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Power isn’t Perfect!

Celebrity status provides power, however “with great power comes great responsibility”.   Through studying celebrities and how they use their power, it has been proven that even though a celebrity holds power, they can definitely abuse it. 

Power is not measured by how many clubs they can get into in Los Angeles and New York City, power means that they are able to captivate and sway an audience.   Many celebrities have used their power to fight for what they think is right and for good causes.  Unfortunately, many celebrities have also used their power incorrectly; they show the world their poor decisions and provide bad examples for the public.

Ellen DeGeneres is an excellent example of a celebrity that uses her power for “good”.   Ellen is the host of her own talk show “Ellen” that is filled with dancing, celebrities, humor, and good causes.   Ellen is a large supporter of anti-bullying efforts as well as healthy adoption for animals.  Her website is flooded with resources on how to give back to the community and she is a constant reminder that a little bit of good goes a long way.

Lindsay Lohan is an example of when power can overwhelm a celebrity and unfortunately result in a lack of positive power.  Lindsay Lohan is famous for her acting career; however her use of drugs, alcohol, and court appearances has overshadowed her success.  Her power has become nothing more than a cry for help and joke to the public.  She is known for her scandals and her career has faded to the background.  Lindsay is a prime example of a misuse of power.

Celebrities carry the power of the public; with the public’s constant eye on them they have the ability to sway them in any direction.  Whether the celebrity chooses to reach out and make a difference or make poor decisions to put a bad taste in the public’s mouth, they got the power!


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