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The Top Three Celebrity Disaster Stories

3) In about 300 words, pick the top three disaster celebrity stories of the year and explain how public relations tactics could have helped the celebrity or celebrities come out better off if they had handled it right.

A Wedding Doomed from the Start

One of the most widely recognized celebrity disasters this year was the Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries wedding. After only being married for days, the marriage was ended. Newspapers and magazines went crazy writing about this event, as the wedding had been all anyone had been talking about! The dream wedding was aired on television, and audiences were consumed by it. When the divorce was announced, the public relations representatives for Kim did not do a good job of covering her story. The news was posted everywhere, but nowhere did they give a reason behind the divorce. Kim is now recognized as materialistic and it is expected that the wedding, as well as the divorce, are just a big publicity stunt. If there had been more reasoning and insight from Kim herself, she may have a better reputation as a result.

Lindsay Headed Back to Jail

Lindsay is back in the courtroom after she has failed to comply with her probation, and has not met her community service sentence. Lindsay, once a cute childhood star has turned on a downward spiral for years. The media is always talking about her weight problems, drug suspicions, and unprofessional behavior. Public relations representatives should promote Lindsay’s positive behaviors in order to regain a positive reputation. News about her jail time and court hearing should be kept private if there is any hope of her coming back from these rough few years.

One and a Half Men?

Charlie Sheen has become an image of drugs, and scandal among television stars today. Recently, he lost his role on the hit show, Two and a Half Men. What amazed me, is that after all of the negative attention being drawn toward him, he has become even more popular. Sheen’s public relations representatives have taken negative, and made it recognized among the masses. Instead of monitoring and controlling what the media said about Sheen, it seems as though this image has been encouraged in the public. What should have been done, is monitor and control his image. By showing positive initiatives Sheen is taking, instead of negative ones would have bettered his image overall, and may have saved his reputation.



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