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Ppopularity = Power

  • I think celebrities will always hold some kind of power. The concept of celebrity status has been increasingly growing ever since its existence. Other people may have differences in opinions but I believe celebrity power will always exist for a couple reasons.  Celebrities hold a power battle against one another. These battles are constantly taking place when the stars are fighting for attention in the spotlight.


Reality television is taking over the TV world. More reality shows are popping up then regular TV sitcoms, dramas, cartoons, and other shows.  American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and X Factor are just some examples of TV shows displaying power battles between contestants whom want to gain attention in the spotlight. These contests have to win a popularity vote over the audience of America.  So Popularity =Power




Celebrities also gather attention in a matter of ways, even by causing negative publicity. Look at Lindsay Lohan for example; she has been constantly in the press for her bad decisions and drinking problems. However she still holds power in the celebrity world, because she is still being “talked about.” The popularity status of these celebrities increasingly impacts the amount of power they have. Popularity = Power.


  •  Celebrities also hold a power status amongst the common folk people.  It is very common that people idolize celebrities and use them as role models. To achieve this role model status, someone has to be popular enough to display their successes and insights that people will want to admire. Once again Popularity =Power.

Over all Celebrities are run through the power of popularity. They would be nothing without the demand of interest from the people. Fame, popularity and recognition will always be apart of the celebrity lifestyle.



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I'm Sarah. Currently studying at St. John Fisher College for a bachelors in Communications and a minor in Management. I lived in Spain for 5 months and traveling is one of my passions.

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