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Power like Pujols?


            I do not believe that celebrity always means having power. Power is the ability to influence someone’s behavior. The ability to have power and influence people is there but based on how the famous person acts and behaves their power may or may not exist. For example Lindsay Lohan was very popular and was a huge superstar in the movie world and many people were interested to hear what she had to say about politics and many other things like that. Then she became addicted to drugs and alcohol and now she is just seen as a regular person. Nobody really cares what she has to say anymore because her power is now gone. She as seen as an average person now and nobody takes her seriously. She is still a celebrity and is still famous but she is in the headlines for all of the wrong reasons. Even though she is still famous her opinion is now seen as useless and pretty much gets disregarded by the rest of society. It depends on what the definition of a celebrity really is, which very broadly can be put as someone who is popular and has a public fascination about them. Now we can look at the sports world, everyone who plays a professional sport is considered to be a celebrity.  Take a guy Like Albert Pujols for example, he is one of the best players in baseball and everything he does and says is taken seriously and affects the general sports fan and could change their feelings about a certain topic. But we can also look at a player who is not the best but is still a celebrity, for example a guy like Nick Markakis of the Baltimore Orioles. He is a great young player but not many people care what he has to say. Maybe it is because he isn’t the most popular guy but nonetheless he is still a celebrity making millions of dollars. He just doesn’t have that “It” factor and not many people listen to what he has to say. So while I think that many celebrities have power and can help change how the public views things, being a celebrity does not always mean having power when it comes to present day society.


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