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PR Defined

Q – Offer your personal definition of public relations. Support your case.

Public relations efforts are the tactics used to create and advance an image on a subject. It is the ability to publicize, explain and add value to a specific subject matter. PR is responsible for educating the public, much like marketing and advertising does for businesses. It is a more personalized effort contributed by PR professionals that have the personality and creative mind to capture public attention in a different way than traditional marketing & advertising. Many are skeptical of public relations because they feel it is a construed effort to persuade the public unfairly. I do not agree. As a society, we are guilty of taking the easy way out to find information as quick as possible. PR professionals are simply making it even easier for us to get information in a captivating easy way. As with anything, information is always bias to the individual putting it out there. We as individuals need to take that information in, analyze it, and decided for our own selves what to believe. As a student studying business and marketing, I believe that enhancing a brand, company or an individual’s image is very important. The more positive information available in our world, the more opportunity there is for growth. As a society we are constantly building off of our past. What better way to do that than continuing to make the already positive subjects even better? Despite this belief, I do also believe it is necessary to reveal sever downfalls. Covering up unethical, detrimental actions is not fair, and if they directly affect the public PR professionals are responsible to make that known. It is these educated professionals that have the ability to convey possible negatives and do it in a professional, effective manner.


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