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PR; A Common Misconception

                Public relations in my opinion is all about supporting and protecting your businesses and organizations. I definitely feel that PR has a bad rep according to a lot of the public, but I don’t necessarily believe this is true. After reading Fitzpatrick’s, Ethics in PR, she stated that “well-funded front group practices tend to monopolize the marketplace and diminish other voices, limiting access to the marketplace ideas and interfering with citizens’ and/or policymakers’ access to info needed to help them reach informed decisions about issues or policies of public interest and concern” (14). However, in my opinion, I’ve realized that front groups are not always trying to lie about their products or companies. For example, Generation Green is normally trying to show the public that it’s necessary to recycle, and eat foods that do not have pesticides. They’re not trying to bash non-organic foods or non-recyclers; they’re just trying to give positive suggestions and explanations to keep their public safe. There’s always just that basic stereotype that when someone hears PR, most think, “Oh they’re liars.” It’s also not fair to judge PR because a lot of the time, the professional is trying to dig their client out of the hole that they buried themselves into. It’s not always easy. Being a PR professional can be very chaotic. People need to realize that PR is not all about lying. They’re trying to help maintain a positive outlook on what they’re representing.


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One response to “PR; A Common Misconception

  1. kylefreinson ⋅

    Yes, the public relations industry is a complex force. It is easy to dismiss the profession as a bunch of lying pros but the reality is that people typically work for organizations they do not always agree with — this is a good exploration of the Fitzpatrick reading.

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