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PR 2068: Alive and Kicking

The use of technology has only begun in the field of public relations. Technology is constantly changing. People born in this generation are especially technology savvy and will one day producers of our future techno gadgets. I have three ideas in which I see technology in the field of public relations.

1)      I do see technology going virtual. The 3D viewing aspect is becoming more prominent in technologies today and in saying that I predict that public relations work could be displayed by using 3D. There could be 3 dimensional web chats, websites and advertisements.

2)      Out of the sci-fi movies being produced out of Hollywood, a lot of future technology gadgets seen include holograms. I can definitely see people in the field of public relations using holograms in the future. This way PR firms can send messages directly to their viewers instead of publishing in the newspaper or online. Public speaking would be more prominent in the future.

3)      I can also see the technology used in public relations going more mobile. Smart phones these days are getting more high tech and soon the phones will be doing everything for the human that holds it. PR specialists will probably use their mobile devices to create faster breaking news. Mobile technology is all about on the go and easy access. So PR firms can get viewers to access their work more quickly.

Unfortunately the printed newspaper is dying. Many PR professionals started working in the field by presenting their work in printed form. The older generations of PR specialists have a disadvantage with working in the PR field now because of the higher usage of technology. For the future outlook on PR jobs I think that people won’t have trouble finding jobs. There will always be PR work to do. The field of PR is so new anyways it doesn’t even have an exact definition.


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I'm Sarah. Currently studying at St. John Fisher College for a bachelors in Communications and a minor in Management. I lived in Spain for 5 months and traveling is one of my passions.

One response to “PR 2068: Alive and Kicking

  1. kylefreinson ⋅

    Not sure public relations will ever have a unified definition. The days of mass media controllers like Eddie Bernays are over because we no longer need to have a mass audience to sell products and influence stakeholders. Creative ideas, however, will be in high demand.

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