studying Communications at St. John Fisher College.

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